metro of new York city America/United States

The New York ville Subway is the métro system in nouveau York City, new York. Thé underground trains of the métro were inaugurated in October 27, 1904. Some de its gare work 24/7, while others work until evening. The métro connects à the john F. Kennedy international Airport passant par AirTrain, which marche from thé terminals to thé Jamaica et Howard beach stations. This métro has 472 stations, split into 4 boroughs: Queens, auto Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. There are des plans to increase some du its stations between 2027 et 2029. Amie can arrive within une hour from the airport to mise such ont Times Square or the Statue ns Liberty. The metro rides have the right to be payment with the MetroCard card.

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Metros in the United States: new York city Subway

New York city has a strong conséquences sur with that art, entertainment, technology, and business. Ce is thé leading ville in creativity et financial puissance in the world. The ville is divided into five boroughs: Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, et Brooklyn. Ce boasts indigenous having thé most number of languages talked within a city in the world. Nouveau York ville has a population of approximately 8 million people.

The city is famous parce que le places such as Times Square et Broadway Theater. It holds three of the many visited places par tourists in thé world. Thé United nations offices are located here. That is metro, the new York ville Subway, has some gare that occupational 24 hours a day, toutes les personnes week long.


New York city Subway is one of the oldest, busiest, largest et more facility rapid transit ferroviaire system in the United States et in the whole world. The harsh winter conditions in the late 19th century in nouveau York ville made personnes consider underground transport as an easier means ns travel. The new York ville Subway"s underground lines confinements was plan in 1894, and began in 1900. Nous October 27, 1904, its life underground line to be opened, auto Interborough rapid Transit Subway (IRT) nine Avenue Line. Some years before, a partie above ground level to be built, inaugurated in July 3, 1868. The métro used venir be privately owned by two companies, until thé city"s government bought ce in 1940. Ce was managed par the nouveau York ville Transit autorité from 1953 till 1968, when thé state took control de the metro et began managing cette via the Metropolitan Transportation gouvernement (MTA.)

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Lines and stations

The métro has 472 stations. The lines et stations are divided into four boroughs: Manhattan, Queens, auto Bronx, et Brooklyn. The lines in every borough are auto following:


This borough has 151 stations. Its currently are the following: second Avenue Line, 6th Avenue Line, Eight way Line, 42nd rue Line, 63rd street Line, Broadway Line, Broadway-7th path Line, Canarsie Line, Concourse Line, Flushing Line, Lenox avenue Line, Lexington avenue Line, Nassau rue Line, Queens rue Line (53rd rue Crosstown)


This borough has 81 stations. Its lines are: 63rd street Line, Archer way Lines, Astoria Line, Crosstown Line, Flushing Line, Fulton street Line, Jamaica Line, Myrtle avenue Line, Queens rue Line, Rockaway heat

The Bronx

This borough has 70 stations. Its currently are: Broadway-7th avenue Line, Concourse Line, Dyre avenue Line, Jerome way Line, Pelham Line, blanche Plains roadway Line


This borough has actually 170 stations. Its lines are: 4th Avenue Line, 6th Avenue Line, Eighth path Line, Brighton Line, Broadway-7th path Line, Canarsie Line, Crosstown Line, Culver Line, eastern Parkway Line, Franklin way Line, Fulton rue Line, Jamaica Line, Myrtle avenue Line, New lots Line, Nostrand path Line, Sea beach Line, ouest End Line.

Brooklyn Bridge

Because ns its complexity et dynamism, Ney York ville subway has its very own nomenclature. Routes échanger because connections et services room created, opened or modified, because auto time of the day and because ns the système maintenance. In new York city Subway a line is a track or group of tracks. Conditions météorologiques can consider lines as the physical component of the system. Lines are designated passant par a name. Paths are thé logical and dynamic compoment of the system and are built nous top ns the lines. Paths use lines à link terminals in auto system. A chemin (also known as a service) is named passant par a letter jaune a number. Each route has a colour et a locale or exprimer designation. There are 24 train prestations de service in auto subway system.

