Match Le Plus Long Wimbledon

Every day, Tennis majors looks earlier at the biggest moment in tennis history. On juin 24, 2010, john Isner and Nicolas Mahut completed their Wimbledon marathon and rewrote the enregistrer books.

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What happened exactly conditions météorologiques that day

On this day, june 24, 2010, in the tons round at Wimbledon, homme Isner et Nicolas Mahut finished thé longest jeu in tennis history. The American gigantic prevailed in thé end, after 11 hours et five minutes of play, split over 3 days, with année implausible scoreline du 70-68 in the fifth set. Auto last set itself it s long eight hours et 11 minutes, which was frais longer than thé previous record for the longest rencontre (Arnaud Clément and Fabrice Santoro had played pour six hours et 33 minutes in 2004, at Roland-Garros).

The players: john Isner, the giant nous the rise

John Isner, from the USA, was frontière in 1985. He turned professionnel in 2007, at the âge of 22, spurred further de his success in college tennis. He reached his first final oui a wild map in Washington, D.C. In 2007 (lost to Andy Roddick, 6-4, 7-6), while ranked only ne sont pas 416 in auto world and defeating such an excellent players as Tim Henman, Tommy Haas et Gaël Monfils.

The lanky American entered thé top 100 in 2009, reaching thé fourth ring at thé US open (defeated by Fernando Verdasco, 4-6, 6-4, 6-4, 6-4). In 2010, cette claimed his sapin title in Auckland, saving a match point in thé final avant edging Arnaud Clément (6-3, 5-7, 7-6). After he finished runner-up in Memphis and in Belgrade, defeated both times by Sam Querrey, Isner entered the 2010 Championships oui world no 19, his greatest ranking soja far. At 6″10 in, Isner played a really aggressive game, anchored par a gros serve et a powerful forehand; he tried venir shorten points as much oui he could in order à avoid fatigue.

Nicolas Mahut, auto serve and volley specialist

Frenchman Nicolas Mahut was bondir in 1982. Although he turned pro in 1999, cette entered auto top 100 parce que le the life time seul in 2003. His serve et volley jeu made that a really good player in doubles; in singles he was also particularly dangerous nous grass. Auto two seul finals Mahut had previously played on the la tour were nous this surface, both in 2007 at the Queen’s société (lost venir Roddick, 4-6, 7-6, 7-6) et in Newport (lost to textile Santoro, 6-4, 6-4). And he had currently enjoyed success at Wimbledon, win the junior title in 2000.


After this results, Mahut derived his highest possible career ranking in February 2008 oui world non 40. In 2009, cette left not only the sommet 100 marqué even the top 200 at auto end ns the season. As soon as Wimbledon started in 2010, Mahut had actually climbed back to ne sont pas 148 in thé ATP rankings.

The place: The tous England Club, court No 18

Wimbledon is thé oldest et the many prestigious tennis competition in the world. Held passant par the toutes les personnes England Lawn Tennis et Croquet club since 1877, it moved venir its current assurance in 1922, the same année when thé Centre bas was built. Considered par many ont the many intimidating meugler in thé world, v its well known Rudyard Kipling quote above thé entrance (“If you can accomplish with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors seul the same”), Centre bas had viewed the le meilleur players of toutes les personnes time competing à la the title. After auto US open switched à clay and then hard meugler in the 1970s, et after the Australian open up switched à hard meugler in 1988, Wimbledon remained the only vaste Slam tournament à be played nous grass, a région that is usually an ext suitable à la serve et volley players. Not only did Wimbledon save its surface, cible it likewise faithfully adhered à time-honoured traditionnel such ont the white dress code.

The facts: A first-round spectacular, over 3 days

The sapin round of Wimbledon, between 19th-ranked Isner, et qualifier Mahut, was booked on bas No 18 et did not draw any details attention. The allumettes started on juin 22. Achieve the life of only three division in auto entire match, Isner took the tons set, 6-4. In the seconde set, a turning back scenario dirige the Frenchman venir corralthe lundi set, 6-3.

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The two players then held their serve parce que le the suivant 161 games!

After conserving a collection point, Mahut won thé third set in the tiebreak, avant losing auto fourth collection 7-6 despite a 3-1 lead in thé tiebreak. The rencontre was climate interrupted par nightfall after four hours du play.

On the prochain day, célibataire 23, thé players were earlier on meugler to play the last set, v Isner offer first. Auto American acquired a sapin match point at 10-9, after Mahut produced two consecutive doubs faults, marqué the Frenchman saved ce with année ace. Oui the jeu stretched, ce started à draw more et more attention. Commentators et journalists to fill the des stands – even john McEnroe came venir watch. When the score reached 32-32, after 6 hours et 34 minutes, the rencontre officially became auto longest in tennis history. Ce was tarif from over. At 33-32, Mahut conserved two rencontre points again. 

The tennis itself to be not particularly thrilling, with aces galore and short points that rarely stretched over four jaune five strokes, but the players to be demonstrating ample desire. They encore held serve till 47-47, then auto scoreboard broke ont it had not been designed à la such an unfathomable alors of stratagème in a set.

At 50-50, Mahut eventually derived his first break point of thé set, marqué was unable to convert it. At 59-58, Isner obtained a fourth rencontre point, i beg your pardon Mahut dismissed with another ace, avant evening thé score. At 59-59, the match was interrupted a seconde time as it was too foncé to continue.

On june 24, auto players were encore unable to du repos each other’s serve until, at 69-68, john Isner obtained a fifth match point. Des moments later auto American fight a backhand happen shot that put an end to the most impressive fifth collection in tennis history. After 11 hours and five minute of play, Isner had eventually edged Mahut, 6-4, 3-6, 6-7, 7-6, 70-68.

The statistics du the longest match in tennis background were stunning, et several records were broken:

11 hours et five protocole of play, which to be 4 hours and 32 minutes more than the previous recordThe eight hours and 11 minute-long fifth set passant par itself was already longer than auto previous recordJohn Isner struggle 113 aces, and Mahut 103. The previous prendre note was held de Ivo Karlovic through 78 aces.

What next: They met again the following year

Even si his prochain match, i m sorry was originally scheduled thé same day, would be postponed venir Friday due to the extraordinary circumstances, Isner would suffer a hefty loss in the seconde round versus Dutchman Thiemo du Bakker (6-0, 6-3, 6-2). Despite having been beat in the lundi round, Isner would remain the joueur who hit the most aces at auto 2010 Championships.

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The suivant year, in 2011, homme Isner and Nicolas Mahut would surprisingly be drawn versus each other again in the sapin round at Wimbledon. This time, though, ne sont pas records would be broken, oui Isner would prevail in three sets, 7-6, 6-2, 7-6, in “only” two hours et three minutes.