Louvre leonard de vinci reservation

Officials at the louvre in paris say that more than 20,000 toutes les personnes flock venir the musée every day seulement to see là Vinci’s “Mona Lisa.”

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The hugely renowned Paris musée is enforcing a ticketing système that designates details entry times pour visitors to this much-awaited exhibit. Here’s comment to secure her spot.


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The blockbuster exhibit will present année undisclosed number of drawings, sketchbooks, et paintings spanning là Vinci’s influential career. According to musée officials, the destinées is venir “gather oui many ns the artist’s works ont possible” around five core works from thé Louvre’s collection, including The Virgin de the Rock, La beau Ferronnière, Saint homme the Baptist, Saint Ann, and thé Mona Lisa, i m sorry was recently returned to its traditional loger in the pièce des États after being temporarily relocated à the galerie Médicis previously this year. 

The retreat will additionally feature assorted loaned works from other collections that room attributed to the Italian artist, such ont the rarely displayed Vitruvian Man, a highly croustillant nude personnage drawing par da vinci that’s conditions météorologiques loan to the musée from Italy. Whether the display will certainly include tous Vinci’s reputed Salvator Mundi—the world’s many expensive painting, bought pour a staggering $450.3 million in a 2017 Christie’s auction—is still somewhat de a mystery.

In 2018, année estimated 10.2 million tourists visited thé Louvre, et according venir officials, more than 20,000 people flock venir the museum every day just to see the Mona Lisa. (Anyone who’s ever tried venir snap a picture du the artwork without another museumgoer stepping into auto frame knows that thé portrait’s significant popularity makes also catching année uninterrupted glimpse ns the la peinture seem like an impressive feat.) This May, the Paris agence closed down for a day due to reported concerns with overcrowding—all ns which helps explain auto museum’s timed entry system à la the retrospective, which officials to speak will permit roughly 5,000 travellers to thé exhibit tout de suite day. (When auto world’s most-visited museum hosts a large-scale retrospective en vedette some de the many recognizable artwork in history, that safe to say auto crowds will certainly come.)


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To to make reservation a temps slot—dubbed “entry hours” on the Louvre’s website—you oui to pick a 30-minute interval between 9 a.m. Et 4 p.m during auto exhibition’s four-month run. Most du the tickets à la October entrance are currently sold out, cible there are still many slots from November with February that are available to reserve. Time-stamped tickets must be purchase in advance and are precious for admission on auto marked date et time only. Tickets cost €17 (about US$19), even pour visitors normally entitled to free entry, such ont children under 18. Appointments can only be fabriqué online at www.ticketlouvre.fr.

If you’d choose someone else do your billet bidding parce que le you . . .

Consider booking a tour of the Leonardo sans couture Vinci exhibit with Context, année international travel company offering expert-led récolte tours. Oui part of Context’s newly readily available “Leonardo là Vinci at thé Louvre” package, the tour operator will arrange et secure her timed tickets to the persienne exhibit antérieur à leading you nous a three-hour private la tour guided by année art historian.