Exclusively local trains:: 1, 6, 7, C, G, L, M et R.Local et express trains: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, A, B, D, E, F, N and Q.Special trains The geai train has a locale services but in rush hours atelier with Z former in auto peak direction.Shuttle service: s trains: Franklin path Shuttle, Rockaway Park Shuttle, and 42nd street Shuttle.

New York city Subway consists de 2 divisions, A attribuer (IRT) and B attribuer (BMT/IND).A Division:Route 1 (red): Broadway – seventh Avenue Local: soupape Cortlandt Park-242 St (Bronx) to South ferry Station (Manhattan)Route 2 (red): Broadway – saturday Avenue Express: Wakefield (Bronx) à Brooklyn College-Flatbush av (Brooklyn)Route le 3 (red): Broadway – saturday Avenue Express: Harlem-48 St (Manhattan) to van Siclen un v (Brooklyn)Route 4 (green): Lexington way Express: Woodlawn (Bronx) to crown Hts-Utica av (Brooklyn)Route 5 (green): Lexington avenue Express: Eastchester-Dyre av (Bronx) to Bowling vert (Manhattan)Route 6 et NYCS cheminement 6d (green): Lexington Avenue local (Pelham Local/Express): Pelham bay Park (Bronx) to Brooklyn Bridge-City lobby (Manhattan)Route 7 and Route 7d (purple): Flushing Local/Express: temps Sq-42 St (Manhattan) à Flushing main StRoute ns (grey): 42nd rue Shuttle: Grand centre to times Sq-42 St (Manhattan)

MTA Subway, Coney Island
B Division:Route A (blue): Eighth way Express: Inwood-207 St (Manhattan) to ozone Park-Lefferts Blvd or frais Rockaway-Mott un v (Queens)Route b (orange): 6th Avenue Express: - 145 St (Manhattan) to Coney île Stillwell un v (Brooklyn)Route C (blue): Eighth way Local: Washington Hts-168 St (Manhattan) to Euclid un v (Brooklyn)Route ns (orange): sixth Avenue Express: Norwood-205 St ( Bronx) venir Coney island Stillwell un v (Brooklyn)Route E (blue): Eighth path Local: Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer (Queens) venir World Trade center (Manhattan)Route F (orange): sixth Avenue Local: Jamaica-179 St (Queens) à Coney Island-Stillwell un v (Brooklyn) via 63 St Connector and Jay St-Borough lobby (Brooklyn)Route G (light green): meugler Sq (Queens) venir Smith-9 Sts (Brooklyn)Route ns (brown): Nassau rue Local: Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer (Queens) venir Chambers St (Manhattan) jaune Broad St (Manhattan)Route les (grey): 14 St (Manhattan) venir Canarsie-Rockaway Pkwy (Brooklyn)Route m (orange): sixth Avenue Local: middle Village-Metropolitan un v (Queens) to Chambers St (Manhattan)Route N (yellow): Broadway Local: Astoria-Ditmars Blvd (Queens) venir Coney Island-Stillwell un v (Brooklyn) via Pacific St (Brooklyn)Route Q (yellow): Broadway Express: 57 Street/7th path (Manhattan) à Coney Island-Stillwell av (Brooklyn)Route r (yellow): Broadway Local: forest Hills-71 un v (Queens) venir Bay Ridge-95 St (Brooklyn) dessus Pacific St (Brooklyn)Route ns (grey): Franklin path Shuttle: Franklin un v to prospect Park (Brooklyn)Route ns (grey): Rockaway Park Shuttle: wide Channel venir Rockaway Park-Beach 116 St (Queens)Route Z (brown): Nassau street Express: Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer (Queens) à Broad St (Manhattan)Route V: forêt Hills-71 un v (Queens) à Lower eastern SideRoute W: Astoria-Ditmars Blvd (Queens) to Whitehall St (Manhattan)

Rail connections

The transport agencies in i beg your pardon the new York ville Subway makes relationships are: PATH, AirTrain JFK, Amtrack, Metro-North Railroad, long Island ferroviaire Road, and New Jersey Transit. Relationships are also available to traversier services such as New York Waterway, Staten île Ferry, et New York Water Taxi. Relations to autobus services are available à la George Washington Bridge autobus Terminal, and Port autorité Bus Terminal.

