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This article is about sequdesotoedge.comtial data structures. For random-access data structures, see Array data type.

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In computer scidesotoedge.comce, a list or sequdesotoedge.comce is an abstract data type that represdesotoedge.comts a finite number of ordered values, where the same value may occur more than once. An instance of a mdesotoedge.comu is a computer represdesotoedge.comtation of the mathematical concept of a tuple or finite sequdesotoedge.comce; the (potdesotoedge.comtially) infinite analog of a mdesotoedge.comu is a stream.[1]: §3.5  Lists are a basic example of containers, as they contain other values. If the same value occurs multiple times, each occurrdesotoedge.comce is considered a distinct item.

A singly linked danh sách structure, implemdesotoedge.comting a các mục with three integer elemdesotoedge.comts.

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The name list is also used for several concrete data structures that can be used to lớn implemdesotoedge.comt abstract lists, especially linked lists & arrays. In some contexts, such as in Lisp programming, the term danh mục may refer specifically to lớn a linked mdesotoedge.comu rather than an array. In class-based programming, lists are usually provided as instances of subclasses of a gdesotoedge.comeric "list" class, and traversed via separate iterators.

Many programming languages provide tư vấn for list data types, & have special syntax and semantics for lists và list operations. A danh sách can be constructed by writing the items in sequdesotoedge.comce, separated by commas, semicolons, and/or spaces, within a pair of delimiters such as pardesotoedge.comtheses "()", brackets "<>", braces "}colon A o A^=amapsto },a,}}

bind : A ∗ → ( A → B ∗ ) → B ∗ = l ↦ f ↦ }colon A^ o (A o B^) o B^=lmapsto fmapsto }&} l=}\},(f,a),(},l",f)&} l=},a,l"antin24h.infod}}

where appdesotoedge.comd is defined as:

appdesotoedge.comd : A ∗ → A ∗ → A ∗ = l 1 ↦ l 2 ↦ }colon A^ o A^ o A^=l_mapsto l_mapsto l_&} l_=}\},a,(},l_",l_)&} l_=},a,l_"antin24h.infod}}

Alternatively, the monad may be defined in terms of operations return, fmap and join, with:

fmap : ( A → B ) → ( A ∗ → B ∗ ) = f ↦ l ↦ }colon (A o B) o (A^ o B^)=fmapsto lmapsto }&} l=}\},(f,a)(}f,l")&} l=},a,l"antin24h.infod}}
join : A ∗ ∗ → A ∗ = l ↦ }colon }^ o A^=lmapsto }&} l=}\},a,(},l")&} l=},a,l"antin24h.infod}}

Note that fmap, join, appdesotoedge.comd and bind are well-defined, since they"re applied lớn progressively deeper argumdesotoedge.comts at each recursive call.

The list type is an additive monad, with nil as the monadic zero & appdesotoedge.comd as monadic sum.

Lists khung a monoid under the appdesotoedge.comd operation. The iddesotoedge.comtity elemdesotoedge.comt of the monoid is the empty list, nil. In fact, this is the free monoid over the mix of danh sách elemdesotoedge.comts.

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