LMU is recognized as one ns Europe"s premièrement academic et research institutions. Due to the fact that its founding in 1472, LMU has attracted influenced scholars and talented students from toutes les personnes over thé world, keeping thé University at the lien of ideas that challenge and change our facility world.

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As one ns Europe’s leading study universities, LMU look at back nous 500 years of tradition. That is excellence in teaching et research embraces a wide diversity du fields—from the humanities and cultural studies through law, economics and social sciences to medicine and natural sciences. An intense interdisciplinary method fosters the innovation so critical à our global future.


LMU is home to student from all parts of Germany et countries around thé globe. They advantage from auto University"s uniquely wide array of study programs et its strong focus on research. At all stages ns academic training conditions météorologiques emphasize thé links between research and course content. Our students check out their studies oui a springboard à a financially rewarding career, no least because Munich is one du Germany’s surtout centers à la technology et the media.

When amie come à LMU, tu are involvement a neighborhood dedicated venir making thé most of their talents, curiosity, and opportunities.

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From identified research approve winners to undergraduate students, tous members of the LMU Munich ar are engaged in generating nouveau knowledge parce que le the benefit of society at large. Thé University is particularly noted à la providing brillants conditions parce que le innovative straightforward research, both within separation, personal, instance disciplines et through inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations across various fields ns knowledge.

Academic Infrastructure

The college is divided into 18 faculties et enjoys one de Germany’s ideal library systems. Creative thinking, problem-solving and research are centre to LMU’s academic programs. Its university Hospital is, next to thé Charité in Berlin, thé most prestigious et largest organisation of this kind in Germany.

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LMU, the University in thé heart ns Munich, forms année integral part de the metropolitan landscape and has campuses throughout the city. Munich is not seulement un Germany’s primary hub à la higher education and research, it also has its own indiscutable appeal. Its location within straightforward reach de the Bavarian Alps, its urban flair, its rich carte de couleur of récolte institutions and the vast variety ns leisure activities obtainable attract travellers from toutes les personnes over auto world. Thé vast resources de the city include renowned research infrastructure such as the maximum Planck Society, global enterprises and promising start-ups, reputation libraries et museums oui well ont leading editorial houses and newspapers.