MTA Subway

Connection to thé airport

The internationale airport in nouveau York city is john F. Kennedy international Airport, located in thé Queens borough. Most of the points of interest in new York ville are located in Manhattan. To comprendre quickly from thé airport à Manhattan, ride on AirTrain, which is obtainable in toutes les personnes of the airport"s terminals. Then, do a transfer venir the nouveau York city Subway in either the Jamaica Station or the Howard coast station.

Schedule, timetables, et hour ns operations

The new York city Subway has multiple schedule for over 24 routes. Thé weekday schedules parce que le some ns its paths are auto following:

1) cheminement 1: over there is a train available every 5 minutes. Service begins on fourgon Cortlandt Park-242 Street gare in the Bronx at 00:07 am, and ends in South ferry station in Manhattan at 00:51 être on auto following day.2) chemin 2: A former is available every 10 minutes. The métro service starts in Wakefield-241 Street gare in thé Bronx at 00:01 am, et ends in Flatbush Avenue gare in Brooklyn at 1:09 am on thé following day.3) route 3: A train is obtainable every 7 minutes. The métro service begins in Harlem-148 Street, 7th Avenue gare in Manhattan at 00:03 am, et ends in New tant beaucoup, tellement Avenue station in Brooklyn, at 00:10 être on thé following day.4) route 4: A former is easily accessible every 7 minutes. The métro service begins in Woodlawn station in thé Bronx at 00:06 am, and ends in New lots Avenue gare in Brooklyn at 1:13 am on auto following day.5) route 5: A train is available every 8 minutes. The metro service begins conditions météorologiques Eastchester-Dire Avenue gare in auto Bronx at 5:13 am, and ends in Flatbush Avenue gare in Brooklyn at 8:54 pm.6) route 6: A former is obtainable every 6 minutes. The métro service begins nous Pelhalm only Park station in thé Bronx in 00:07 am, and ends Brooklyn Bridge station in Manhattan at 1:13 pm.7) cheminement 7: A train is accessible every four minutes. The métro service begins on Flushing-Main Street gare in queens at 00:12 am, et ends in 34 Street-Hudson Yards gare in Manhattan at 00:35 un m the complying with day.
Park Avenue


There is a former every 2-3 in mèche hours and every 10-15 rest of the time.

Price, tickets, et cards

A ticket parce que le using the métro or a regular autobus costs $2.75. Année express autobus ticket expenses $6.50. Tu can importer a 50% discount si you are a an elderly citizen de 65 years and older, or si you room a disabled citizen. If an adult pays à la a ticket, castle can lug three children listed below 45 customs tall pour free. Additionally, if année adult pays for a billet for an express bus, they can lug children that are two years old or under pour free, oui long as the youngsters sit down nous the bus.

The main way du paying thé rides in new York ville Subway is v a card called thé MetroCard. Si you use auto MetroCard, amie could conserve money. Over there are different services parce que le different types of MetroCard:

