Man ray noire et blanche

Inscription: couleur noire ink wet stamp vo. Publish in couleur noire ink: "Man Ray/31bis rue principale Campagne...Paris".Secondary Inscription: Inscr. V designer"s scaling marquages vo. Print in pencil: "Kiki".

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Object Description

This elegant photograph de Kiki (Alice Prin) posing with année African ceremonial mask invites the viewer venir contrast auto two elongated faces. Homme Ray"s title is a playful reference to the black-and-white photographic process ont well ont to thé two heads. The d’image reflects auto contemporary vogue pour the art of afrique and homme Ray"s lifelong interest in masks.

ExhibitionsA valuable Dreamer: auto Photographs of man Ray (October 27, 1998 à October 8, 2000) thé J. Paul musée at thé center (Los Angeles), October 27, 1998 venir January 17, 1999Walker art Center (Minneapolis), April 2 to juin 25, 2000Art Gallery du Ontario (Toronto), July 13 venir October 8, 2000Man rayonner Portraits (February 7 venir September 22, 2013) national Portrait gallery (London), February 7 to pouvez 26, 2013Scottish intérieur Portrait collection (Edinburgh), june 22 à September 22, 2013In Focus: expressions (May 22 venir October 28, 2018) auto J. Paul musée at the center (Los Angeles), pouvez 22 to October 28, 2018

Ray, Man. Photographs by Man Ray: 105 Works, 1920-1934, contains "acclamatory texts" in English and French or German passant par P. Éluard, A. Breton, R. Sélavy, et T. Tzara (New York: Dover Publications, 1979; reprint of Hartford: J. T. Soby, 1934), p. 44.

Corcoran Gallery of Art. A book of Photographs from the collection of satellite Wagstaff. (New York: Gray Press, 1978), p. 44.

Ray, Man. Masculin Ray: Photographe, mit einer Einleitung téléphone Jean-Hubert guttin (München: Schirmer/Mosel, 1982), pl. 111 (cropped).

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