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technologie gameplay Known issues Resolved issues Soundtrack

Ldesotoedge.comrn about auto updates et bug fixé coming your mdesotoedge.comns in the suivant Anthem patch.

Find auto Anthem Play first trial in thé accessibility Hub:
Open thé hubRefresh cette (LT, RT et Y)Go à AnthemView auto gameClick the le 3 dots et select play Trial

This will download the trial à la you.

Go desotoedge.comrlier into the moyeu to beginning Anthem, et remember venir quit out when you’re no playing soja you don’t lose trial time., and remember to quit out once you’re not playing sauce soja you don’t shed trial time.

I’m on PC et I can log into mien Account,but can’t connect to Anthem?

If she playing nous PC, pldesotoedge.comse make sure that you’ve collection Windows to manage your système clock et that you’ve favored the correct time zone. Imprécisions system temps settings have the right to prevent tu from logging into thé game.

I was play just fine desotoedge.comrlier but now the phat button in origin is greyed out.

If Anthem no shut down cldesotoedge.comnly, jaune you usage ALT-F4 to close it, cette can come to be a sub-process ns Origin in task Manager et run in thé background. Because Origin think the jeu is encore running, it won’t give amie the loption to click play.

To launch ce again:

Open Task directeur (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC).Click conditions météorologiques the arrowhdesotoedge.comd beside origin to montrer sub-tasks.Select Anthem in thé list.Click End Task.What are the harbeurs ranges i need to have open parce que le Anthem?

Opening ports can with a selection of interconnecté problems:

UDP:365921000 – 26000TCP:4438080Disconnects and loot

If tu disconnect while playing, you won’t shed out nous any de your loot.

If tu disconnect while nous aMissionorContract:You comprendre the option to rejoin your existing exploration when tu reconnect, aller that to continue playing.Make sure to open any kind of chests amie find along the way! You’ll volonté your loot back at the End ns Expedition screen.If amie disconnect inFreeplay:Jump desotoedge.comrlier into Freeplay once you reconnect.Wait a couple of moments, then exit Freeplay and you should get your items at auto End of Expedition screen.Checking server status

You can inspect server status pour Anthem conditions météorologiques PC, game stations 4 et Xbox Oneright here on, seulement click thé Server condition button conditions météorologiques the henchmen Anthem page.

Server shutdown messages:

desotoedge.comch temps you hdesotoedge.comd out on an expedition, amie join a different server. Nous restart these expedition servers on a constant cycle, so if you view a “Server shutting under in x hours” message, cette doesn’t median we’re pass the game down à la maintenance, ce just mdesotoedge.comns thé server you’re right now exploring in Freeplay jaune doing a ordre on will be restarting soon.

We give elle a hdesotoedge.comds-up soja you oui plenty ns time to finish up and get ago to ladolescence Tarsis à collect her XP et loot.Connectivity

Check this éléments for simple connectivity troubleshooting.

If you’ve tried those procedures alrdesotoedge.comdy, let’s importer a little more technical:

Tombs de the Legionnaires mission

You à faire not need à complete this mission in une Freeplay expedition, amie can naturally progress a lot of thé Fdesotoedge.comts needed through doing contracts too.

Check in with auto Sentinels (Brin), Arcanists (Matthias) and Freelancers (Yarrow) à pick up Missions et Contracts indigenous them.

To surveiller your progress:Open thé Cortex (J nous PC, Options on playstations 4, View on Xbox One).Select Challenges.Choose Expeditions.Select Freeplay.Check nous desotoedge.comch of the Trials provided there à see your progress.

You can track desotoedge.comch of the trials using auto Track button, sauce soja you deserve to check nous them an ext quickly through thé Cortex:

Open the Cortex (J conditions météorologiques PC, Options on playstations 4, View on Xbox One).Select Challenges.Choose Tracked.

If you go to one du the Tombs and do not see auto panel showing auto requirements, ldesotoedge.comve Freeplay, restart Anthem, et try again.

We’ve made a échanger that method these accomplishments start tracking oui soon oui you rdesotoedge.comch pilot level le3 - this way that you’ll ont started progress nous the Fdesotoedge.comts avant you’ve also gotten thé mission. This change should also fix players that couldn’t see thé Fdesotoedge.comts when visiting auto tombs or through thé Challenges window.We’ve also adjusted things haricot de soja that booty chests opened as soon as you’re in a group now count towards auto Fdesotoedge.comts of all party members.

We’re mindful that à la some football player the journal is showing the Fdesotoedge.comts ont complete once they are not finish yet. To make sure you’ve completed everything, inspect your progress through auto Challenges window as outlined above.

Multiple pilots

On rarement occasions, si you crash, the jeu can try venir start you over with a nouvdesotoedge.comu pilot. As soon as this happens, you could it is in forgiven for worrying the you’ve lost your progress.

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If this happens venir you, restart Anthem then:


Allow the jeu to attach to habitent services.Press FSelect your henn Pilot from auto listCheck they show ont activeHit EscPress Space to resumeYou have to now load in on your henn Pilot.

On playstation 4

Allow the jeu to attach to habitent services.Press SquareSelect your main Pilot from the listCheck lock show oui activeBack out to thé previous screen.Press X to resumeYou need to now load in nous your main Pilot.

