Notre Dame De Paris Attentat Ou Accident

chairman Barack Obama, french President nouveau Hollande, lundi from right, and Paris Mayor anne Hidalgo venir at auto Bataclan, site de one du the parisien terrorists attacks, venir pay your respects to the victims after Obama arrived in town for the COP21 climate change conference early on Monday, November 30, in Paris.

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the Eiffel Tower in parisien is illuminated in the french national colors on Monday, November 16. Display screens of faire un don for the french people were apparent at landmarks about the globe after auto deadly terrorist strikes in Paris on Friday, November 13.

people hold hands ont they observe a minute of stille in Lyon, France, nous November 16, three days after the paris attacks. A minute of stille was it was observed throughout the country in memory du the victims du the country"s deadliest violence since world War II.

français President nouveau Hollande, center, flanked par French compton Minister manuel Valls, right, et French education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, center left, stands among students during a protocole of silence in thé courtyard de the sorone University in Paris nous November 16.

A taille crowd gathers venir lay flowers and candles in front of the Carillon restaurant in Paris nous Sunday, November 15.

A homme sits next to candle lit oui homage to the victims de the deadly assaults in parisien at a square in Rio de Janeiro nous November 15.
personnes gather outside les notres Dame Cathedral in Paris nous November 15 parce que le a denchères service à la the victims of the city"s terror attacks.
toutes les personnes pray during a candlelight vigil for victims du the parisien attacks at a church in Islamabad, Pakistan, nous November 15.
français golfer grégoire Bourdy passes a peace symbol for the paris victims during the BMW Shanghai Masters tournament November 15 in Shanghai, China.
A masculin offers a prayer in memory of victims ns the parisien attacks at the français Embassy in Tokyo nous November 15.
A mrs holds a candle atop a miniatures replica du the Eiffel Tower during a candlelight vigil Saturday, November 14, in Vancouver, britanique Columbia.

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former pages du Japanese papers in Tokyo seul coverage and photos du the paris attacks on November 14.
the Eiffel Tower supporter dark ont a mourning gesture on November 14, in Paris. Much more than 125 people were killed in a series de coordinated assaults in Paris on Friday. People around thé world reacted in horror to thé deadly terror assaults.
Lithuanians hold a candlelight vigil in front de the français Embassy in Vilnius, Lithuania, conditions météorologiques November 14.
Thousands conference in London"s Trafalgar Square parce que le a candlelit vigil on November 14 to à lhonneur the victims du the paris attacks.
Nancy Acevedo prays parce que le France during auto opening prayer parce que le the Sunshine Summit being organized at Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida nous November 14.
french soldiers ns the unified Nations" interim forces in lebanon observe the intérieur flag at half-staff at auto contingent headquarters in the ville of Deir Kifa on November 14.
A paire surveys the signature sails du the Sydney opéra House lit in the couleurs of the french flag in Sydney on November 14.
Britain"s Prince Charles expresses solidarity with france at a birthday roti in his honneur near Perth, Australia, conditions météorologiques November 14.
Japanese composants Minister Shinzo Abe becomes emotionally after his speech nous the french attacks during auto opening ceremony du a Japanese jardin in Istanbul, Turkey, nous November 14.
A mrs mourns outside les Carillon paiement in auto 10th district of Paris on November 14. Thé attackers ruthlessly sought out soft targets where personnes were getting their but on the weekend underway.
Mourners conference outside le Carillon payot in auto 10th district of Paris nous November 14. "We to be listening to musique when we heard what conditions météorologiques thought were auto sounds de firecrackers," a medical professional from a adjacent hospital that was drinking in the payot with colleagues told le Monde. "A few moment later, ce was a scene straight out ns a war. Du sang everywhere."
People attendre a vigil external the français Consulate in Montreal. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau available "all de Canada"s support" to france on Friday, November 13, in thé wake de the attacks.
policier show a heightened visibility in Times square in nouveau York nous November 13, following auto terrorist attacks in Paris.
University of Nevada, las Vegas, ventilateur observe a instants of silence à la the victims ns the terrorist attacks in Paris before a basketball game November 13.

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The loger lights space shut off and scoreboard dark oui Boston Celtics players brisant for a instants of silence parce que le the parisien victims before année NBA basketball jeu against auto Atlanta hawks in Boston on November 13.

below is a look at at the November 2015 terror assaults in parisien that killed 130 people and wounded 494. Auto attackers, equipped with assault rifles et explosives, targeted six areas across the city. ISIS asserted responsibility pour the attacks.

Timeline and location de the November 13-14 attacks

Stade ns France– approximately 9:20 p.m. - année explosion occurs external Stade aux France, a des sports stadium in Saint-Denis, a suburb north of Paris. French President nouveau Hollande is in the stadium watching la france play Germany in a soccer match. He is safe evacuated. As the attacks continuez to unfold over the suivant three hours, hollande declares a state of emergency, closing the country’s borders.

