From catchy songs to hilarious famous videos, YouTube is home to some ns the many viewed videos of toutes les personnes time. Si you’re looking à la the secret sauce de the most viral videos conditions météorologiques the planet, elle might find want to check out some of these videos. Don’t worry, we à faire some of the legwork parce que le you par breaking down je vous demande pardon helped do these videos thé most regarded YouTube videos of tous time.


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Top 10 many Viewed YouTube Videos of toutes les personnes Time

1. Despacito by Luis Fonsi avec Daddy Yankee – 6.15 exchange rate YouTube Views

If tu take a watch at Billboard’s chaud 100 Songs du 2017, you’ll uncover Despacito in the alors two spot. It’s pretty clean that famous songs can likewise become very watched YouTube videos. Et with over 6.15 billion cassettes vidéo views, it’s pretty clear why this is thé most watched YouTube video. You oui the music repeat factor where you watch it over again seulement to hear the song. And back in 2017 spotify was popular, but not ont popular ont it is today. Despacito’s cassettes vidéo has all the trademarks de a popular music video: danser sequences, good-looking people, palm trees, naturescapes, club scene, et of course the catchiest song to sing follow me to. The souper is entirely in Spanish, making cette one de the three on this dessus ten most viewed YouTube videos list the aren’t in English.

2. Shape du You by Ed Sheeran – 4.17 exchange rate YouTube Views

The seconde most regarded YouTube video is thé Shape du You music video v over 4.17 billion video views. Un autre interesting tidbit is that ce was in reality the num one conditions météorologiques Billboard’s chaud 100 Songs ns 2017, beating out Despacito. Unlike many videos, where the singer sings in front du the camera, Shape ns You is prefer a 4-minute movie telling the histoire of année athletic couple, et the song is just background music. Auto movie style musique video isn’t also common, i beg your pardon makes ce a compelling love story à watch. There are likewise some drôle moments whereby Ed Sheeran et a sumo wrestler hit in thé ultimate match. Cette also has actually a extensive female empowerment message in it: Sheeran is a weakling compared venir his love interest.

3. See tu Again par Wiz Khalifa caractéristique Charlie Puth – 4.08 billion YouTube Views

See tu Again is the henchmen song à la the Fast and Furious 7 movie. One du the stars, paul Walker, died in an infamous car crash shortly avant its release. Thé song and music cassettes vidéo are a tribute to pôle Walker and his trip in the Fast and Furious series. Si you take a watch at thé video’s comments, you’ll see number of notes about pôle Walker, saying that auto video went viral because of his sudden death. The souper in the video was likewise popular enough à earn a alors three point out in the billboard Hot 100 pour 2015. Thé sad tone ns the song and video make cette worth the town hall over et over again. Emotions can jouer a gros role in helping make a video go viral. Anyone can affecter to the dargousier you feeling from shedding a loved one, i beg your pardon helps do this one du the many viewed YouTube videos of tous time.

4. Masha et the Bear: Recipe for Disaster de Get movies – 3.55 YouTube Views

The only non-music video nous this list, Masha and the Bear: Recipe for Disaster, is the fourth most viewed YouTube cassettes vidéo with end 3.55 billion cassettes vidéo views. Shockingly, auto video somehow has a high percentage du dislikes, clocking in at about 2.4 million dislikes while seulement un 4.4 million likes. What’s fabriqué this Russian animation short soja popular? It’s most likely that auto short came to be popular since it’s made à la kids. Kid-friendly heureux tends venir perform well conditions météorologiques YouTube (you’ll learn about de nouveau example later on in this article). Auto storytelling element is taken even si you don’t speak Russian, which provides this année easy watch. Plus, the story has some funny moments to entertain jeune children.

5. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson feat. Brun Mars – 3.53 billion YouTube Views

Uptown Funk to be the number one souper of 2015 nous the billboard Hot 100. Follow to joe Bennett, a music professor at bathtub Spa University, auto song’s popularity is tandis que to two key elements: a lack ns a chorus et a slow tempo. These two elements make the song stand out. And as we’ve viewed with divers songs on this list, a num one struggle makes cette easier to but one du the many viewed YouTube videos. Autre interesting tidbit is that bruno Mars perform at auto 2014 merveilleux Bowl halftime show, which aided elevate his popularity and make his vidéos more viral. Thé video itself has an old-school feel to it which makes it a unicité watch that you don’t really watch in music videos anymore.

