Mot de passe de connexion orange

mien wife and I entered one de the Orange shops in les Rochelle a couple of mainly ago and ordered Livebox Zen. We have received a Livebox Modem/Router and a Firewall CD but are encore awaiting a tv Decoder Box and most importantly the internet username (fti/******) and password annonce letter. Is ce normal to oui to wait so longue to get this information?

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Misstamla 1307381628

I hate to say this but we waited for ages pour both. Thé letter with auto fti take it around two months. It is very significativement to store this because, when thé Livebox fails (and cette will!) you"ll need it handy to be may be to importer back online.

The tv decoder, which nous told them we didn"t want, in reality arrived eight month later!

It took us a longue time, et lots du pointless téléphone calls et missed appointments (one chap even autorisé he should have been here deux weeks earlier marqué he couldn"t uncover our house!), for them à actually collection up ours internet, and it was seulement un because, after eight weeks, in sheer expasperation, i insisted that je would seulement un deal through a britanique staff member, that nous finally acquired connected.

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dave&olive 1307382235

Hi oui ns did thé same last Monday in Parthenay and came out de the shop with thé codes and had a letter with the same on the wednesday ... The caisse came on the Thursday lunch temps .. And the phone came nous 1 hour later . I am now acquiring over 2 meg download speed over 4 times faster than our last isp cost-free Dave


Misstamla 1307383075

Dave, that"s brilliant. Along with thé improved helpline, lock seem to be getting their loi together!


ExiledPoacher 1307383901

Hi Dave and everyone else who has replied,
We are going to les Rochelle in a coupler of days and will appel in at auto Orange shop. Hopefully conditions météorologiques can extract auto username et password from the English speak assistant who offered us auto package.

ExiledPoacher 1307384075

Actually "everyone else" = Misstamla! thanks - I"ll let you know comment we volonté one.

knightstyle 1307389393

Did elle pay the 49€ deposit for the la télé box? if not it won"t come. Conditions météorologiques did et they Livebox and TV decoder come in auto same boîte last month. Codes came a couple of job earlier.
Make sure as soon as the bill comes the you seul pay from as soon as the services starts.

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ExiledPoacher 1307561348

Visited thé Orange shop in la Rochelle and eventually obtained our linternet username et password native one de the assistances. Conditions météorologiques also got la télé Decoder box which, ont advised, cost nous €49 - nous now have to wait pour a card to be posted to us! Anyway thé internet connection appears à be working.
I am now trying to configure pop email on my Mac. It appears venir require using thé password associated with auto online messagerie (webmail). Is this auto same as the internet password nous were offered today?
dave&olive 1307566323

hi oui Well tu are acquiring there... Slowly ... Non you should ont 2 passwords identifant de conection fti/ ******* viens du de amenant de conection ******* that gets tu into the live box et onto the net then adresse de messagerie .. Fred.bloggs identifiant de messagerie fred.bloggsmot de entretoise de messagerie ******* note toutes les personnes are 7 digit codes email one is not thé same oui the live caisse code Dave

ExiledPoacher 1307566792

Hi Dave,
Thanks parce que le your response. Yes nous can now accessibility the internet via the Livebox making use of the internet access password nous were given aujourdhui along with the username (fti/******). Ce would seem conditions météorologiques were not given the webmail password i beg your pardon would describe why ns can"t configure an email clients using the internet access password! aller you know si it is possible to reset auto messagerie password digital without knowledge du the existing une (I deviner not)?
dave&olive 1307567209

hi ok just had a watch you oui to journal in through your old password to échanger it ... Ordinaire thing .. Dave

ExiledPoacher 1307571695

My wife found année online assistant form which she has completed explaining our little problem. Haricot de soja we"ll see quel happens tomorrow i hope!

ExiledPoacher 1307641632

Filling in an online type was of no use - the reply to be to phone the helpline. I classées the English speaking helpline (0969363900) marqué was told je needed to speak to auto commissar! So my wife phoned auto normal french helpline (3900) and after being passed roughly several technicians and listening à endless recorded messages interspersed through music, she believes that elle got them to agree venir send un autre contract letter i m sorry should give us the login details parce que le the internet connection et messagerie.

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