Prix Batterie Iphone 5S Apple

Original apple iPhone 5S replacement Li-ion Polymer Battery 3.8v 1560mAh 5.92Whr. You will uncover with this new battery auto full capabilities ns your iphones 5S.

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The Original sexcuser iPhone 5s battery:

Replacement Battery pour iPhone 5s Li-Ion Polymer 1560mAh 3.8V 5.92Whr.

The "normal" sapin of an iPhone battery is around 1 year antérieur à we feel the weaknesses. Indeed, lithium, degrading naturally, auto battery will naturally shed its volume over time.

That is to say: at the installation, you will oui 1560mAh capacity cible 2 months later, maybe the capacity will go to 1460mAh and so conditions météorologiques depending nous your use.

Diagnosis showing that tu need to change the battery:

You need to replace your battery si you oui the adhering to problems:

Autonomy is really reducedThe battery discharges there is no using auto iPhoneiPhone 5s turns off suddenly (example at 20%)The battery is inflatedThe iphones 5s no plus long charging

To Repair:

The estimated time for replacing the iphone 5s battery is 20 minutes.

Our tips parce que le use:

It is advised with lithium battery to charger them completely and not to revendiqué them partially.

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It is le meilleur to wait until auto battery has been discharged at about 5% antérieur à charging. Et it is meilleur not à let the phone aller out totally otherwise you might not be able venir turn it on again especially si you leave ce a couple of days. Ce is de nombreux not à leave inactive pour too long. Be sure to perform at least one full revendiqué cycle effronté month (by charging auto battery at 100%, climate letting ce drain completely). Never ever leave your iphones in thé sun or in a car in the overheated cabin (including in the glove box). Heat is auto worst enemy of her battery. Cette is also VERY de nombreux not to leave auto battery to charger when ce is currently 100%.

Our adeptes advice:

Before installing our new iphones 5s Original sexcuser replacement battery, conditions météorologiques strongly advise elle to audit it antérieur à final installation for 2 reasons:

Confirm the diagnosisMake certain that thé battery has not been damaged throughout transport

Indeed, si your diagnosis is no confirmed, tu can simply request a revenir directly nous the terre to volonté the refund ns the battery. The izziphone customer services will expropriate this belles of product return.

To test:

Here are auto steps to make the juge confirming your diagnosis:

Simply unplug your battery connector there is no removing or removing ce permanently.Put our battery conditions météorologiques top de yours and connect seul the connector ns our battery to your iPhone.Screw auto metal plate over our battery connector with seul 1 screw to keep the connector plugged in.Remember à reconnect your display (if you removed it)Turn on your iPhoneWrite down on a paper auto current percentage de the battery and the timeActivate all connectionsCome back année hour later et raise the battery percentage again

How to interpret thé result? Under this conditions, her battery level need to not ont decreased by more than le3 to 7% revenir hour. If the battery level has diminished much more than that, then auto problem de your iphones does not come from thé battery but from a charging chip collection to the motherboard.

Indeed, si your diagnosis is no confirmed, elle can just request a return procedure directly on the terre to volonté the refund du the battery that will not at some point serve you. Auto izziphone customer services will expropriate this belles of product return.

Before attaching the spare iphones replacement aller with auto fixing sticker labels (screen, battery, connector ...), nous advise elle to audit the part.

This audit will allow you to know if:

Your diagnosis is correctThe part worksThe part is compatible

Otherwise, amie can inquiry a return on the emplacement via the contact form.

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You will be inquiry to return the spare marche to us. Upon receipt, conditions météorologiques will la communication you for the exchange, or the refund.