La Maison De La Poutine Paris

et before tu ask, yes thé cheese curds squeak, although auto gravy might be tangier 보다 we"re used à

The classique at the parisien resto ns Maison de la Poutine. Handout cible over auto last couple of years, auto popularity of nourriture trucks et street foods, auto changing eating habits of Parisians and France’s love and affection for tous things Quebec combined à pave the way for cuisiner Erwan Caradec, 39, venir open a poutine restaurants in auto gastronomic capital of the world.

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“Street food now has actually a gros place in french dining habits,” he says during année interview in French antérieur à the crowds arrive.

“Most du our client are young people, that are an ext nomadic and don’t spend as much temps eating ont my generation. Poutine appeals à them due to the fact that it’s fast et familiar.”

Speaking through Caradec, tu could it is in forgiven parce que le thinking he’s Québécois — perhaps a Montrealer who moved to france years ago. Over there is a light but discernible Quebec accent à his French, et a zeal and enthusiasm pour the principale that borders conditions météorologiques gushing.

(“I’m really sentimental et it’s easy parce que le me to start projecting,” hey admits v a smile.)

la Toulousette poutine native the parisien resto la Maison aux la Poutine, which contains Toulouse sausage, chorizo and enoki mushrooms. Photo passant par Vivian souper /MONTREAL GAZETTE marqué Caradec is a Frenchman who spent five years in Montreal an ext than a decade back — année experience that marked his tons deeply ont both a chef et a man.


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“I arrived in Montreal an extremely close-minded. I knew only how to chef with butter and crème fraîche. But there, i cooked gnocchi with actual Italian grandmothers, et learned how to effectively peel ginger indigenous Vietnamese cooks. I grew sauce soja much thanks to auto plurality du Montreal’s cultures,” cette says in a breathless stream.

After return from Canada, Caradec opened a restaurants in the parisien suburbs, maintaining his Montreal suffer in the back ns his mind.

Last year, after a disappointing experience trying poutine at a Canadian pub in Paris, Caradec started throwing about ideas through his businessman half-brother et a 3rd friend. Then they booked a five-day “research” trip to Montreal, whereby they ate poutine à la breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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From McDonald’s to les Banquise, auto trio sampled oui many various kinds of poutine as they could, so that Caradec could replicate thé dish back in France.

The result is a poutine the starts through hand-cut, crispy, caramel-coloured fries made from potatoes grown not far from Paris, fries which bear signification littérale resemblance to thé pale yellow, potato wedges uncovered in plenty of generic parisien restaurants.

With his young consumer aménagements in mind, Caradec says he made a aware decision venir lighten the gravy, using a veal and chicken-based jus, walking easy nous the salt et adding spices and barbecue sauce à la a tangier, much less full-bodied flavour.

Poutine toppings incorporate bacon, caramelized onions, chicken and chili-spiced beef.

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But the biggest difficulty in the recherche to re-create really poutine in Paris, to be finding cheese curds. Auto kind that would certainly melt appropriately under auto gravy, and meet the approval du Quebecers, thé customer investissements he seeks à please the most.

“It’s very good, thanks to thé cheese, the glorious cheese,” said brigitt Boucher, 57, a Montrealer who has actually been living in Paris parce que le 20 years and who came pour a nostalgic, culinary road expedition back venir Canada.

“The cheese is just ont I remember. I love curds,” elle said. “I manquer curds.”

ns Maison du la Poutine could soon ont two new locations. Photo de Vivian song /MONTREAL GAZETTE l’abattage has a cheesemaker in auto Savoie region venir thank pour the squeaky curds (made v raw milk), et Caradec’s month-long pursuit de the perfect cheese. 

The theatre instructor isn’t the seul customer who has actually braved auto unseasonably cold and wet spring Saturday for the chance to relive a couple of memories.


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After learning about thé restaurant on social media, anne Termote, 51, took trip from the parisien suburbs venir taste the dish elle ate while living in Montreal for 20 years, in a structure life.

“I want to revisit Montreal et try auto dish the represents Quebec,” she said while waiting outside, raindrops jouer en ligne down thé inside of her glasses.

Grégoire Deruaz, 29, is being introduced to poutine parce que le the life time, et describes it ont the “Americanization” of classic cheesy français potato dishes favor tartiflette et raclette.

“You can tell they use very an excellent ingredients,” hey said. “It’s fairly heavy, an extremely filling.”

The reactions are somewhat in line with Caradec’s experience soja far.

“French customers tend to be much more critical,” cette says. “Ninety per cent of Québécois tell moi they feel favor they’re at patrie when castle here. Castle understand auto idea du what ns trying to do.”

Plans room afoot venir open deux more places in Paris par the end ns 2018.

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