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Vous lisez ce: Pierre de ronsard (rose)

The Pierre de Ronsard roses appeared in so late April. At auto time, i had non idea quel a Pierre ns Ronsard rose was. I was drawn to the dénormes pink flower hanging native trellises, terraces, and gates ont a beacon of plaisir in a ombre world.

The plentiful, huge blooms might not marche unnoticed. The Pierre de Ronsard roses révérence their round heads, peering at tu from above. Fragile petals droit within every other, part left crumpled in auto middle.

But what je didn’t know was auto Pierre de Ronsard roses were, in fact, called after a famous and beloved french poet. When thé Meilland family et their globally known rose business created this increased in 1987, they named ce after auto famous Renaissance poet, Pierre du Ronsard.

Ah.. Everything is connecté in France. A story. A name. Année event. There is ne sont pas name there is no meaning.Of course, these stunning Pierre aux Ronsard roses are called after a poet. It’s non surprise that auto name de the roses refers venir Pierre du Ronsard’s poem that begins, “Mignonne, allons-y voir si la rose…”

It is Pierre de Ronsard’s (1524-1585) most famous romantic poem. Written in 1545 to Cassandra, his Ode jusqu’à Cassandre has actually been memorized passant par countless french schoolchildren pour decades. Je felt a commitment à read this poem and make année effort to memorize ce ( toujours a work in progress!).

Ode jusqu’à Cassandre

Mignonne, allons-y voir aucas la rose

Qui ce matin avait déclose

Sa robe de pourpre au Soleil,

A mission perdu les vesprée

Les plis ns sa robe pourprée,

Et le sien teint au vôtre pareil.

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Las! voyez bénéficie en battre d’éspace,

Mignonne, elle a sur la place,

Las! Las! le sien beautés chaîne choir!

Ô subvention marâtre Nature,

Puisqu’une comme fleur née dure,

Que ns matin jusques venir soir!

Donc, au cas où vous je croyez mignonne,

Tandis plus votre âge fleuronne

En sa concéder verte nouveauté,

Cueillez, cueillez sa jeunesse:

Comme à ça fleure la vieillesse

Fera ternir ton beauté.

Pierre du Ronsard’s Ode à Cassandre is quickly found on the internet. Ns found cette here, follow me with auto English translation that follows.

Ode to Cassandra

Sweetheart, come let nous see si the rose,

Which this morning unfolded

Its crimson dress to auto sun

Has lost, at evening,

The folds de its crimson dress

And the colour, soja like her own.

Alas! See comment in such a quick time,

Sweetheart, she has let

Her beauty autumn from above!

Nature is important cruel

When together a flower seul lasts

From dawn to dusk!

So si you would believe me, Sweetheart,

While her young âge is in flower

In its greenest freshness,

Gather, gather your youth.

Since lâge will tarnish her beauty

As cette has faded this flower.

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I’m not sauce soja sure the 475 year later i agree through his thoughts on lâge and beauty. But Pierre aux Ronsard, i concur that temps is a thief and gathering every day and making the most of cette is auto way to live.

Pierre de Ronsard roses et his Ode jusquà Cassandre to be not far from ma thoughts one evening oui I strolled along the jetée de Valmy passant par Canal Saint-Martin. Ns shouldn’t use the word “stroll” ont I was on mien one hour of individual physics exercise.

On this cheminement that ns had go many times during confinement, something caught my eye. Cette was auto way fémur went in confinement. Something unnoticed tu had walked passant par numerous fois suddenly jumped out at you.

And there scrawled in le noir marker were Pierre de Ronsard’s words,

“Sa robe du pourpre à soleil n’a mettre en ordre perdu cette vesprée…”

“Her crimson dress to thé sun this evening hasn’t lost…”

This is my Paris. Ma small discoveries that make ma heart sing. It’s why ns moved here à la a year.