The monsieur Cuisine Connect de Silvercrest is a kitchen device sold in Lidl. Ce allows you venir knead, chop, mix, boil et steam nourriture with ease.

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The prof Cuisine Connect is a multi-purpose kitchen maker made de Silvercrest et sold in Lidl. It allows you to make first, second, côté dishes et desserts! auto advanced functions, allow you to knead, chop, mix, boil and steam nourriture with ease.

The Monsieur cuisine Connect is likewise equipped through a built-in scale that have the right to measure up to 5kg, permitting you à weigh ingredients as you ajouter them! thé cooking bowl has a 3-litre capacity et detaches à allow à la ease ns use and cleaning.

A great feature of the Monsieur nourriture Connect is that it has année LED touch display where tu can select thé speed, temperature timer and many est différent functions.

It can be connecté to Wi-Fi soja you can download and save recipes through step de step cooking guides.

The device comes with various tools et attachments; a spatula, steamer, mixer attachment and cooking basket.

The device measurements space 40 centimètre in height, 30 cm in width et 50 centimètre in length

Temperature range 37°C – 130°C.Speed variety 1 – 10Time range 1 seconde – 99 minutes.

Automatic programs

The Silvercrest Monsieur nourriture Connect has le3 automatic program kneading, steaming et frying. They deserve to be selected with thé adjustment knob that controls the dirige screen.

Kneading: This program seul uses the blade insert, auto automatic kneading regime is great pour both light and dough. Simply carré the ingredients in the mixing bowl et close the lid. The temperature is set venir 0°C et speed is fixed 4. Elle can, however, change the temps (minimum de 45 seconds and a max of 2 minutes). Auto ingredient boundaries depend nous the kind ns dough you are kneading. A maximum of 500g of flour à la a hefty dough and 600 g ns flour à la a light dough.

Roast: is supplied with auto mixer attachment, the automatic roasting program have the right to be used à fry up to 500 g du meat, fish, vegetables jaune spices. à use this setting elle will require to ajouter a signification littérale oil to auto cooking bowl avant adding thé pre-chopped ingredients. Auto temperature starts at 130°C (but deserve to be changed), tu can adjust the time (minimum of 45 seconds et a max of 2 minutes) and the vitesse, vitesse will be fixed at 4.

Steaming: This le spectacle is perfect à la gently steaming foods items like fish meat et vegetables. It can be offered in connect with auto steamer or the steam basket. To steam, cook add 1litre ns water to the mixing bowl and place thé steamer on top ns it, ce should click into carré easily. At this point, ajouter the nourriture to it is in steamed, fermé the lid et select the “steam cooking” programme. The vitesse, vitesse is addressed at 0 and the temperature at 120 °C. You are maybe to échanger the time. Constantly check that nourriture is completely cooked before eating. Si your nourriture is not completely cooked, amie can reset thé timer.

To start a program press the phat button. You can pause the maker at any type of time by pressing the brisant button, à restart simply press the play button. Venir end a program in development press the arrêter button.

At the end du the program, the machine will phat a tune and adjustment knob will turn green. Venir turn éteindre the machine, merely press auto on/off switch at the back of the machine.

Manual setting

You have the right to manually regime Monsieur nourriture Connect it to cuisiner whatever amie like, simply de selecting thé speed, time et temperature.

There space 10-speed settings, speed num 10 is a “turbo” mode, cette can seul be used in with auto blade attachment. The turbo duty cannot be used si the nourriture temperature is over 60˚C or si it includes liquids over ns litre. Auto turbo mode is good for chopping nuts, herbs and vegetables prefer onions. Auto mixer attachment cannot be used with the turbo function.

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The an equipment has an anti-clockwise rotation function, this is designed to gently row or mélanger food.

To usage this duty press thé REVERSE button. It can seul be provided at low-speeds (from 1 venir 3). In auto automatic programs, auto anti-clockwise role is controlled by the machine. To arrêter using thé reverse function simply press thé REVERSE again.

Using thé scale

The Silvercrest Monsieur nourriture Connect additionally has a integrated scale that can weigh up to 5kg.To use the scale, select ce from the main menu. Auto button can be discovered at the bottom right ns the touch screen.

To weigh thé ingredients, select auto scale function and make sure ce is at 0g. Add what amie want à weigh to the cooking bowl. When amie are finished, press confirm to return to the main menu.

To sweet multiple ingredients together oz you have measured the tons ingredient, push the dindication adjuster à set thé machine venir measure 0g. You can then ajouter the prochain ingredient et it will be measure independently. When elle are finished, push confirm to return to the henchmen menu.

The scale role can seul be supplied when ne sont pas other en fonctionnement are in progress.

Recipe book

The Silvercrest Monsieur nourriture Connect once connecté to Wi-Fi deserve to download et save end 200 recipes. Thé recipes deserve to be provided alphabetically, categorically or be found by direct search. Each recipe can be favourited haricot de soja you can uncover them easily.

This duty gives tu step by step instruire on comment to prepare auto recipe. The instructions are clearly shown nous the led screen.

Silvercrest monsieur cuisine connect vs Thermomix TM5

The two devices share numerous similarities: lock both have integrated recipes, lock look similar and they both have an integrated scale.

The biggest difference is thé price, auto Silvercrest is a bargain at £179 – five fois cheaper than auto Thermomix at £925!

The Silvercrest’s food preparation bowl has actually a volume of le 3 litres while the Thermomix hold 2.2 litres.

The Silvercrest has a 7″ touchscreen screen while the Thermomix has année LED display and is controlled passant par buttons

Finally, the le minimum temperature for both machinerie is 37°C but the très temperature parce que le the Silvercrest is 130°C while the Thermomix seulement un reaches 120°C


Before cleaning make sure thé Monsieur cuisine Connect is no plugged in.

To clean the base and screen simply wipe down v a wet cloth et then dry. Toutes les personnes the est différent parts de the machine can one of two people be hand washed jaune washed in auto dishwasher.

Wash toutes les personnes part with warmth soapy water climate rinse each aller thoroughly v clean to run water.

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Dishwasher friendly parts

The food preparation bowlThe lid and the lid coverThe bladeCooking basketMixer accessorySpatulaThe steamer, tray and lid

Parts the need venir be washed passant par hand

Machine base

To avoid limescale build up

Mix equal ratios du light vinegar et boiling waterPour this mixture into the cooking bowlORplace différent encrusted limestone piece in a container filled with this mixture.Leave à la 30 minutes.Rinse with clean water.Allow toutes les personnes the pieces venir dry completely antérieur à using them.