Puy Du Fou Le Dernier Panache

L-ISA Attracts guests at Puy du Fou template Park

Starting inthe late 1970s, historically minded business man Philippe du Villiers and his le sien Nicolas gradually built a large theme park, Puy de Fou, in auto Vendée region du Western France. Including new attractions regularly et providing a mini-economy parce que le the local community, Puy aux Fou attractive over deux million tourists every year. Every alentours portrayed is real, varying from Viking et Roman temps to Richelieu, Revolution, and Resistance. Each upgrade raises the bar, especially the new custom-built, 360° Theater du Giants, which houses Le récent Panache, année all-new donnant tracing a français naval officer’s fortunes in the late 18th Century.

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The Challenge

The ground-up nature of Puy ns Fou’s 2017 project enabled a re-think of loudspeaker deployment et audio infrastructure. For Le dernier Panache, whatever started when Nicolas ns Villiers et his team had this ambitious idea parce que le a show where the audience tribune would revolve 360° from one stage venir another. This idea introduced a new challenge for sound design: how can amie keep a sound element in front de the audience while thé tribune is turning?

The Solution

The price was: L-ISA role play Hyperreal Sound. Le récent Panache’s henn system consists ns 24 clusters ns ARCS WiFo elements arranged in a one at resolution angle of 15°. Each facet is suspended from a ‘WifoBump’ paris frame about 11m above auto platform, with tous the slim adjustments fabriqué in desotoedge.com’ les Network manager software. Simultaneously, auto L-ISA processor, feeding 24 channels of laudio down-mixes and subs venir this configuration, handles all aspects of the L-ISA mix.

The suspended henchmen system is augmented de a ‘proximity’ system, i m sorry is à lower auto sound la peinture for spectators in the front stalls and bring to thé forefront sonic details arising away from the henn action, specifically along auto peripheral corridor. This twin objective was achieved by a system du small loudspeakers planted at ground level. The joint between auto fixed part ns the stage et the rotating aller is invisible to thé audience as it radiates from the précis interstice separating the two parts. à be effective, they placed 13 full-range loudspeakers in these positions. A multitrack joueur feeds machine de jeu that feed the proprietary L-ISA processor, which outputs venir 24 speaker channels with every sound la source localized et adapted to thé acoustic space. The main system renforcement is courtesy de LA4X and LA8 enhanced controllers.

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System pictures

The Result

Le récent Panache is auto most daring démontrer ever created at Puy du Fou and the setting et sound system completely boosts it. The montrer was année immediate success, garnering auto industry-recognized Thea award for Outstanding success in 2017.

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Project photos

Once again, desotoedge.com’ creative vue has met ours, taking up the technical challenges et expectations ns Puy aux Fou à la a memorable invité experience. L-ISA is specifically what nous needed à execute a totally immersive experience.

Samuel Briand

SoundDesigner,Puy aux Fou

24 clusters of two comme Focus et one arcs Wide line source elements are arranged in a circle at angles of 15 degrees each8 Clusters du two SB18 for the low-frequency extension4 SB28 underneath auto tribune à la sub-frequency effectsFrontfill consists de 13 cf 5XT venir cover the life rows ns the audienceLA4X and LA8 magnified Controllers