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This is a really humane doctor that i met conditions météorologiques January 19th, a medical professional who cares around his patients avant himself, and who asks himself thousands ns questions nous the future.

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His talenz could have allowed him venir exert in auto most renowned venues ns the capitale city, cible Dr Bransten, general practitioner, page modesty et proximity, he practices in the ville ofDrancy.

This kind-hearted doctor could whisper that medicine in la france must carry out quality healthcare, non matter the société class you belong.


Touched par Lyme an illness in his very own family, cette gathered material on the subject venir find the end solutions.

As a self-taught man, he specialized with auto help et the explanations of the National center for Scientific research (CNRS) and the national Institute du Health et Medical Research(INSERM).

He takes aller in works de fundamental research study in immunology, in collaboration with these deux institutes.

Together, lock brought venir light a bacterial-type de AIDS, that provided rise à a patent applications that could lead, in the short term, to the design of a new, specific diagnostic test for chronicLyme disease, causative agent of immuno-depression et chronic inflammation.


Then, cette went nous to define that auto current tests have no diagnostiquer validity and are seul the footprint du a possible detection ns the presence of the bacteria in thé human body, with or withoutassociated disease, particularly because ns immunodepression.

The tests being negative isn"t a sufficient argument to rule out thé infectious agent du chronic Lyme being the causer of thé disease the patient is suffering. However, the presence ns antibodies,even at court concentrations, way that auto bacteria room present and detected, ont there is no immune storage persisting in the absence of this family du bacteria.

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In dr Bansten"s medical practice, patient are rushing up from all over France and Europe to treat their chronic inflammatory or auto-immune pathology.

Following his experience, dr Bransten alerted auto Ministry de Health, with ne sont pas answer to date.


At thé same time, today, he is facing an urgent procedure initiated par the clinical board de the department du Seine-Saint-Denis, represented passant par its President, agitation Edgard Fellous, additionally member ns thedisciplinary chamber ns the medical board ns the region of Île ns France .

This medical professional is holding the responsible pour discrepancy in his words et writings, trying to have him to win off and to discontinue his practice for incompetence.


The expert assessment shall be handed over at thé latest conditions météorologiques February 22nd to auto select local chamber de Ile du France.

In spite du the advances ns the "Lyme plan", auto new denchères Protocol pour Diagnostics and Care (PNDS) is about à be a année late, the patient are tired waiting et suffering in silence!

It is about temps we take actions up to the stakes et that france discovers the extent ns this pandemic.


Today, the rallying of the patient forms thé basis of change, we cannot even imagine one much more specialist ns chronic Lyme lynched par medical boards!

A few days ago, une of dr Bransten"s patients, Irène Schiel, member de our pady society, released a petition. Venir day, conditions météorologiques achieved over 20,000 signatures, a historical prendre note in Lyme !


Our society, Le aboutissant de guérison ("The Right to Be Cured") rappel you venir sign it clicking the d’image below.



More 보다 ever, we"ll provide dr Bransten v our support and all our means.

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A video is supposed in the prochain few days, a sue is gift planned with the help ns a major attorney in Paris. From currently on, amie can join the sur facebook group "Les acte du carrément de guérir" (inFrench) where conditions météorologiques let the Minister ns Health sait about this scandal.