XL prayer announces the nouveau biweekly flight (on Monday and Friday) from parisien to new York beginning from célibataire 26th à September 14th. The cheminement will be operated with an Airbus A-330/200 airplane venir a low-cost price: 99 euro for 99 tickets, while other 299 will certainly be offered at 299 Euros.The promotion is offered par Go voyages that has actually 250 seats parce que le 364 available nous each flight. Moreover cette is forecast...

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AirlinesRyanair: magazines on board regardless of anti-covid regulations

What aller the bodies in charger of guaranteeing safety do?

In some Italian airports, the on-board personnel du the low-cost airline Ryanair seem à be employed in this days in promotional campaigns that encompass the distribuer of flyers and the on-board magazine.This... More

AirlinesAircraft et safety. Bird-strikes space more and more frequent

According à FAA survey they occur conditions météorologiques average 40 fois a day

According à a recent survey par the us Federal aéronautiques Administration (FAA) - the federal company responsible for air safety et oversight - bird strikes are coming to be increasingly common.

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Violent... More

AirlinesAircraft et carriers. Aéronautique Serbia et ITA prayer ink code-share agreement

In order venir provide a more comprehensive selection ns destinations

Serbia’s intérieur airline, aviation Serbia, et Italy’s intérieur carrier, ITA Airways, became partners by entering right into a code-share agreement, in order venir provide a more comprehensive selection ns destinations and bet... More

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Wizz aéronautique presents 5th aircraft at Rome-FiumicinoSustainability, resilience, expansion.

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This are thé three key words venir understand auto current vision de the Wizz aéronautique carrier. Auto low-cost airline based in Hungary announced this morning in romain the introduction...
desotoedge.com interviews Bauer, Volocopter commercial directordesotoedge.com talked with le christianisme Bauer, the la publicité director du Volocopter, the German entreprise that developed Volocity, a verticale take-off and landing plane (eVtol) presented in these days at the...Watch ahead videosPress Agency
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