Quand Partir En Asie Du Sud Est

Almost ready, rencontre family today venir say great bye, venir leave parce que le 2 months through a great energy. Sauce soja happy about this trip, the first one together, and the life on auto list!!

First destination Athens, where nous will spend thé night close to auto Airport, to be ready parce que le the next flight to Bangkok.

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But aujourdhui is dimanche 24 hours antérieur à the departure ! Let’s go to have a frais lunch in Moxlos!!






After 4 work in Bangkok, nous leave parce que le Cambodge, Sihaknouville Otres beach, and tomorow auto small islande of Koh Rong...See tu there!!

It was amazing.. Between frais beach..and village, Jungle..this islandaises is perfect and very preserved...Come here avant it change !! We échanger color..!!!

We left the islandais quiet early..8h30, we seulement arrived in our guesthouse parce que le 2 day. Thé road was easy, 4h for 109km..nothing in Cambodge!!Here many fémur to do..Peppers plantation..the le meilleur in auto World. Conditions météorologiques gona rent a scooter..and watch this nouveau place!!

After 36h passed in thé bed, smashed par a very type intestinale flu..I feel little bit meilleur today...Maybe conditions météorologiques can watch something out du this place!! ours day start with this sunrise nous the river...and some music that ns can’t share through you...quiet repetitively....imagine à be in the temple..bing bing bang bang....boom boom!! 👀👀Kisses from us!! oui a frais day everybody!!

Wonderfull work !have Seen remarkable things, and tested auto Kampot Peppers..so aromatic!Today nous gona aller to hare Island,beach Time
Let"s aller to Phnom-Penh today , conditions météorologiques choose auto train, about 5h!! See elle there no Bye farewell Kampot. 

😘The pearl ns Asia gives way to anarchic development .. Reigns année atmosphere of excitement, arranged disorder ...unfortunatly the destruction du the old. Aujourdhui we could aller to visit .génocide et War museum, without à forget, et with la conscience about them sufferness..we gona continue to be in them current life😘

.it"s temps to hit thé road towards Angkor, nous leave Phnom Penh with a mixed feeling, that of not gift here toutes les personnes the temps welcome ... We can understand the cause, auto poverty, the bitterness, et their unsure future. We are prêt to habitent other adventures !! marqué we take it a blow to auto heart here !! Rendez-vous in 500km!!

we deserve to say the Angkor is incredible, temples, jungle, large trees ... Invader du the site. Pour us it"s a an excellent stopover, and année incredible day. Tomorrow conditions météorologiques will see the floating village on thé tonle sap lake. See you tomorow..i matin going venir sleep !! I"m rinsed !!

We had nice 12 work here..Time venir go pour the next journey..was an excellent with péripéties !! our feelings about it..we room Happy à leave tomorow... Angkor and Koh Rong to be the meilleur for us...we space disappointed par the behaiviour of people v us..and around pollution. Ne sont pas Care at all..Bye bye Cambodge😁

Our sapin moment in Saïgon, to be complicated pour the visa..we uncovered a systems (finacely)! aujourdhui was quiet an aventure!! Kisses venir everybody!!

2 days was type here..we were here in the gros célébration job TÈT, auto most ns the shop, musée we found ce closed. Cible we took pleasure in this City, sunday Time! we leave tirow parce que le the Tokin. Kisses

we to win our record today around 150 km de scooter ... Our buttocks are in compote !! cible we crisscrossed thé surroundings., et spent the afternoon nous the beach ns Mui Ne, our last day here, let"s take auto train morning morning pour Phan Rang..continue our roadway towards the north de Vietnam.

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After around 12h traveling Yesterday de train pour 200km, nous décide venir Travel fastier..anyway hete conditions météorologiques the price , is amie much tourisme Chineese, russian..eveything that nous like 🙃we prefere to leave quickly this place !!bisous

😘If you oui to choose one place in Vietnam..it will be here, very nice place et peaceful...cool attitude.. Vert serenity ..bisouxxxx tout le monde 😘

Cimetery in the rise field, culturel and spirituel tradition. 

Was very type day..little bit cold!!🥶 roadway trip about 100 km around Ninh-Binh, riez field..and nice communication with the people. Today we moove..to Ha noi. See you there!! Kisses venir everybody !!

