Statue Pont De L Alma

Zouave Statue

The Zouave gelure is thé most renowned feature on Pont aux l’Alma, oui it serves à monitor the floods du the Seine.

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Zouave statue on Pont de l’Alma in Paris

The Pont de l’Alma spans the le sien halfway between auto Eiffel Tower et the Invalides and was inaugurated by Napoleon taux in 1856.

The statue du the Zouave soldier that stands conditions météorologiques its simple pier is one of the most photographed sites of Paris.

The considérable battle finished in the victory of France, England, Piedmont et the Ottoman riche over Russia.

Each of the bridge’s four piers to be adorned with a gelure symbolizing a regiment that battled during thé Crimean War.

Arnaud sculpted auto statues de Infantry soldier et Artilleryman.

Diebolt sculpted thé Grenadier et the well known Zouave.

The Alma bridge was rebuilt in 1974 ont it had come to be too narrow and unstable.

The statue were transferred to divers locations except auto Zouave, which to be placed nous the nouveau bridge’s simple pier.

André-Louis Gody served as model parce que le the Zouave statue

André-Louis Gody (1828-1896) became famous when he was chosen oui model parce que le the statue.

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A veteran of the Napoleonic wars, hey was frontière in Gravelines in north France.

Floods du 1924

The Zouave gelure traditionally offer as année unofficial défaut in order to indicate thé rise in thé water level of the Seine.

The sortie level is reputed alarming when water reaches thé feet de the Zouave!

The year 1910 is known ont the year de the ‘Flood ns the 20th Century’.

Waters certainly rose by 8.62 m and reached the shoulders ns the Zouave statue!

Paris experienced other major floods in 1924 when the seine rose de 7.30m and in 1955 (7.12 m) and immersed the statue up to thé waist.

In 2001, thé Zouave statue had water up venir knee level (a 5m rise).

On December 27, 2010 the sortie overflowed its bed oz more (by 3.78 m).

It reached the feet ns the statue, causing principale chaos in Paris; the rer banks and the métro (underground) were undoubtedly closed to traffic.

On célibataire 4, 2016, at 2am, the seine reached its optimal at 6,10m.

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On January 27, 2018 the rer level to be up venir 5,72m.

Directions: 8 hours district Metro: Alma-Marceau nous Line 9Coordinates: Lat 48.863816 – long 2.302013