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WhatsApp have the right to help amie stay connecté to your loved ones, ne sont pas matter how far individuel you are. Webfluential/Getty images

The henchmen draw of WhatsApp is cette allows you à send and receive calls et messages making use of only année internet connection, which way it"s virtually free venir use and ideal à la international calling. Over there are ne sont pas fees venir sign up, et no data plan allowances venir worry about.

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While WhatsApp is comparable to est différent messaging services like iMessage jaune Messages par Google, cette still provides a couple of key advantages, the most far-ranging being cross-platform functionality (between Android and iOS, for example).

At a glance, WhatsApp pouvez seem like nothing an ext than a text messaging app, cible it can à faire much more. Here"s a brief rundown du WhatsApp"s core features:

Voice and video calls: In addition à voice calls, WhatsApp likewise offers cassettes vidéo calls, including a grouper function, which allows up venir eight participants nous one call.Voice messaging: you can record et send voice annonces to individual chats or grouper chats.Photos et video sharing: tu can send videos, photos, and GIFs there is no worrying that your image will be pixelated jaune not downloadable, which have the right to sometimes happen across SMS un message between different téléphone mobile, téléphone portable platforms and wireless carriers.Document sharing: WhatsApp lets elle send tous kinds du documents, such as PDFs, spreadsheets, and slideshows without thé hassle ns email or separate document-sharing apps.

How à use WhatsApp

Getting started

To volonté started utilizing WhatsApp, you"ll need venir download the applications (for ions or Android) et create année account.


tu can send text et voice un message to family and friends from thé "Chats" screen. WhatsApp oz you collection up her WhatsApp account, tu can start sending un message through thé platform either to individual contacts, or to groups.

Starting a chat is easy: In the app, select thé "Chats" icon from the menus at the bottom du the screen, climate select thé "New Chat" icon in the top appropriate corner. From there, you"ll just need à select a contact.

If you"re keen nous getting a group catsp started, tu can hold up to 256 participants. Learn comment to start a WhatsApp group chat, whether elle have an iOS or Android device. Conversely, you peut faire want à know comment to join a certain WhatsApp coporation, groupe chat.

Making voice and video calls


carré video and audio calls nous WhatsApp for free. WhatsApp

In addition à text messaging, amie can additionally make voice or video calls nous WhatsApp.

There are number of ways venir make calls nous WhatsApp, though amie can only place a appel from the mobile application version de WhatsApp, not auto desktop version. Amie can carré individual calls or grouper calls, in both audio or video, pour free nous WhatsApp.

Making free international calls

Make internationale calls using seul a Wi-Fi connection. MoMo Productions/Getty image

As mentioned, complimentary worldwide calling venir family and friends is WhatsApp"s most popular feature. As we outlined in our instruire to using WhatsApp internationally, if you oui access venir Wi-Fi, you"ll never ont to worry around international incarcération or fees.

Even if you use WhatsApp without a Wi-Fi connection, you"ll simply be dipping into your les données usage, fairly than accumulating SMS or cellular charges. And with sauce soja many en mouvement plans aujourdhui offering limitless data, tu might not also need venir worry around finding Wi-Fi access.

Sharing photos et other media

tu can send toutes les personnes types of media, such as photos and videos, nous WhatsApp. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a convenient et free way venir send tous kinds of media to your friends and family. Tu can send photos and videos passant par any separation, personal, instance or coporation, groupe chat, et because WhatsApp provides the linternet rather than a cellular-data network, the images will maintain their original resolution quality.

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Files amie can send nous WhatsApp include:

Documents: From text document to PDFs, amie can send something up à 100 MB.Files of toutes les personnes types: In fact, WhatsApp supports all kinds of file types, native zip les archives to HTML files.

Sending voice messages

tu can send quick voice annonces when elle don"t have time to text. WhatsApp

In any kind of individual or group chat on WhatsApp, amie can send voice annonces — a practically feature if you"re no able to joli text, or si you like to record your voice to importer your alloue across.

To send a voice message, marche to any type of WhatsApp chat, and hold under the micro à damier icon to thé right of the frais text box. You"ll see thé timer begin venir tick upward oui you record. Oz you relax your finger from auto button, your un message will instantly send.

Read an ext about sending out voice un message on WhatsApp.

Managing her WhatsApp contacts et messages

her list of contact appear in thé "New Chat" screen. grace Eliza Goodwin/Business Insider

Now that you"ve got thé basics down, WhatsApp supplies a parcelle of features pour managing your contacts and conversations. Pour example, you peut faire notice une or deux check but appear alongside your messages on WhatsApp. The number and color of the check marks indicate whether your un message has to be sent, delivered or read.

Here"s a short list de some other useful tips:

WhatsApp les données usage

regulate your data and storage usage from auto "Settings" menu in WhatsApp. grace Eliza Goodwin/Business Insider While WhatsApp"s claim venir fame is that it uses an internet connection to send et receive messages, you aller have the loption to usage mobile data if you"re there is no Wi-Fi.

This is when cette pays to keep a fermé eye nous your settings. Luckily, WhatsApp makes cette easy venir control your data usage.

If you have a limited amount de data et don"t want venir be charged data overage fees, amie can turn off WhatsApp"s ability à use to move data, haricot de soja that it"s seulement un accessible once you oui internet access.

how to backup your WhatsApp chats and data on année iPhone jaune Android an equipment

To check comment much les données the app is using, go to the app"s "Settings" menu et select "Data and Storage Usage." Here, tu can change the settings parce que le "Media Auto-Downloads" haricot de soja that media such as photos, videos, audio, et documents seulement un download when you"re connecté to Wi-Fi.

You can additionally choose to use WhatsApp nous a "low data" setting de toggling the "Low les données Usage" transfert to "on." for a much more detailed breakdown of your data usage, click "Network Usage" venir see comment much les données you"re using de category, such oui messages sent or received, bytes sent jaune received via chat media, et more.

Privacy et security

you can échanger your privacy et security settings from auto "Account" page. elegant Eliza Goodwin/Business Insider

One du the factors WhatsApp is haricot de soja popular is because, unlike SMS, it uses end-to-end encryption, which means nobody est différent than the un message recipients deserve to view her messages. When you make a appel on WhatsApp, third partie are unable venir listen in venir your conversation.

If elle want included security, amie can set up two-step confirmation in WhatsApp"s settings menu. Here amie can choose to add a PIN, or personal identification number, to prohibit anyone indigenous maliciously accessing her account.

You can additionally share your location on WhatsApp, whether you"re trying à meet up through friends or want someone to know exactly where tu are. Venir share your location on WhatsApp, simply doux the "+" symbol to the left of the type text des boites in any type of chat, et choose "Location."

The bottom line

WhatsApp aided shape modern-day communications ont we à savoir it, et it continues to role out updates that will seul improve thé experience. And as Facebook"s second-biggest residential or commercial property with billions du dedicated users, ce doesn"t look like WhatsApp is going everywhere any temps soon.

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Once you"ve got the basics down, be sure to check out our roundup of the 20 necessary WhatsApp tips and tricks.

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