Tirage Coupe De France Basket

Kris et Phil are nous their own this week venir round up an un-classic Classique et Nice’s last-minute valise against OL, ont well oui St Etienne’s ongoing problems et whether jaune not lens are going to keep hold du their existing position. Features red cards, arrests. Europe, stats, a nod to alliance 2 and the Coupe du France. Check out <…>

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The weekend de the 2nd and 3rd of October saw thé 4th Round du the Coupe ns France. Jeu 1 – Loads du Goals view Limoges lose Late Limoges faced regional 1 side Gueretoise ES having already dispatched local 2 et 3 sides and a district 1 colleague in thé previous rounds. Irradiate rain meant thé ball had a signification littérale more pace on a an excellent surface. <…>


It’s thé fifth round de the Coupe aux France next weekend, oui the big(ger) teams start to get involved. John Mainland braved auto recent mauvais weather venir bring nous a round-up ns the third round, which took carré mid-September. And keep an eye out pour news ns the 4th round, which occurred last weekend. 2,162 groups lined up consisting of 135 <…>


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A full house of Kris, Jez, Rich et Phil venir round up jeu 9, thé upcoming europe games, and a nod venir to auto Coupe aux France and ligue 2. Inspect out john Mainland’s round-up of the sapin rounds du the Coupe ns France. The podcast is available nous Soundcloud and Acast:


The Coupe ns France is currently up and running, thé preliminary et First round (3689 games!) kicking éteindre late in August, before the Second and Third rounds mid-September, with national 3 joining auto fray. At this stage, even auto FFF doesn’t ont a calendar up, but keep année eye out pour that ont the 4th Round, avec 51 groups from <…>


Kris et Jez space joined passant par a one-of-a-kind guest for a very special pod – Angus Torode joins auto lads to discuss his career. They also look at the france team the will marche to thé Euros, and the critique of thé Coupe du France. The podcast is available nous Soundcloud et Acast:

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The penultimate ring of ligue 1 was a coincided round ns chaos. Kris, Jez and Phil try à remember quel happened oui there were developments at both ends ns the table. Nous also saw thé Coupe du France semi-finals, et the petit poucets Rumilly Vallieres did themselves proud. And, Etienne vert was bondir in Colchester – that knew? The podcast <…>

Fun though the alliance 1 run is, over there are thé Coupe ns France semi-finals this week. Back in August as I drive south parce que le the Coupe de France Preliminary ring neither i nor anyone else following auto 7,378 political parties in the competition could oui dreamed ce would progress oui it has. Eight month later, many things have changed both in football and <…>