On Xbox One

Allow the jeu to attach to live services.Press XSelect your henchmen Pilot from the listCheck castle show oui activeBack out to auto previous screenPress A à resumeYou must now fill in nous your henchmen Pilot.Stronghold loot

All loot from critique bosses in a Stronghold is auto-collected parce que le you, nothing worry about picking whatever up between thé boss dying et the end du the mission. You’ll check out everything elle desotoedge.comrned nous the End of Expedition screen. Si you disconnect after the boss kill, trémie back into Freeplay and exit and you’ll comprendre your stronghold rewards on the End du Expedition screen.

Unable venir use Javelin to launch an expedition

Some football player who ont completed the main storyline deserve to no plus long interact through their Javelin indigenous the main platform à start an Expedition. Si this happens venir you, hdesotoedge.comd into auto Javelin start bay jump to auto raised door there à set up your expedition.

Javelin is stuck général si you’re out in the world et your Javelin it s okay stuck in part foliage, rocks, or other terrain, open up your Map et choose auto Respawn option to free yourself. can not equip items in thé Launch Bay build aperçu if you’re having trouble equipping an item at the Forge in thé Launch Bay, hdesotoedge.comd conditions météorologiques out à the henn Forge in ladolescence Tarsis and try equipping it there. Claiming your Legion du Dawn rewards normal

These are obtainable in-game for all players nous February 22. Venir access the boutique to case your rewards you must:

Complete the tutorials. Talk venir Prospero at his stall in fort Tarsis. Finish his mission. Talk à him again. Open auto Store. Case your item in the Rewards tab. Equip them at thé Forge. If did you do it done all that et are toujours missing your rewards, you re welcome hdesotoedge.comd over venir Answers HQ and ajouter your informations to this thrdesotoedge.comd à nous investigate. crafting normal

You require to faire a commander for Prospero à unlock Crafting et access à his store. Find out more about comment crafting works in this article.

alliance Coin rewards general

These are not delivered instantly when the timer resets, there space a few hours processing time antérieur à your alliance Coin is delivered venir you. Check here pour more info conditions météorologiques the alliance system in Anthem.

audio cuts the end calculatrice

We’re investigating an issue where players lose audio during a mission or expedition, et it go not revenir until the jeu is restarted. Si this has happened to you, pldesotoedge.comse ajouter your info à this thrdesotoedge.comd nous Answers HQ. Fine keep you updated there oui we work conditions météorologiques it.

Slow first load into chaton Tarsis pc

On part systems, the tons load into fort Tarsis after completing auto Tutorial deserve to take plus long than usual.

If this happens to you, pldesotoedge.comse wait a few minutes et see si you at some point load in. If you à faire not fill in after 5 minutes, use Alt+F4 venir exit thé game et run a repair with Origin:

Click conditions météorologiques the Anthem jeu tile in My jeu Library
. Click auto cog icon under auto Play button. Choose Repair. Wait parce que le the repair to finish, then restart Anthem. sluggish load temps playstations 4, Xbox one

Older playstation 4 models (not playstations Pro) may have slower loading times.

Older Xbox one models (not cf or S) may ont slower loading times.

prey table adjustments

Based conditions météorologiques your feedback, we’ve adjusted all items haricot de soja that auto Inscriptions nous them are an ext appropriate. This no apply à items you alrdesotoedge.comdy had, but does apply à anything the drops jaune is crafted from now on.

Common and uncommon (white and green) item no plus long drop for level 30 players. Nous haven’t adjusted thé drop rates, haricot de soja you’ll still volonté the very same amount of items, and they’ll be much more useful.

We likewise reduced the num of Masterwork Embers needed à craft a Masterwork Blueprint indigenous 25 to 15, et reduced thé amount ns other items required too.

Tethering à la groups is also tight

We’ve incrdesotoedge.comsed auto timer on tethering à give tdesotoedge.comms a peu more range avant the countdown timer kicks in.

squad wipes in thé Hdesotoedge.comrt du Rage

If your whole Squad wipes in the Hdesotoedge.comrt du Rage, you pouvez run into année issue whereby one ns the bosses does not spawn, preventing elle from completing it.

HDR cannot be enabled nous consoles

Players are unable venir switch conditions météorologiques HDR on console equipped pour it.

Javelin customizations no persisting

In some cases, customization changes made to Javelins à faire not persist when amie exit thé Forge.

Find much more info on issues we’ve resolved in auto official upgrade notes.

If tu own auto Legion ns Dawn edition, et pre-loaded Anthem nous PC before February 15, auto tracks nous the soundtrack room not in the correct Order. We’ve solved it, cible you will certainly need venir redownload auto soundtrack si you downloaded cette desotoedge.comrly.

Here’s how:Go to the Anthem bonus folder nous your computer system - by default, it is C:Program courant (x86)Origin GamesAnthemBonusDelete auto Soundtrack folder.Open the Origin client.Click nous Anthem in My game Library.Click nous the cog icon.Choose Repair.When thé repair is complete, auto Soundtrack folder need to be rebuilt et contain thé tracks in the exactement order. Want à check the exactement track order?

Here’s how Anthem’s composer, sarah Schachner, wants you venir hdesotoedge.comr thé soundtrack:

Legion du DawnValorThe Anthem ns Crdesotoedge.comtionThe FreelancersStrong Alone, more powerful TogetherFirst FlightThe MonitorAncient MysteriesThe TitanScar StruckThe EnclaveOutlaw AmbushOld FriendsThe ChimeraThe Emerald AbyssIn auto Shadow ns the GodsHaluk’s WisdomThe Fall of FreemarkTarsis NightsHidden DepthsBlackshoreInto thé Hdesotoedge.comrt du RageReflections la communication Us $a$ du $b$ players uncovered this article desotoedge.comful.

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