a) Pay-per-Ride MetroCard: elle can purchase your desired alors of trips nous the metro. Castle are offered at metro stations and in vending machines. That prices range between $5.50 and $80, et you receive 11% extra de largent in your card for extra rides. Ce offers complimentary transfers native the métro to buses.b) endless Ride MetroCard: This card has a fixed price, et offers limitless bus et metro rides. Elle can choose amongst different services parce que le this card: 7-Day, 30-Day, et 7-Day Express autobus Plus. AirTrain, PATH, et express buses à faire not expropriate 7-Day nor 30-Day endless Ride cards. AirTrain accepts JFK AirTrain MetroCard and JFK AirTrain 10-Trip MetroCard.b.1) 7-Day Unlimited pass ($31) ($15.50 pour seniors/disabled): unlimited subway and bus rides parce que le one week until midnight. This map is not accepted de AirTrain, PATH, nor montré buses.b.2) 30-Day countless Ride MetroCard ($116.50) ($58.25 pour seniors/disabled): This map lets amie use the métro indefinitely à la 30 days until midnight. This map is no accepted de AirTrain, PATH, nor express buses. Si purchased through debit card jaune credit map at a vending machine, you ont anti-theft cacher for your purchase.b.3) 7-Day Express bus Plus MetroCard ($57.25) (No discounts offered): This card lets amie use auto metro, regular buses, and express buses indefinitely pour 7 days until midnight. If bought at a vending machine with a debit jaune credit card, you oui anti-theft abrite for her purchase.b.4) JFK-AirTrain 30-Day limitless Ride MetroCard ($40): This card gives you rides à la 30 days until midnight for trains in JFK-AirTrain.b.5) JFK-AirTrain 10-Trip MetroCard ($25): This map offers elle 10 rides in JFK-AirTrain. This card expires in 6 months. Ce is marketed at shops, the airport, et at AirTrain vending machines.Note: Each nouveau MetroCard bought costs $1.c) basic Pay MetroCard: This map is linked à your debit or credit card à refill the MetroCard once you run out of rides. Cette takes three weeks to volonté it through auto mail. This card is a convenient way of paying to refill your MetroCard. Amie can keep track of the balance left via a téléphone call. This MetroCard has année expiration date, cible you will obtain a put in order card une week antérieur à the old une expires. To volonté this card, elle need to aller to thé online MetroCard site, et select whether tu want the Pay-per-Ride jaune the limitless Ride MetroCard. Pour seniors et disabled citizens, they have the right to fill out a physics form et mail it, and they comprendre discounts.
Time square Station

MetroCards can be purchase at vending machines, booths at stations, buses, shops, or even from her employer si you habitent on new York City.

How to use auto MetroCard in the metro:

Swipe the card conditions météorologiques the card an equipment with the name nous the card dealing with you. Enter the metro si you check out "Go" nous the screen. Si the screen spectacles the un message "Swipe again," amie cannot pass, cible you were not charged. Si the screen displays "Swipe map at this machine," tu will it is in charged si you swipe her card at another turnstile. If the display screen displays "Seek parce que le help," la communication the metro"s staff, because there is a trouble with your card.

How à check your MetroCard"s balance:

1) At a booth reader: Look for a booth in the station. Swipe your card in the booth"s reader, et the screen will display screen your balance left, your time left, et the expiration cétait une date on auto card.

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2) At a MetroCard machine: There room special machinerie specifically fabriquer to read auto MetroCard"s balance, which will certainly be displayed once you insert thé card in the machine.

3) At a turnstile: When elle swipe her card nous the machine venir board auto metro, thé screen will screen your available balance.

How venir use MetroCard on the bus:

When you get inside a bus, insert your card v the le noir line encountering you, and the card will certainly pop-up oz your fare is deducted from it. Auto screen will seul the complying with information:

1) si you offered a Pay-per-Ride card, thé screen will montrer the quantity paid.2) si you supplied a time-based card, auto screen will démontrer the date of expiration.

Places where amie can use auto MetroCard:

1) Pay-per-Ride MetroCard: precious in regular buses, exprimer buses, et the MTA nouveau York ville Transit metro. Cette is additionally valid in the following transportation agencies: NICE autobus (Nassau Inter-County Express), MTA Staten island Railway, Roosevelt island Tram, toutes les personnes Path Stations, MTA bus Company, Westchester punishment Line Buses, JFK-AirTrain.

2) unlimited Ride MetroCard: Valid on regular buses, et MTA nouveau York city Transit metro. Auto card is also valid in: NICE autobus (Nassau Inter-County Express), MTA Staten île Railway, Roosevelt island Tram, MTA bus Company, Westchester bee Line Buses.

3) 7-Day Express autobus Plus: seul works on new York ville private express buses, MTA buses, and New York city Transit exprimer buses.

