One-Punch Man's Artist Made an Animation Cooler Than toutes les personnes of Season 2 One-Punch Man"s artist Yusuke Murata surprised ventilateur with a short animations of his own, et it"s been fairly some temps since Saitama looked this good.

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auto legendary artist of the One-Punch Man manga, Yusuke Murata, released an animated adaptation of his own nous Twitter, and fans are praising thé quality ont being frais greater than that seen in season 2 de the anime.

One-Punch Man"s anime ajustement has been in a strange place since it began. The tons season was animated par Madhouse, a really popular and well-respected studio in auto world du anime, responsible à la hit séries like Death Note et Hunter cf Hunter. Thé incredible top quality of animation was a big part ns what assisted the séries catch on in thé US, eventually leading viewers venir check out its histoire or webcomic incarnations ont well. à la the lundi season, however, Madhouse was too busy with est différent projects, and thus the opération was changed à J.C. Staff, through a nouveau series director. One-Punch Man"s season 2, i m sorry aired earlier in 2019, to be controversial, v many ventilateurs criticizing thé quality of animation under the new studio, specifically in comparison with the above-average quality du the first season. Still, auto series" writing et humor levels continued to be high, and in despite the of ce all, a third season is extremely requested.

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On September 23, Murata posted a tweet announcing a hold-up with the prochain chapter of the manga, et included with ce a 2-minute animation called Go! Saitama, which cette created in his free time. While auto delay wasn"t much du a surprise, oui One-Punch Man regularly goes on longue hiatuses when Murata déterminé mistakes et prepares ahead chapters à be printed in collected volumes, the animations certainly was. In thé animation, Saitama find a flier for a transaction at thé supermarket--something he"s always keen on--and tries à make a run parce que le the store, hitting various obstacles along auto way. A few différent characters make année appearance as well as Saitama, such ont Genos et Puri Puri Prisoner.

お待たせしております。となジャン版ワンパンマン、諸般の事情で最新話更新が滞っております。今しばらくお待ち下さい。空いた手で短編アニメなど作ってみました。ぜひご覧ください。 pic.twitter.com/ATUzfjsWzh

— 村田雄介 (

For an animation assembled in free time from a team that generally does sequential de lart rather than animation, the quality is rather impressive, an especially when ce comes to auto backgrounds (something de a specialty ns Murata"s). The animations movement is smooth, et it yes, really emphasizes Saitama"s power and speed. In its entirety the de lart is a peu rougher in mise than many are used à in professional anime, but the feel is much more that of a demonstrative animatic fairly than a fully finished "episode." While auto video does not currently ont any audio, Murata expressed a desire to ajouter sound effects, music, et voiceover in subsequent tweets. A petit part of this animation was tons shared in May, haricot de soja he et his assistants have to be working conditions météorologiques this 2-minute animation for at least 4 months, et quite probably more.

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Anime opération is often a challenging balance in between tight schedules, high quality art, and reasonable budgets, and this film danimation certainly shows how much extra time can un tube the quality. Ce also go to démontrer what année artist who"s passionate about the story they"re working conditions météorologiques can really put out once giving ce their all. With ne sont pas word nous a season le3 of One-Punch Man"s anime or a release cétait une date for auto next manga chapter, at least fans of One-Punch Man have this beautiful job of amour to birds them over.