– 9:30 p.m. - A second explosion occurs outside auto stadium. Both blasts happen on the Avenue ponter Rimet.

– 9:53 p.m. - about 400 meters from auto Stade ns France, a 3rd blast occurs nous Rue du la Cokerie.

– A total of four personnes are killed: three suicide bombers et a pedestrian.

La dil. Cambodge and Le Carillon– 9:25 p.m. - Gunmen, armed with attack rifles, death 15 toutes les personnes at auto intersection of boulevard Alibert et Rue Bichat, in the 10th district de Paris. Many ns the victims were gathered at Le dil Cambodge, a restaurant, and Le Carillon, a bar.

Café bonne Biere– 9:32 p.m. - At the corner du Rue aux la Fontaine à Roi et Rue ns Faubourg de Temple in auto 11th district of Paris, five toutes les personnes are eliminated in a shooting exterior Café bon Biere.

La belle Equipe– 9:36 p.m. - Attackers arrive at the restaurants La belle Equipe at 92 Rue de Charonne. Gunmen fire their assault weapons on people sit outside auto eatery. Nineteen people are killed.

Comptoir Voltaire– 9:40 p.m. - A suicide bomber blows himself up inside the restaurant Comptoir Voltaire at 253 rue principale Voltaire in auto 11th district.

– une person within the restaurants is seriously injured and several others room slightly injured.

Bataclan– 9:40 p.m. - three attackers equipped with attack weapons venir at thé Bataclan boulot hall. Auto gunmen enter the small concert hall et open fire as a performance is underway par the nous band Eagles de Death Metal.

– Ninety toutes les personnes are killed.

– 12:20 a.m. - français police tempête the Bataclan. Three terrorists are killed during the policier counterassault.

Timeline complying with attacks

November 14, 2015 - In année online statement, ISIS insurance claims responsibility.

November 15-16, 2015 - French fighter jets bomb a series ns ISIS sites internet in Raqqa, Syria. France has to be conducting airstrikes against ISIS targets because September as part du a US-led coalition, marqué analysts say the timing ns the new airstrikes is most likely not a coincidence.

November 16, 2015 - In a speech à a ensemble session du parliament, hollande urges lawmakers to approve a three-month extension of auto nation’s state de emergency, with nouveau laws that would permit authorities to pièce the citizenship native French-born terrorists et provisions making cette easier to deport doubt terrorists.

November 18, 2015 - français authorities raid an apartment building in thé northern parisien suburb of Saint-Denis. Auto apartment is a purported hideout de the suspected ringleader of the attacks. During thé raid, a suicide device is detonated et bullets are exchanged for almost an hour. One floor of the structure collapses, et there space three fatalities.

November 19, 2015 - it is confirmed that the body of abdelhamid Abaaoud, auto ringleader du the paris attacks, was uncovered in thé rubble de the apartment the was raided conditions météorologiques November 18. A female relative de Abaaoud, Hasna oui Boulahcen was likewise killed in the raid. Thé third person killed, who is thought to ont detonated the suicidaire device, has actually not to be identified.

November 20, 2015 - French composants Minister manuel Valls announces that thé death toll has risen à 130. Additionally, cette says the in auto past 7 days, 793 searches oui been brought out throughout France. Throughout these searches, 174 weapons have been seized et 107 personnes detained.

November 23, 2015 - In Belgium, authorities revendiqué a suspect, arrested during raids in the last 24 hours, through participating in activities de a terrorist group in associer with the parisien attacks.

November 23, 2015 - la france launches its sapin airstrikes from an aircraft carrier versus ISIS. With the addition de carrier-based aircraft venir its fleet, france now has actually 38 aircraft carrying out bombing raids versus ISIS.

December 17, 2015 - public official briefed conditions météorologiques the inspection tell auto terrorists supplied encrypted apps, including Telegram and WhatsApp, to destinées the attacks.

March 18, 2016 - devinez: v Salah abdeslam is wounded et captured complying with a arme à feu battle through authorities in Belgium. Four others are additionally arrested in thé anti-terror raid.

April 8, 2016 - Suspect mohamed Abrini is arrested in Belgium together with two divers people throughout a police sweep in auto Anderlecht district du Brussels.

November 8, 2016 - French officials tell they oui identified the suspected coordinator de the attacks as Oussama Atar. Cette is thought to oui directed the parisien attacks et the in march 22 Brussels attacks. The attacks in thé Belgian capitale killed 32 people et injured more than 300.

November 12, 2016 - The day avant the life anniversary du the parisien terror attacks, thé Bataclan reopens through a performance par Sting.

April 23, 2018 - Salah Abdeslam, the seul survivor of the cell alleged to oui carried out auto attacks, is sentenced à 20 years end a fusillade with Belgian policier in in march 2016. Hey is found coupable of attempted murder in a “terrorist context,” a spokesman parce que le the Brussels prosecutor says.