Rules in NYC Subway

Making noise du over 85 dB is not allowed. Open up containers v liquids in it are not allowed either. Elle need à give your seat venir a disabled person si requested passant par them. Fumeur inside the metro is prohibited. Si you space sleeping, aller not disturb other passengers. Elle can use radios jaune other multimedia gadgets only if you usage them with headphones or earphones. Faire not boire alcohol, and do not possess alcohol with année open container, unless the métro is close to a bar jaune restaurant. Taking pictures and/or enregistrement video is permitted, oui long ont you do not usage tripods. Pets are not allowed, uneven they room in cages or they oui the purpose de helping thé disabled.

Future expansions:

The line with auto most num of to plan expansions is the second Avenue Subway in Manhattan. Among auto expansions planned in the second Avenue Subway are:

East Harlem: 116th Street et 106th Street stations in between 2027 and 2029.East Harlem/Harlem: 125th Street station in between 2027 et 2029.Turtle Bay: 42nd street station.East Midtown: 55th street station.Kips Bay: 23rd street station.Murray Hill: 34th rue station.East Village: Houston Street et 14th street stations.Financial District: Seaport and Hanover carré stations.Chinatown: grand Street et Chatham square stations.
New York Metro

Tips in NY city Subway

Rush hours occur between 7 un m and 10 am, and between 5 pm et 8 pm. Stop riding the métro on those temps to stop crowded trains.

There are two types de trains: Local et Express. The locale trains arrêter in every station, making it a slower choice de travel. Express trains skips many stations, making cette faster than local trains. Si you are nouveau using thé metro, use local trains. If you are an experienced metro traveler, and you have a map du the express train stops, usage the express trains.

Download a map conditions météorologiques your smartphone et bookmark nouveau York ville Subway"s website ( to plan your trip. The distances are long et there are plenty of stations, so you could comprendre lost si you faire not destiné your route.

You have the right to use one MetroCard à la many people, sauce soja you deserve to share cette with friends et family. However, the Unlimited Rides card takes 20 minutes to work in between uses, while Pay-per-Ride cards have the right to be used many temps without waiting. Destiné ahead si you desire to inviter family and/or friends à buy a Pay-per-Ride card.

Fun facts

There space round-shaped lamps in front de the stations, colored in either green or red. Si the lamps space green, the gare is open up 24 hours. Si the lamps are red, the gare closes at night.

This métro is thé most crowded métro in thé United States, v over 1.5 exchange rate passengers revenir year. As high oui that number pouvez seem, new York city subway is the seventh busiest system in thé world. Asian cities subways are even busiest: Tokyo, Seoul, Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou haver a higher annual ridership.

The price ns the metro"s billet is linked to thé price of a slice of pizza in new York City"s restaurants. When the price of pizza goes up, thé ticket"s price goes increase too.

The metro"s turnstiles began accepting tokens in 1953 and were eventually replaced par the MetroCard. However, elle could still use tokens in the early 2000s, even though MetroCards were widely available.

If the metro is delayed et causes you to venir late to work, the metro"s supervisors will give tu a letter to your employee to prétexte your late arrival.

Grand centre Terminal, is thé world"s largest railway station passant par number du platforms.

Although ce is known as "Subway" about forty percent circulaes passant par surface jaune elevated routes.

Art is present everywhere in the subway. There are fixation installations, artistic decoration and musicians.

During the 70s, muggings et graffiti to be a typical problem in auto metro, cible the worries were addressed in auto 90s.

Some de the metro"s stations oui been reconstructed after they had been destroyed de the attacks de September 11 et Hurricane Sandy.

The metro"s restrictions was daunting since cette involved digging nous the streets to make auto tunnel et then rebuild the street. This resulted in traffic problems. Nowadays, auto tunnels are fabriqué with a digging maker that atelier underground, without the need de destroying streets.

The metro has had actually multiple expansions, like thé opening of the IND sixth Avenue line in 1940, et the 7 Subway expansion Line in 2015.

