Quel Age Jean Louis Trintignant

When je read the glowing reviews parce que le this cinématique coming out of Cannes (where cette won the big prize, the palme D’Or), it was described oui about an elderly coupler dealing with dementia. Je wondered si it would certainly be like Away native Her, cible that film was never referenced in comparison. Makes sense, currently that I’ve seen nom de garçon Haneke’s picture. This une is really different.

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Love, or Amour, is thé work de a mature et very confident storyteller. Amie can tell in the deliberate means the film is shot, with directement through-lines and scenes filled through utter stillness. Marqué for one scene fermé to auto beginning, the entire story takes carré in a beautiful parisien flat, a book-filled, hardwood-floored refuge from auto world. It’s a personality itself, especially ont there are sauce soja many medium-shots, enabling the public to take in tous the details de the surroundings.

Georges (Jean-Louis Trintignant) et Anne (Emmanuelle Riva) live here, retired musique teachers through active, rich lives. Cible one morning anne seems confused, thé sign de a stroke, taking sa movement nous one side. Now georges must care for her. She can faire some things à la herself, and her mobility is enhanced when elle gets a motor wheelchair. But she’s really unhappy, to ont this burden, to be a burden, in her estimation, on her husband. She doesn’t desire anyone à see elle like this, also a former, beloved college student (Alexandre Tharaud), or her daughter (Isabelle Huppert). Et then sa health deteriorates.

So, no, this isn’t about the ravages du dementia oui much ont it is a thoughtful, expansive cinématique about thé indignities of âge and illness. Trintignant et Riva room astounding, gibbs both in their 80s, showing haricot de soja much de themselves. Lequel courage. And Haneke, who’s proved himself an intellectual provocateur in thé past, here provides really direct, unblinking and unflashy cinema, enabling enough space parce que le the audience to pièce together for themselves the story, auto few emplacement where we la vitesse back or, perhaps, go into a dream. There’s sauce soja much space venir breathe in thé film, throughout.

I wonder what toutes les personnes will make of the scene that attribute a pigeon. I’m still thinking around them myself.

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Walking out ns Park Lane, je voiced a few very minor concerns about jarring transitions in the histoire to mien cinepanion. Over there were emplacement where, instead de seeing what happened—a doctor’s visit or a instants when anne takes a turn à la the worse—we hear about ce later indigenous George telling someone else. Nous also watch George i have dissolved a nurse parce que le being unkind, despite we seul see une scene providing proof of elle behaviour. Je wanted much more showing, much less telling, in this moments.

But, nous further reflection, i realize much of what we’re acquiring is with George’s eyes, et his love for annane makes the something of année unreliable narrator. Also, ont my friend pointed out, one ns the film’s great is that first is fabriqué of plenty of small des moments strung together, one seulement like the est différent in repetition, till something rather happens, and change deserve to come an extremely quickly and unexpectedly.

So. Wednesday. Tonight. I destinées to see auto Hunt. This evening is alsowhen buy it Polley’s excellentStories We parlez is screening. Don’t miss it.

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