June 27, 2019 - German authorities report that a principale ago, a 39 year-old homme from Bosnia to be arrested in interconnecté with thé 2015 attack. He will it is in extradited to Belgium.

November 4, 2019 - français investigations into auto attacks end. Prosecutors have a month à present their case antérieur à the judges decide nous a attempt date. De the 14 indicted, 11 are in custody.

March 16, 2020 - Twenty people, including Abdeslam, are ordered to be put on trial for the attacks. The caisse also consists of 1,765 poli plaintiffs.


Portraits of the victims deserve to be discovered here et here.


Abdelhamid Abaaoud:– Deceased. Eliminated during the November 18th raid of année apartment structure in the northern parisien suburb ns Saint-Denis.– Belgium citizen, spent temps in Syria.– Ringleader du the attacks. He directed 3 attackers in the Bataclan de phone native a couple of blocks away, follow to french terrorism analyst Jean-Charles Brisard.– join ISIS in 2014. Hey has to be implicated in thé planning ns a num of terror attacks et conspiracies in un film western Europe, notably a plot damaged up in Belgium in January 2015.– French aéronautiques strikes were brought out against année ISIS training camp in Raqqa in October 2015 in an effort to kill Abaaoud, a french counterterrorism source told

Ibrahim Abdeslam:– Deceased. Le Monde has reported that abweslam was the suicide bomber who detonated near thé cafe on rue Voltaire. The parisien prosecutor’s office has determined that attacker ont a 31-year-old french citizen marqué hasn’t discover his name.– french citizen life in Belgium.– Brother ns Salah Abdeslam.– “Ibrahim do the efforts to go to Syria and was sent back de the Turks in the beginning of 2015,” Belgian Prosecutor Eric Van les Sypt told “It was after the that conditions météorologiques questioned him.” Investigators released Ibrahim and his brother Salah abdeslam in February after they refuse they wanted to aller to Syria.

Salah Abdeslam:– In custody. Recorded March 18, 2016, adhering to a gunbattle through authorities in Belgium. – Belgium-born, français national.– Brother du Ibrahim Abdeslam.– abe dram had to be questioned passant par French policier earlier cible was no detained, a source close to the inspection into the parisien attacks said. He was steering toward thé Belgian border when policier stopped and questioned him hours after the attacks.– Investigators believe he may be the driver du a couleur noire Renault Clio the dropped éteindre three suicide bombers near thé Stade du France auto night du November 13.– Sentenced in April 2018 venir 20 years à la a pousse with Belgian police before he to be arrested.

Mohamed Abrini:– In custody. Arrested nous April 8, 2016 during policier raids in Brussels. – Abrini drove a car that was found abandoned in a parisien neighborhood wherein one ns the November 13 shootings occurred, according à police. He had dropped la fin one of the bombers who attacked thé Stade de France. – Authorities claimed Abrini is also suspected to ont played a function in the Brussels airport attack conditions météorologiques March 22. Cette was watched in regardez footage at auto airport, wade alongside auto two suicide bombers.

Ahmad Al Mohammad (not his actual name): – Deceased. One du three bombers that detonated themselves at auto Stade de France. – Held an emergency passport jaune similar document and falsely asserted himself to be a Syrian named Ahmad al Muhammad, attaché on September 10, 1990. – Arrived conditions météorologiques the Greek île of Leros on October 3rd among countless Syrian refugees, according à a français senator who was briefed by the Ministry du the Interior. He was allowed à enter Greece et from over there moved venir Macedonia, climate Serbia and Croatia, where hey registered in the Opatovac refugees camp. Eventually, he made his way à Paris.

Samy Amimour:– Deceased. Identified oui one of the suicide attackers who carried out the abattu at the Bataclan.– Amimour was well-known to ont links à terrorists et had been auto subject of an international arrest warrant because 2013, after violating the judicial supervision under which hey had to be placed.

Bilal Hadfi: – Deceased. One de three suicidaire bombers outside thé Stade de France.– Resident du Belgium.

Foued Mohamed-Aggad:– Deceased. One ns the three suicide bombers equipped with assault rifles at the Bataclan.– french citizen.– identified using DNA from members du his family.

Ismael Omar Mostefai:– Deceased. Identified oui one du the three suicide bombers armed with attack rifles at the Bataclan.– français citizen.– Mostefai was believed to oui been radicalized in 2010 but had never been accused ns terrorism.– Mostefai entered Turkey legit in 2013. The suivant year, france provided four names de terror suspects, and a subsequent investigation revealed Mostefai was connected with that group. In December 2014 and in célibataire 2015, Turkey asked for more informations on Mostefai, marqué France did not respond. Over there is non record de Mostefai leaving Turkey.

Identity unknown:– Deceased. One of three bombers that detonated us at auto Stade du France.