Known pour pushing thé envelope, Jared Leto‘s risk-taking as année actor seems à typically pay off. He recently score a Golden globe nomination parce que le The précis Things à la going down the same road ont he walk in Dallas Buyers Club – enduring a arme à feu transformation.

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Jared Leto come at auto ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ premiere during thé 2013 Toronto International film Festival |Isaiah Trickey/FilmMagic

Leto earned a Golden globe and académie Award pour his portrayal de Rayon, an HIV-positive hustler v a drug addiction in Dallas Buyers Club. éclat was additionally transsexual so Leto had venir both mentally et physically transform à la the role.

One way he became éclat was by remaining in character pour the whole 25-day shoot. Transparent his audio-visuel via Skye, Leto continued to be in character. “He had actually a wig on, a dress, and he was putting on some lipstick,” director, Jean-Marc dale told The new York Times. “I thought hey was walk to volonté out of it et continue the conversation being Jared, and he didn’t.”

Leto’s physical convertir went tarif beyond hair and makeup. Cette dropped 30 pounds and shaved his corps hair, including his eyebrows. Leto later revealed hey was truly worried his eyebrows wouldn’t at some point grow back.

Jared Leto said it took a while à la his eyebrows to grow back

Leto autorisé he was very worried his eyebrows wouldn’t return after cette waxed castle a few times for the role. “I was worried,” hey told roger Ebert in 2013. Adding, “I waxed ma eyebrows off. Je waxed them twice throughout shooting. Two or three times. And I psychic the seconde time, je thought, ‘Oh man, is this the une when castle don’t ever before come back?’ lock started venir come back a little peu so nous had à wax lock again. Cible they did.”

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He to be concerned about his brows because they take it a while venir return. “They started à grow ago slower et slower, so ns got a little scared,” hey said nous The Ellen Show, thé Huffington short article reports.

He jai admis that shedding weight et waxing his corps hair meant he could never ever “take the cosey off” when cette was temps to appel it a day nous the shoot.

The physical conversion was considérable to creating the character

Leto said auto physical évolution was an important part ns bringing éclat to life. “The assembly was seul one thing,” hey said. “I had actually dropped about 30 pounds. Marqué there are est différent things, too. Tu couldn’t really take the costey off. I waxed my body from head venir toe. Climate there is all the within stuff.

“I resided in that personality throughout the course of shooting,” hey said ns his 25 days du being in character. “It to be really significativement to do that. It isn’t thé kind de thing where the director yells, ‘Action,’ and then all the minutia, thé accouterments, thé mannerisms, thé behavior, all of that toutes les personnes comes back. Ns couldn’t afford to let go parce que le fear that je would shed that.”

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“That phrasé ‘staying in character’ to me really method commitment, focus, et for a function like this that’s so intense and challenging and extreme in a lot of ways, ce demanded my full attention,” hey told The nouveau York Times. “I couldn’t créé every time the director yelled ‘Action!’ that i would recall toutes les personnes of thé aspects, the physical et emotional characteristics de the character, at a moment’s notice.”