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Jason Statham fabriqué a huge splash in his sapin appearance in the Fast and Furious franchise, arriving in année end-credits cameo for Fast & Furious 6, in which cette seemed to kill fan-favorite character Han (Sung Kang). Due to the fact that that sapin appearance, Statham’s Deckard Shaw has been a surtout part of the series, first as a rogue in Furious 7, climate winning over thé F&F crew in The Fate de the Furious. Statham also co-starred v Dwayne Johnson in the spinoff film, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.

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as soon as asked about the status de Hobbs & demonstrate 2 when conditions météorologiques spoke à him as part du the press day forGuy Ritchie's Wrath du Man, Statham said thatright now it's around getting the scénario right:

“Hundreds of millions comprendre spent nous making the movie et promoting auto movie, sauce soja they have to oui a great script. We’re urged to do something around that; we’re waiting parce que le the knock on the door, essentially.”

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despite Statham gift in every Fast et Furious movie because Fast & Furious 6, Statham won’t be showing up in the upcoming F9. Through the la franchise supposedly pack up after two more films, the opportunité for Statham to come back to the series are dwindling. As soon as asked if Statham would come back parce que le the final two installments,the actorsaid:

"I’d amour to come back à la those coupler of movies. It’s thin crème glacée that I’m skating on if je talk about what’s going to happen in the prochain movies. Cible I savoir Justin Lin, ns know him really well, and it was funny, when je came on to do the cameo in 6, cette never turned up to 7 and 8, and they’re thé ones that je did, so we’re destined to faire something bigger. It’s great venir work with de lalcool and all the est différent characters, I’ve fabriqué some great friends nous that movie, and I really amour the cinématique franchise itself. Je think it’s a global success for toutes les personnes the ideal reasons. To be a aller of ce is seulement a good privilege. So si they want je in the next ones, I’ll be there."

Statham can prochain be watched in Wrath ns Man, which comes out on pouvez 7. Hopefully, we'll additionally be see him return in auto near future ont Deckard shaw in moreFast and Furious projects.Be conditions météorologiques the lookout for our full entretien with Statham soon.

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