6. Gangnam Style by Psy – 3.3 billion YouTube Views

Gangnam saint was once the most viewed YouTube vidéos of all time, as it was the tons YouTube video to reach une billion views. The song is undeniably catchy, cible the video shines v a level ns quirkiness tendency American media hadn’t seen before. The silly danser moves in unexpected places seul makes this an toutes les personnes around fun video venir watch. And let’s it is in honest, you’ve more than likely tried Psy’s dance moves yourself. Auto YouTube video has a carefree element which makes ce easy to seul allow yourself to be entertained when watching. With over 3.3 billion YouTube vidéo views since cette was published in July 2012, it’s nice clear the Psy’s vivid personality is what helped do this video a raving success.

7. Sorry passant par Justin Bieber – 3.1 billion YouTube Views

Sorry, thé seventh most watched YouTube video, is rather a dunicité music video. Throughout thé entire 3 minutes et 25 seconds, je waited… and waited… for Justin Bieber. It’s usually a Waiting parce que le Godot music video because *spoiler alert* thé Biebs just never spectacle up. Instead, auto entire musique video features année all-female danse crew in neon outfits and expressive faces. One ns the non-song related reasons why this cassettes vidéo might’ve been well-known is because elle can literally danse along through the facile moves. Some might’ve preferred to ajouter this à a exercise playlist conditions météorologiques YouTube i m sorry can help elevate the num of views ce gets. Cible aside indigenous that, Justin Bieber currently has four music videos v over one billion YouTube views, sauce soja it’s most likely that his 44.45 million YouTube subscribers help boost his videos’ viral success.

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8. Sugar de Maroon 5 – 2.94 exchange rate YouTube Views

I vividly psychic the marketing of this musique video. There to be countless articles from haut media outlets reporting the Maroon 5 fabriquer a famous video. Comment did they aller that? they crashed a bunch de weddings et performed a mini apparence solo for coupler in squelettique Angeles. Du course, over there was later on some negative publicity about how the stunt was in reality fake, though auto band denies this. Regardless de whether it’s real jaune fake, auto reality is that ce went famous anyway – i mean, there space literally only seven other videos more viral than the Sugar video.

9. Roar by Katy Perry – 2.8 exchange rate YouTube Views

Katy Perry is the first female nous this list so tarif with elle ever-catchy song et video pour Roar. In the video, Perry is stranded in a jungle after a aircraft crash and is forced à survive on sa own after her partner is eaten by a tiger. The comical video spectacles Perry constantly facing her fears, striving à survive, et taming pets while attract scantily clad outfits. When Katy’s souper was popular, landing at alors 10 nous the top 100 songs in 2013, sa sizable fanbase du 33 million subscribers assisted launch elle view à a 2.8 billion watch count. Plus, ont with any type of lead single, ce usually gets auto biggest budget et most hype, i m sorry helps sa land thé most regarded YouTube video à la a female artist.

10. Shake ce Off par Taylor Swift – 2.76 billion YouTube Views

The legendary Taylor Swift also inched her way into the top 10 many viewed YouTube videos of all time with an epic 2.76 exchange rate YouTube views. Sa highly controversial music video received backlash parce que le cultural est-ce as cette perpetuates le noir stereotypes. However, this negative publicity may have actually assisted Taylor Swift get more YouTube views to sa video. Elle 33 million YouTube subscribers, who greatly promote elle music et videos nous social media, certain didn’t hurt either.

So, comment Can amie Create auto Most regarded Youtube Videos?

There space a few ways amie can produce your very own viral videos using the strategies that haut celebrities use. You might not be able venir rake in thé multi-billion YouTube views some of these artists get, but you can still create a excellent popular video. Here are a couple of ideas to help amie create thé most viewed YouTube videos:

Jump on viral trends: favor Maroon 5’s wedding crashing video, we’ve checked out a famous video taper emerge over auto years like éclat mobs, lip dubs, prank videos, parody videos, calcul bucket challenges, et others seul like it. While it’s constantly amazing venir be the tons to aller something original, it can also be difficult à innovate. Si you’re up parce que le it, you’ll need venir experiment a de nombreux to customs closer to viral success. Otherwise, elle could easily se concentrer sur on jumping in nous trends as they happen.

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Have fun: drôle videos kept topping thé list de the many watched videos. Being funny comes down to being yourself and carefree. Sauce soja bust out those ridiculous danse moves, show éteindre your expressive face, laugh at your own jokes, or tell a drôle story. The more amie let yourself enjoy thé process ns creating YouTube videos, the more personnes will reap watching them.


The many viewed YouTube videos of all time re-publishing a few common feats that space worth exploring. Music has a an effective way to make elle watch something nous loop. Sauce soja don’t be afraid to explore creating your very own songs à help elle skyrocket venir YouTube success. Si you focus on tying the common themes found in this videos favor being controversial, throwing in part humor, and jumping nous viral trends, you’ll inch closer to auto top de the many watched YouTube videos.

What’s your all-time favori YouTube video? Share cette in thé comments (feel free venir share your very own too!).