The list du the largest European ports

The history du Europe’s port is a bit like thé history de the world. Native 1962 Rotterdam will certainly become auto largest harbeurs in the world, but in thé early 2000s, ce will give means to thé Asian ports de Singapore et Shanghai. Zoom nous the largest ports in Europe.

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1. Rotterdam in auto Netherlands, thé largest port in Europe.

The substantial harbour de Rotterdam

Almost 400 million tons du goods passage through thé port de Rotterdam every year. In terms ns containers, this is auto equivalent du 12.3 million twenty-foot containers (6-meter longue TEU containers) the transit through thé port du Rotterdam.

The Port of Rotterdam’s infrastructure extends over a length of 42 kilometers and an area of more 보다 120 square kilometers.

2. Antwerp in Belgium, one du the largest ports in Europe

In the port ns Antwerpen

More 보다 10 million containers pass through auto port de Antwerp every year, more or less 223 million tons (these les données are à la 2018). The port covers 129 km². Antwerp is auto 17th largest ports in the world, specializing largely in petrochemicals and container transit. Conditions météorologiques a national level, ce is the largest port et the real concis lung du Belgium. In terms of tourism, the city of Antwerp is charming à visit and is even one du the many beautiful urban in Belgium.

Unusual dresseur about thé port of Antwerp

– thé largest ship ever received in thé port ns Antwerp is the Madrid Maersk. It is a 399-meter long container ship through a le total width du 58.6 meters et a draught de 16 meters (when totally loaded). The transport capacity of the cargo ship Madrid Maersk is 20,568 containers

– two million cars tout de suite year. This is the haute vehicle transhipment capacity in Antwerp. In 2018 1.2 million cars will certainly be transhipped. (source: Port ns Antwerp, activity report 2018)

– 60% ns European consumers habitent within a radius of less than five hundred kilometers du the port. This provides the port a strategic gateway parce que le goods.

3. Hamburg, Germany

Hambourg one de the largest ports in Europe

Depending nous the year, the port ns Hamburg receives in between 135 et 145 million tons, i m sorry is an ancient port complex. Auto Port of Hamburg is année old harbeurs complex, started in 1189 par Emperor Barbarossa, et covers an area du 87 km², specializing in sortie transport et container traffic management. (TEU)But Hamburg is not seulement un a port, but it is also one of the largest et most beautiful urban in Germany.

4. Amsterdam in the Netherlands

The port de Amsterdam from auto highway

The 113.5 million sapin of goods traded through thé port de Amsterdam, places cette in fourth place in auto ranking of the largest ports in Europe, a famous harbeurs celebrated by Jacques Brel et a song that toured Europe. “In the port du Amsterdam, there space sailors… “The lundi largest harbeurs in auto Netherlands covers virtually 600 hectares of canals et 1,900 hectare of land. Auto port affronter the north Sea.

5. Algeciras in Spain, one ns the largest harbeurs in Europe

103 million tons ns goods (2016 figures) transit through the port of Algeciras every year. This is an average de over 100 million tons that paragraphe through thé port de Algeciras every year. Si we watch at the number of containers that paragraphe through the port of Algeciras, we can check out that this personnage amounts à 4.75 million TEUs (containers ns 20 feet jaune more – over 6 meters).

Located in auto region ns Cádiz, this sizeable commercial port is also major fishing et passenger port. Ideally situated nous the shores de the Strait du Gibraltar, ce is auto largest port in Spain and is also thé largest port in thé Mediterranean.

6. Marseille one de the largest port in auto Mediterranean Sea

The port de Marseille in auto south of France

In this ranking du Europe’s largest ports, conditions météorologiques find Marseilles v its 82 million tons ns goods exchanged each year. There are also 1.3 million containers.

Marseilles is nevertheless auto 2nd largest city in France et the sixth-largest ports in Europe. Marqué it is above tous the largest port in France!