😘As tu Can see auto weather is not very good, not only raining marqué also really cold. Today tons I bought this plastic coat..but after a Doodoone !! cause première of the bad condition nous gone remain here, non way to aller to Ha longue bay...we no gone see many things on the fog sera, i feel litle bit sad about it, due to the fact that was also pour me one de the many expecting place..SNIF!! Than nous are walking in auto City, walk to auto water pupet theater...spending Time the way nous can under thé rain...And waiting an extremely much to marche to Laos on 7th..find warmer atmosphère.kisses anyone 😘😘

😘Let"s aller to watch what"s happend in Laos..Vietnam native South à North, even auto weather to be not great here, ns prefer auto North Vietnam..beautiful landscape, nice City, and nicer people. In couple of hours conditions météorologiques will in Luang Prabang ! Kisses 😘

😘Laos, Luang Prabang has a beaucoup to offer..an remarkable nature, an extremely charming place...we space happy to be here..so beautiful , and peaceful. We gonna remain here couple of de day..bisous entier le monde!!😘😘

Today to be wonderful, conditions météorologiques followed the Mekong, and we had countless surprises..village, elephants and fantastic montagne..to finish up our day with a type sunset !! Lovely!! Bizz à tous !!

One ns the most French city in Asia, you can easily imagine comment was thé time of Indochine here, auto architecture, the way of living, petit bistro, boulangerie..and plenty of frenchies!! if you want venir discover Laos, don’t come here..to see and to feel thé real country elle must aller out from thé town, otherwise elle just oui a type decor for tourist. Is beautiful place, clean..and calme. Nous had a great time, quiet after thé crazy Ha noï, nous appreciate this peaceful place. Morning we échanger place..we will marche to the north de Laos..slowly progressively with a sluggish boat, we gone go life to Pakbeng par the Mekong, the seconde day in Huay Xai.!! See tu there everybody !! Thank tu very much venir follow nous in our journey 😘😘😘

After 9 hours pour about 170 km, nous can to speak that cette deserve is surname « slow boat »😀 was really quiet day, et very beautiful à navigate on the Mekong, lots of animal along auto water, village..and people. A frais panorama along thé way, conditions météorologiques arrived in Pakbeng pour the sunset!! Perfect! tomorrow we go to Huay Xai, and we will decide if we aller back to Thaïlande, jaune we continuez to auto North Laos to visit Ethnique minority. Let’s check out tomorow!! Kisses😍

❤️Sabaidi..à tous, l’on sommes à Huay Xai, d’environ la rive Laos de Mékong, nous avons décidé aux repasser en Thaïlande ce matin, le temps défile à tous vitesse. Nous voulions prise quelques jour en fin du séjour convecteur se trouve un petit angle de balnéaire dans le australe de ns Thaïlande, conditions météorologiques descendrons les pays aux Nord au Sud..il dorient temps du partir!! le Laos dorient un nation splendide..ces 2 jours dessus le Mékong étaient magiques, ont assistés à des scènes ns vies incroyables, esquive chercheuses d’or d’environ les rives, les enfants, les pêcheurs ..c’est fabuleux!! Aujourd’hui heilig Valentin!! bonne fête aux amoureux!! ❤️❤️

Chiang Rai  

Hello !! nous arrived in Chiang Rai, and we begin our scooter tour as usual now! Then conditions météorologiques found ourselves in this balle Festival, music et traditional danse..very joli moment!!😘

White temple , trekking jungle water fall, frais place along thé river

North du Thaïlande is sauce soja beautiful, great landscape, jungle, rices field, water fall...our programs space easy..just open thé eyes!! morning we go to Chiang Mai..we start progressively to aller to thé south!! See you there!! Bisous tous le monde😘😘

We had actually today city life!! mien thai vintage boutique..found of course a small dress !! 2€!! Good!! Night market, tuk tuk la tour reggae bar à la Alex..chiang mai is a nice city, une touristic temple!! bit a choc..but is Thaïlande non way venir be alone..tomorow nous rent scooter et we go in thé country side!! Alex become allergic à city...and shopping..hahaha🤣 see tu tomorrow everybody..Same same...like they claimed in Asia!!

Chiang peut faire was a an excellent stop parce que le us, an extremely charming place..We spend our day à visit temple, coffee plantation, village...but it.s time to go!!😄 we are in thé train station..going venir Sukhothai..see amie there!! 6 hours ..bisouxxxxx❤️❤️❤️

The old capital of auto Kingdom ns Siam...very nice visit today, peaceful..but an extremely hot!! we did it passant par « twincycle » 😁..interesting visit maybe the most beautiful et important temple in Thailand. Morning we marche back nous the road..for a very big jump!!

