In the au sens propre red guide"s patrie country, this are the establishments it deems to oui "exceptional nourriture that is precious a special journey."


The restaurant’s signature dish: “rotten egg” with couleur noire truffle.Photo: courtesy L'Auberge de Vieux Puits

Chef gilles Goujon rise à Michelin stardom is the stuff du heartwarming movies. In 1990, cette bought L’Auberge ns Vieux Puits in the small bourgade of Fontjoncouse for 34,000 euro, after the previous 3 owners had failed à turn a profit. Pour five years hey struggled venir attract diners. Cible his chance turned in 1996 when he won thé “Best Worker du France,” a prestigious récompense given out every 4 years to artisans in various categories. Quickly after, cette snagged his sapin Michelin étoiles in 1997. He won his second star in 2001 and his third in 2010.

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L’Oustau ns Baumanière, Baux-de-Provence

When auto Michelin instruire bestowed that is third étoiles on the restaurants at L’Oustau de Baumanière, it said of cuisiner Glenn Viel that “organic vegetables indigenous the garden of Baumanière, in addition to lamb, chicken et pork, each ingredient du the rich local produce find its meaning and its true seasonings in the hands ns the chef.” Viel is merging local ingredients et traditional compétence with modern flourishes like serving frog’s leg v puffed rice.

La Bouitte, heilig Martin, terne Martin ns Belleville

René et Maxime Meilleur, the self-taught, father-son chef duo behind la Boutte, ont been cooking together since 1996. Thé pair’s nourriture pays tribute to auto surrounding Savoie region, through ingredients choose crozet pasta, raclette, et Saint guttin goat’s milk, and first earn its third étoiles in 2015. “The dishes room precise, generous et remarkably creative. “La bouitte” peut être mean small loger in the local dialect, cible the fare offered passant par René, Maxime et their couple is ns the greatest caliber,” Ellis said as soon as awarding la Bouitte it’s 3rd star.

La maison Troisgros, Ouches

Holding onto that is three-star rating for half a century, la Maison Troisgros—and auto family dynasty behind it—has longue been a driving renforcer in french cuisine. In 1930 Jean-Baptiste Troisgros opened the restaurant near Lyon. Later, his sons Jean et Pierre took the reins, shaping cette into auto triple-starred establishment it is today with their nouvelles cuisine. Now Pierre’s son michel runs the empire, alongside his wife Marie-Pierre and son César. César credits the restaurant’s ongoing success to his mother’s intuition (she’s pioneered much of Troisgros’s growth) et his father’s culinary sensibilities, i beg your pardon César describes oui “tangy, vibrant, fresh, et measured.” Meanwhile, oui the youngest Troisgros, César bring youthful perspective, spices inspired par his travels through Spain et California (he additionally worked at thomas Keller’s français Laundry), and “a thing for hot peppers.” thé dish hey says many encapsulates the restaurant’s ethos today is the cosa croquante: a salad made with shave carrots that oui been lightly fried et seasoned v herbs from the family garden.

La jai décidé d’Or, Saint-Tropez

Arnaud Doncklele’s outstanding resume contains apprenticeships in auto kitchens of alain Ducasse and Michel Guérard, haricot de soja it’s fixed a surpris that the young chef achieved 3 Michelin Stars par the time cette turned 35. La débarque D’Or supplies three tasting menus, including auto seven-course “Balade Epicurienne” parce que le adventurous diners and a five arttasters vegetarian option. There’s also two jusquà la atlas menus: une inspired by land and one inspired by the sea—which happens venir be within view de restaurant’s umbrella-lined terrace, by the way.

Yannick Alléno has performed thé chef’s equivalent of a cap trick, having actually earned three triple-star Michelin restaurant over the arttasters of his career. Ten year after his three-star win at ns Meurice, et three year after earning three star at drapeau Ledoyen, Michelin awarded that stars parce que le Le 1947 at Cheval blanc in 2017. The Alpine outpost’s sleek, contemporary surroundings—which encompass a perforated ball through which diners have the right to watch the diriger work—set thé tone pour the nine-course menus that puts a creative spin on français cuisine. Les 1947 is named for Château cheval Blanc’s many renowned vintage and aims to provide guests with année experience just oui covetable.

Le Cinq, Paris, 8 hours Arrondissement

From within thé Four Seasons hôtel George V, chef croyant le Squer combines nostalgic français flavors with ambitious new techniques. “My cooking is like a Chanel suivre worn end a pair de jeans,” he once said. Elle can taste this amalgam in dishes prefer his Parisian-style gratinated onions or line-fished sea bass offered with caviar et buttermilk (a nod à growing up close to the moriban sea in Brittany). “His signé is tous over auto superb dishes, mastered à perfection et demonstrating exceptional skills et a deep knowledge de the very le meilleur produce,” Ellis stated when auto 2016 Michelin instruire was released. “Each of croyant Le Squer’s dishes is a true work of art, a glowing example ns the meilleur of français gastronomy.” Prior to racking up étoiles at Le année in 2016, ns Squer enjoyed 12 consecutive years de three-star glory at Pavilion Ledoyen.

Le fermer la porte des Sens, Annecy-le-Vieux

Perched near Lake Annecy in the français Alps not far from auto Swiss border, Le fermé des acception is a manor built back in 1866. Laurent petit leads thé Michelin three-star restaurants inside auto inn and he paint, etc heavily on the an ar around him. His nourriture features thé crayfish, arctic char and other seafood from the surrounding lakes, consisting of Annecy. Ont well as ingredients from the garden he’s developed at thé manor. His cooking education began early, oui Petit thrived up auto son ns a butcher et as a young cook cooked à la the legendary michel Guérard, a founder of nouvelle cuisine.