7. Bremerhaven in Germany

78 million tons happen through the port de Bremen or Bremerhaven in German. The ports is located in one du the biggest cities in Germany and is also auto second-largest ports in Germany.

However, auto activity du the city of Bremen is not limite to its ports activity alone. For Bremen, this city in reduced Saxony is also année industrial ville that produces ships v Lürssen jaune Abeking & Rasmussen. Auto famous là manufacturer Mercedes Benz assembles vehicles here. But there is also année aeronautics plant du EADS and the commercial brewery.

But auto activity of the ville of Bremen is not limite to its harbeurs activity alone. For Bremen, this ville in lower Saxony is also an industrial ville that produce ships v Lürssen or Abeking & Rasmussen. Auto famous car manufacturer Mercedes Benz assembles vehicles here. Cible there is also année EADS aircraft factory et Beck’s commercial brewery. They aller not forget one ns the leader in the food industry, auto famous Kellogg’s.

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The port Bremerhaven is situated at thé mouth of the river Weser a couple of dozen kilometres from the ville of Bremen.

8. Genoa, the largest ports in Italy

The substantial harbour of Genoa is one du the biggest port in Europa

The port du Genoa is a vast port complex that includes an oil terminal, a passenger ports (Ferries). But it is above toutes les personnes also a cargo harbeurs where freighters come à unload tens of thousands ns containers. And Genoa is ultimately a marina and a beautiful marina that occupies the quays of the old port.

In Genoa, therefore, nearly 70 million tons ns goods space handled every year. This makes it the largest port in Italy and the eighth largest in Europe.

9. Valencia in Spain

67 million tons ns goods space handled every year de the port. Cible that’s 4.3 million containers (TEU containers equivalent à 20 feet). Thé port of Valencia is situated in thé south-east du Spain, facing thé Mediterranean Sea. Its région area is 6 hundred hectares.

Address of the Port de Valencia: avenuda cette Muelle de Turia, 46024 Valencia

The port of Valencia is likewise a passenger ports (ferry port). Due to the fact that there are regular lines with the Balearic Islands but also through North afrique and Italy, this activity ensures auto port of Valencia also more mare rome traffic et the possibility de managing even an ext freight. This publicité port plays année essential role for the Spanish economy, contributing 12.8% du the country’s étranger trade.

10. The port of le Havre, France

Every year, around 2.5 million containers pass through the port of les Havre.

Le Havre is, therefore, the tenth-largest port in Europe. Started in 1517 de François 1st, this sizeable publicité port covers much more than ten thousand hectares.

And this is je vous demande pardon makes cette the first French ports in terms du containers.

10. Grimsby et Immingham, thé largest port in thé United Kingdom

Joking aside, thé ports du Grimsby and Immingham oui annual traffic of 60 million tons. Castle thus prendre nearly 15% de the denchères maritime traffic, make them auto largest harbeurs in auto country.

11. Terne Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is auto gateway to the Russian Federation, the largest country in thé world. Thé port of St. Petersburg was founded de Peter auto Great in 1703. Oz the capitale of Tsarist Russia, Saint-Petersburg remains today the cultural capital. Cette is also the second-largest city in Russia.

An estimate shows that 30% ns Russian exports pass through auto port. Et as parce que le imports, it is estimated that a quarter de everything entering Russia passes through auto port de St. Petersburg.

The port ns St. Petersburg is a strategic sea entrance ont it provides access to the five Russian seas: the White Sea, thé Baltic Sea, auto Sea de Azov, auto Caspian Sea and the black Sea. This is périmé in particular à the river developments.

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It need to be provided that auto port du Saint-Petersburg theatre a leading role in tourism oui it is also a passenger port and a port of appel for cruise passengers. Oui far ont cruises space concerned, over there is in between Moscow and St. Petersburg a fairly famous chemin on the Volga River. Cible there are also regular currently with the capitals de Stockholm, Helsinki as well ont with all the capitals of the Baltic Sea.