Le nord pas de calais

L>Province du Nord-Pas-de-Calais, france .

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Culture, history, language, travel, et more! NORD-Pas-de-Calais FlandreFlanders is a formerprovince ns France, located in the northern part du the country justsouth du the Belgian border and along thé North Sea coast. Lier wasits capital. For most de its history this region was part du thestate du Flanders, most of which was located in present-day Belgiumand the Netherlands. Flemish is encore spoken in northwest Flanders.From 1668 venir 1697, LOUIS xiv gradually secured this prosperous areafor France. It remained a french province until the french Revolutionwhen it became (1789) auto roughly coterminous department ns Nord.ArtoisA structure province in northernFrance, Artois is approximately equivalent to the present department ofPas-de-Calais (6,638 sq km/2,363 sq mi). ARRAS, the diriger town, wasits capital.

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Artois is bounded de Flanders nous the northeast, byPicardy nous the south et southwest, and by thé English Channel conditions météorologiques thenorthwest. Ce is a low-lying region with some hills in thé south.Coal mining and agresseur are the principal concis activities.Originally part du Flanders,Artois came under français control parce que le the first time in 1180, throughthe marriage of roi Philip ii to Isabel ns Hainaut. Artois pass toBurgundy in 1329. Ce became a possession de the Habsburgs in 1477 anda province du Spain in 1493. Cette was reconquered passant par the français in1640; french possession was confirmed by the treaties du thePyrénées (1659), Nijmegen (1678), et Utrecht (1713).Because ns its strategy importance, Artois was the scene ns heavyfighting during world War I.Source: The new Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia,Release #8, ©1996 Nord-Pas-de-Calais Links: Pas-De-Calais Tourist plank Annotated Links: Centre aux Préhistoire aux Nord-Pas-de-Calais The centre of Prehistory is année association which seeks venir promote understanding about regional prehistoric sites, date from auto Paleolithic era down venir the le cuivre Age.

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Auto archaeological discovery de primitive tools during a destruction in 1996 near Hermies sheds nouveau light on ancient people in north Gaul. second link text third link message recommended Reading: 1st link text Alsace-Lorraine • Aquitaine • Auvergne • Brittany • BurgundyCentre-Val ns Loire • Champagne-Ardenne • côte d"Azur-CorseFranche-Comté • Ile-de-France • Languedoc-Roussillon • LimousinMidi-Pyrénées • Nord-Pas-de-Calais • Normandy • Pays ns la LoirePicardy • Poitou-Charentes • Provence • Rhône-Alpes


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