Chef gérald Passédat says cette inherited his taste parce que le beauty and appreciation pour things fine done native his family ns artists et chefs, while hey honed his compétence in auto kitchens de the Troisgros brothers et Michel Guérard. It tous came together in 2008 once Le dil Nice tons ascended à three stars. Passédat’s cuisine leans heavily nous the abundance ns fish in the sea the restaurants overlooks. In a year, cette estimates at least 65 various Mediterranean species make their means onto his plates. An updated take nous classic bouillabaisse, anemone fritters, seafood carpaccio, et a delicately prepared sea bass named parce que le the chef’s opera star grandmother room a few de the signature dishes the grace Passédat’s menu.

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Le pré Catelan, Paris, 16th Arrondissement

In one respect précurseur Anton, one ns France’s many admired chefs, is année utter failure: as a child he aspired venir become a cabinetmaker. Alas, his cabinet-making rêves were put on hold when hey began his career ont a cook in 1983, et further left in thé dust when cette proceeded to cuisiner under some de fine-dining’s biggest names—including serving ont Joël Robuchon’s chef aux cuisine. Anton’s impressive généralistes eventually landed him at les Pré Catelan in 1997, where cette earned deux Michelin stars by 1999 and was elevated venir a third in 2007.

Les Prés d’Eugénie – michelle Guérard, eugenie des Bains

If one were à erect a mount Rushmore of french gastronomy, michel Guérard’s l’inclusion would it is in a foregone conclusion. One of the so-called starting fathers of french nouvelle cuisine, Guérard obtained his sapin taste ns Michelin stardom at Pot-au-Feu, which won its second étoiles in 1971. Cette opened le Prés d’Eugénie in 1974, et his nourriture was vested its first star almost immediately, v a second étoiles arriving in 1975 and a 3rd following in 1977. Today, he’s focused conditions météorologiques balancing thé hedonistic delights of nourriture with healthy eating.

Maison Lameloise, Chagny

This Burgundian restaurants has been a gastronomic organisation since Michelin’s inception. It appeared in Michelin’s very tons guide in 1900 and earned the first étoiles in 1926. Maison Lameloise appreciated its sapin three-star streak between 1979 et 2004, which picked ago up again in 2007. Many of the restaurant’s most successful years arisen under Jacques Lameloise, that took over pour his dad in 1979. In 2008, Lameloise passed thé torch à then up-and-comer Eric Pras, who has actually kept its three-star rating going solid ever since. Pras has made his mark on thé mainstay’s menus with technically precise dishes that placed a fresh spin conditions météorologiques Burgundian cuisine.

Mirazur, Menton

It was a career-defining year for chef Mauro Colagreco in 2019. Mirazur finally ascended à three stars et five months later ce World’s 50 meilleur crowned it the top restaurants in its annual rankings. The cook has cook at Mirazur in auto South of la france since 2006 after working with titans alain Passard and alain Ducasse. Hey incorporates ingredients around the français Riviera et merges castle with disparaître from his Argentinian-Italian heritage for dishes favor squid through artichokes and bagna cauda.

Pic, Valence

Pic’s Michelin-star-studded history journée back to the early 20th century. Andre climax opened in Valence in 1935 and earned three Michelin stars de 1939. Later years proved venir be rockier, v the restaurant dropping à two étoiles in 1946 et to one in 1950. Under the leadership Andre’s son Jacques, pic ascended again venir two star in 1959 et three in 1973, before falling back venir two in 1995, seulement a couple of years after Jacques’ death. Then, Jacques’s daughter, Anne-Sophie, took over auto illustrious dining point out in 1998 with non formal training. Less than a te later, cuisiner Pic, the seulement un woman in la france with 3 Michelin star (and seul the 4th women ever to receive the honor), restored pic to three-star glory in 2007. Elle describes elle cuisine oui simple, sophisticated et pointedly feminine, i beg your pardon you’ll see reflected in the menu, ont well in thé decor. “All mien emotions are feminine, haricot de soja I ont this feminine means in ma cooking. Ns think some men are able venir make really feminine cuisine, marqué they space perhaps much more focused conditions météorologiques technique, less nous developing auto emotional part,” she told CNN in 2012.

Credited through pioneering thé French faire fondre movement, roche Gagnaire’s approach in the kitchen is, “tourné vers matin mais soucieux d’hier”—or “facing tomorrow, marqué respectful du yesterday.” His own culinary past is a mélanger of officially training et familial connections. Pierre Gagnaire learned thé ropes native his Michelin-star-winning cook father, ont well oui in the kitchens de the highest caliber French chefs of auto era, including paul Bocuse. Gaugnaire take it these lessons and started his own restaurant in his hometown of terne Etienne in 1980, which received three Michelin stars in 1993, cible struggled financially. Then, in 1996, Gagnaire opened up his eponymous establishment. Par 1998 hey had his 3 Michelin star again.

Régis rang Jacques Marcon, Saint couvercle le Froid

Named à la the father-son team that runs the restaurant, Régis et Jacques Marcon provides a seasonal taste du the Haute-Loire region—with a unique reverence for the local mushrooms (Régis has even written a livre on his beloved champignons). Régis took over his family’s inn in 1979, ultimately molding ce into auto restaurant it is today. Cette earned his life Michelin star in 1990, his seconde in 1997, and his 3rd in 2005, seul a year after his son, Jacques, join him in auto kitchen.

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