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Nearby attractions

Follow these ligne directrice to marche to these touristic attractions from john F. Kennedy"s international Airport-Terminal 1 using the metro:

1) centre Park: thé trip lasts une hour et 10 minutes. From the airport, take it a former towards the JFK AirTrain-Jamaica gare (ticket expenses $5). Then, native Sutphin Boulevard-Archer AV/JFK E/J/Z/LIRR station, take the World Trade centre train towards the 7th av station B/D/E (ticket costs $2.75). Then, transfer to auto Bedford Park rue train towards 103rd rue B/C. Quartier général Park is a beautiful park with green areas the contrasts v concrete of the surrounding city.2) Statue ns Liberty: the trip big 1 hour et 15 minutes. Take a former towards JFK AirTrain-Howard beach Station. Then, take auto 207th Street-Inwood former towards Fulton street A/C station. Native here, amie need à walk fifty percent a miles southwest to thé Statue du Liberty. This is thé world"s tallest statue, with plenty de guided tours offered to aller to auto top de it.3) Broadway: auto trip lasts une hour. Take a train towards JFK AirTrain-Jamaica gare (the ticket costs $5). Then, indigenous Sutphin Boulevard-Archer AV/JFK E/J/Z/LIRR, take the World Trade centre train towards 7th av Station B/D/E (ticket expenses $2.75). There space many theaters in Broadway’s Streets, through famous et classic plays indigenous top-notch actors.4) empire State Building: thé trip lasts one hour and 10 minutes. From auto JFK AirTrain-Terminal 1 Station, take it a train towards JFK AirTrain-Jamaica gare (ticket prices $5). Then, indigenous Sutphin Boulevard-Archer AV/JFK E/J/Z/LIRR station, take thé World Trade centre train in the direction of 34th Street-Penn gare C/E (the billet costs $2.75). Walk fifty percent a mile southeast à the empire State. This is one de the most famed landmarks in nouveau York City. It attracts a lot of tourist to aller to the top of the building, where amie can observe new York City and other bordering cities.5) 5th Avenue: thé trip lasts one hour. From thé JFK AirTrain-Terminal 1 Station, take a train towards the JFK AirTrain-Jamaica gare (the billet costs 5$). Then, from thé Sutphin Boulevard-Archer AV/JFK E/J/Z/LIRR station, take auto World Trade center train towards thé Union TNPK-Kew Gardens E/F/LIRR gare (the ticket costs $2.75). Then, transfer to the Stillwell AV-Coney island train towards thé 42nd Street-Bryant Park B/D/F/M station. This is the le meilleur place to aller shopping in new York. Cette has auto biggest shops from known brands, such ont the apple Store jaune Cartier on Fifth Avenue.6) Metropolitan museum of Art: auto trip lasts one hour et 20 minutes. From thé JFK AirTrain-Terminal 1 station, take a train towards the JFK AirTrain-Jamaica station (the billet costs $5). Then, from Sutphin Boulevard-Archer AV/JFK E/J/Z/LIRR station, take auto World Trade center Train towards auto Lexington Avenue-53rd rue E/M station (the billet costs $2.75). Follow the signs to 51st Street station 6. Move to thé Pelhalm just Park-Express former towards 77th Street gare 6. Walk half a milles northwest. This is a musée with over one million arts pieces, i m sorry are largely from American history.7) times Square: auto trip lasts one hour. From auto JFK AirTrain-Terminal 1 station, take it a former towards thé JFK AirTrain-Jamaica station (the billet costs $5). Then, from auto Sutphin Boulevard-Archer AV/JFK E/J/Z/LIRR station, take the World Trade center train towards auto 42nd Street-Port authority Bus Terminal A/C/E station (the billet costs $2.75). Go 0.1 miles east. This is the patrie of The nouveau York fois newspaper. Ce has big billboards, et it is a good location to watch plays et do shopping.8) Rockefeller Center: the trip lasts une hour. Take it a train from thé JFK AirTrain-Terminal 1 gare towards thé JFK AirTrain-Jamaica station (the billet costs $5). Then, from thé Sutphin Boulevard-Archer AV/JFK E/J/Z/LIRR station, take the World Trade center train towards 5th Avenue-53rd rue E/M station (the ticket costs $2.75). Go 0.2 miles southwest. This is the location of NBC-TV. This carré also supplies a beautiful view ns the ville from auto Rock surveillance Deck.