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à la Warner bros France, march 2017 marks the return ns the great director steven Spielberg on the blockbuster domain. With Ready player One, the adaptation of Ernest Cline’s best-selling novel, erected as a tribute to musique pop culture, it stages année epic recherche to uncover a fabulous treasure, concealed in a fantastic virtual world.

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How venir make this blockbuster start a success?

They fabriqué it

Lot du people have been working on this project, below is our part ns people working conditions météorologiques it.







Strategy & Idea

In order to appeal to oui many people oui possible and to make the cinématique a true universel adventure, we oui designed a video game that to represent the jai promis made par the film: année adventure as well great for the actual world.

Our idea was à create a contest game to win 20 Years of Cinema, which is play both in genuine life, marqué also online.

Participants room invited venir find scratch tickets native a vast network of operation partner (20 Minutes,, Gaumont Pathé, A l’on Paris, BNP Paribas) and play digital at

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Participants’ objective: à find, ont in the film, the le3 keys venir winning 20 years de Cinema. Différent symbol combinations offer thé possibility of winning number of hundred prizes, varying from cinema tickets to life-size Arcade Bollards.


A massive contest, which nous relayed native Snapchat, Facebook,, Allociné et our partners in order to recruit oui many participants as possible. Those ones, even si courageous and insightful in their research, might appear conditions météorologiques a scoreboard available online et updated live on the numérique Displays live Module of the concorde station du the parisien Metro.


The launch de the cinématicien was a success, oui was our operation. Indeed, through auto launch de the chercher Ready player One, nous were able to recruit end 86,000 players in a 360 activation that covered thé largest french cities over a 10-day period.

Among them, only une winner, Kevin G. Have the right to now reap his exclusive prize: 20 years of cinema, but more 보다 500 divers happy ones have enjoyed a pitié related to the world ns film.

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