A four-star luxury dajouter hotel at thé end de the civilization offering an unforgettable break

The hôtel Sainte-Barbe is a legendary lare in le Conquet. Situated near Brest in Brittany, this long-abandoned gem du a hôtel has been completely renovated and now offers guests a unique experience. Set up atop a instable promontory on the coastline of a peninsula the comprises the last de the french mainland before America, cette boasts a breathtaking view du the sea stretching tous the method to thé western horizon. The hotel’s significant location and stunning imeuble provide a sense of escape and freedom, whether for a weekend jaune a longue holiday.

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Here, the name de Finistère is true to its Latin derivation; thé end ns the earth.

Thanks venir their vast windows, the 34 rooms et suites appear to be suspended above auto sea... In calm or restless weather, elle will it is in captivated by the faire un don of this ruggedly beautiful environment.

Here, the soft colours ns the coastal carte de couleur are complemented par the tasteful and elegant furniture in rooms and suites that will certainly be your haven in tous weathers.

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Restaurant & Bars

Discover all the gastronomic treasures de Brittany throughout the day in our restaurant and tearoom.



Head up to the rooftop terrace of the hôtel where tu can reap a cocktail et tapas at sunset.

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Marine Spa

Enjoy auto soothing retreat du pampering et relaxation the is ours spa overlooking the Iroise Sea in thé heart ns the natural près de la mer park.


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