Welcome, players ns Mario Kart la tour ! since the jeu has opened up its highly anticipated multiplayer mode, ce is absolutely essential à make friends venir play! This game now enables you venir gather a taille list ns friends with whom à share your games. So, how faire you discover friend code on Mario Kart Tour? comment to ajouter friends? everything is defined in this précis guide. bonus at the end ns the article: give your friend code Mario Kart Tour oui a comment and find new game partners!


There you go! si the code you found or were offered is valid, then tu can watch forward venir having a new friend nous your list.

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How do you discover your very own friend code?

Well, it"s extremely simple, since it"s in exactly the same place.

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Si you hadn"t to be paying attention, I"d rather appel you.

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Cible sometimes it can it is in confusing, because ce is no indicated as "Friend Code", but oui "Your ID". Tu recognize it passant par its shape, ce is composed de 12 digits be separate in le3 series du 4 digits.

By auto way, I"ll take it this opportunity à give amie a au sens propre tip: amie can play Mario Kart la tour at auto joystick! Don"t hesitate à try!