Rendez tu in Ranong, in the frontière of Birmanie..is a very big tentation venir cross auto border et to see je vous demande pardon happened there...but nous decided to stay little bit quiet..than it will be our holiday in our travel !! After tous those weeks of movement..Destination ouest cost, Andaman sea side. First in Ranong, et to Koh Phayam, and Koh Chang..very difficult to choose année Island in Thaïlande..and particularly without à much people!! We oui 16 days before to marche back to Bangkok? 16 days du relaxing, swimming, snorkeling !!😁😁 보다 see you there tomorrow!! big kisses à everybody 😘😘

We come in our destination, after quiet long day...2 flights..time à be in Bangkok et visit some nice jewelry shop ( temps also to think about « dans la maison de Cécile boutique » )Nice places...to fly with this small et old plane!! Nok Anna...good that was no « K-Nok- the end »!! 😂😂.. Nous arrived safe in Ranong..🙏 nous are ready to take thé boat until Koh Phayam!! Bizzzzz à tous!!

Nice !! aujourdhui we didn’t wake up up with auto clock!! Alex is very happy 😃 no more temples, non more driving, ne sont pas more mooving...the seul moove that we oui to do..is to échanger guesthouse..I love nature..but as soon as she’s inviting it s her in thé bathroom...frog, big spider, et other insects...better pour me venir take my distance!!! This bungalow bambou hute are an extremely cute...but ns prefer to sleep!! Than venir live année nature exploration every night!!🤣..otherwise nous are good..walking, chilling, swimming...and tomorrow ? not anymore this roi of question....see you ma friends!! et thank you all to monitor us❤️❤️❤️

😀Really the life day that nous don’t do nothing other than swimming, et testing the succulent Thai food.I am not complaining..but in between you and me..can not stay to long to à faire nothing..tomorrow conditions météorologiques rent scooter..and nous make tour!!! 😀 Sunset à la you..kisses

Nice day on discovery Chanel...we did the tour de the island, uncover somes beaches, part evea plantation, at last some chimpanzees was about our house today...very sweet day..kisses

Try venir work signification littérale beat... With all this type color, is easy venir think about you, et what elle would like venir wear under auto Cretan Sun!! .I oui a vey good extinction to select the circuits électoraux Summer 2020 !! Kisses from nous 😍

This précis crabe space working tous day, à make them garden beautiful, When auto sea is walking down, they start all other again! 

!! aujourdhui we ont we have been visiting un autre part of the Island, I être so happy that still in Thaïlande conditions météorologiques can uncover such a place, wild beach, et nobody, some ville with the Moken ar who cames native Birmanie long time ago..this île is out of the time...is the little sister of the Jamaïque 🇯🇲 Alex is really happy is reggae everywhere !!l et so frais place, really nice audit for decoration..and nature is toujours everywhere..if one day you want à choose an Island, come here!! possibly together?! ❤️❤️

😍🙏We packed our things..time to marche on auto road, par the sea!! prochain stop Ranong!! See tu there..love you, laisser aller you..but see amie soon..thank you à follow us!! temps to be ..on our way venir Crete !! 😃

After a joli flight through this very drôle plane, nous are Happy à be here, conditions météorologiques start already to ont some usual jambe to do..we visit the type place that nous discovered 2 month ago..and have the feelings that conditions météorologiques are home!! critical weekend here..we gonna enjoy cette until thé last minut!!😀

Our travel end up here, in Bangkok..where every little thing started...we space both under auto charme du this town, between China town, précis India,small charming ar ,.like today , not very well recognized this little canal with this wonderful old house, amie are go tranquil ! et you witness some tremendous scene de life...I tried all this month venir share with you this type adventure de pictures, to be very an excellent to oui your type comments...thank you very much everybody!❤️ Un énormément merci😀

Tomorow nous fly at 8a clock PM à Singapore...little beat temps to enjoy more this city!! 😃 See amie tomorrow!!

Fully prêt to go !! nous make our best to placed every jambe in ours bags!!..difficuly...😁🙃 see you in greece ❤️

 ένα ελληνικό παρακαλώ!!

I bring amie everywhere with me....let’s go to Moxlos!!

That’s it!! We ont made our method this deux months, it was challenging..we are very happy !! come in Heraklion, very warm welcome de Jean and Liliane....

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Itinerary asiatiques 2020 

It was about what nous planed à do...but some came in between..less or more! we of artaserse didn’t watch everything...but how? nous kept fémoral to do for autre time!!

See you parce que le the suivant trip!! Thank elle 🙏

De la Champagne jusqu"à Vaudoué, convoque une magnifique randonnée dans la forêt aux Fontainebleau, jusqu’à la découverte des rochers aux Grès, d’environ les traces aux la mer des Sable d" Etampes.