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Services et information about auto hotelF1 hotels.The formule 1 rooms.The breakfast and food & beverage in a hotelF1.

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Services et practical information about auto hotelF1 hotels.

What are auto reception fois in the hotel?

In a hotelF1, nous welcome elle at the reception:

In France- on weekdays: native 6.30 to 9.30 am and indigenous 5.00 to 9.00 pm - Saturday, Sunday et bank holidays: from 7.30 à 10.30 am and indigenous 5.00 venir 9.00 pm.

In good Britain- on weekdays: native 6.30 to 10.00 un m and native 6.00 to 10.00 pm - Saturday, Sunday et bank holidays: indigenous 7.30 à 10.30 être and from 6.00 à 10.00 pm.

In Belgium and the Netherlands- 24 / 24 tous the days du the week.

In Australia- native 7.00 to 10.00 être and from 12.00 venir 10.00 pm.

In the différent countries- conditions météorologiques weekdays: indigenous 6.30 venir 10.00 matin and from 5.00 à 10.00 pm - Sunday et bank holidays: indigenous 7.00 venir 10.30 un m and native 5.00 à 10.00 pm.

24 hrs out du 24 et 7 job out de 7, thé Automatic Rooms Dispenser*, put in auto entrance du the hotel, enables you à access your pièce thanks venir the bank card v which you fabriquer your booking nous the Internet.

* indigenous 12.00 noon in Germany and in australia from 10.00 pm venir 7.00 am tous the days of the week.Top of the page

From what time can je take possession of ma room?

Your room is at your disposal from 12.00 noon, nous the day de your check-in, et until 12.00 noon, on the day ns your check-out.

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What modes of payment are welcomed in the hotel?

The hotelF1 and Formule 1 hotels expropriate a really wide selection of modes of payment. Si you arrive during auto reception times, you can pay in cash, bank cheques, Eurocard-Mastercard, Visa, American Express, carte Compliment and the “chèques vacances”* 24 hours out de 24 and 7 days out du 7, tu can accessibility your pièce thanks to the Automatic Rooms Dispenser** put in auto entrance de the hotel, and your Eurocard-Mastercard, CB/Visa, American express or atlas Compliment.

In Germany- espèces (EURO), Mastercard, Visacard (NO visa Electron), American Express, EC card (PIN required), tourists Cheques (EURO), Accor Compliments Cheques.

In Australia- Cash, credit Cards, EFTPOS.

In Belgium- Cash, MC, Visa, Amex. (no cheques)

In great Britain- Cash, Visa, Amex, cheques, bank transfers, MasterCard, Maestro, Solo, Switch.

In thé Netherlands- Cash, Visa, Amex, Diners, Bankcards (national).

* In la france only, in thé hotels accepting them. Ask the reception de your hotel. ** from 12.00 noon in Germany et in australie from 10.00 pm venir 7.00 am all the days de the week.Top du the à côté de

Does thé hotel have a là park?

To know si the hotel you ont chosen offers parking, appel it directly. You will uncover its la communication details passant par clicking nous "More Information» under that name.

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I ont a dog jaune a cat; can ce stay in my room? Under quel conditions?

At hotelF1 et Formule 1, pets looked after par their owner room welcome.

A single animal is accepted tout de suite room parce que le €3 revenir night et per animal (free in good Britain, 50 SEK in Sweden and 2.50 CHF in Switzerland, €4 in Germany, €2 in Spain and €2.0 in auto Netherlands).

However, no pet is allowed in auto cafeteria ns the hôtel during the breakfast times.

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I have a complaint jaune a congratulatory letter after safety a night in one ns your hotels.

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Because your comments will permit us venir improve our services, auto teams de the formule 1 and hotelF1 many hotels welcome your comments.

During tous your stay, the personnel de our hôtel is at your services to prevent any kind of inconvenience et deal v any signification littérale problems that could be our fault.

Moreover, si you wish to pass on any more comments, write venir us at thé following address:

Service relations Clientèle hotelF1 / formule 16/8 Rue ns Bois Briard91021 Evry CedexFranceTop of the page

I wish venir obtain thé list ns your hotels.

You have the right to download thé locations et the la communication details of all the hotelF1 many hotels in france (POI). Venir install ce on her GPS, click here.

The formule 1 many hotels in leurope  will soon be obtainable using our search by map.

To access thé country carte now and discover all our hotels outside of France, click here.

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I wish venir receive the guide to her hotels.

All thé hotelF1 hotels and the useful information concerning lock is communicated nous this site.

You can also download the locations and contact details of tous the hotelF1 many hotels in france (POI) by clicking here.

If amie wish to obtain a record guide, don"t hesitate venir ask pour it at auto reception de our hotelF1 or formule 1 hotels.

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Which hotels are the nearest venir Disneyland Paris or Futuroscope in Poitiers?

- Disneyland Paris?

Find tous the information on the 4 hotelF1 / recette 1 hotels fermé to Disneyland Paris par clicking on their name:

- Futuroscope in Poitiers?

Find tous the informations on the 2 hotelF1 hotels fermer la porte to thé Futuroscope layout park de clicking conditions météorologiques their name:

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The recette 1 rooms.

Is over there a call in thé room?

The hotelF1 and Formule 1 hotels aller not oui a telephone in the rooms.

A phone corner à la cards (telephone card, bank card, france Télécom card) is at hand in all our hotels.

Ask at the reception venir find out whereby the téléphone corner is located.

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The breakfast and food & beverage in a hotelF1.

Is the price du the breakfast had in auto price ns the room?

The prices announced pour the hotelF1 hotels à faire not include breakfast.

You can book your breakfast(s) at auto same time as your room(s) nous

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What does auto breakfast consist of of?

An assortment du crusty breads, brioches, cereals et jams, butter, hazelnut spread, pomme compote and orange drink. Thé coffee, the drinking chocolate et the tea space fair trade assets with the maximum Havelaar label.

Buffet with all you deserve to eat parce que le only €3,70 effronté person!

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Until what time do you offer breakfast?

Breakfast is served:

In France:- native 6.30 venir 9.30 am on weekdays- native 7.30 to 10.30 am on Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays

In Australia:- from 7.00 à 9.30 un m on weekdays- from 7.00 to 10.00 matin on Saturday, Sunday et bank holidays

In the other countries:from 6.30-7.00 à 9.30-10.00 am on weekdays- from 7.00-7.30 venir 10h-10.30 être on Sunday et bank holidays

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Is ce possible venir lunch or dine in the hotel?

The hotelF1 hotels room designed for your house in rooms pour 1, 2 or le3 persons and for breakfast. They faire not oui restaurants.

A special market in the Ibis et Courtepaille restaurants is reserved parce que le the hotelF1 clients. Ask at the reception ns your hotel.

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If you feel peckish, tu will likewise find a vending an equipment with hot beverages et a vending an equipment with cold drinks and snacks (confectionery, etc.) in thé hotel.