Hotel bord de mer paca

There space very few hotels right nous the seafront in Marseille, marqué Les Bords ns Mer belongs venir this really select club. It sits in a compton position, v sensational views du the sea et the legendary continu d"If et Frioul Islands.

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Most est différent hotels in Marseille room separated from auto waterfront passant par noisy roads. Esquive Bords du Mer is perched right nous the côte - les pieds dedans l"eau (its feet in the water), oui the charming French expression puts it.

It was previously known as the funky, bohemian, colourfully run-down et ultra low-budget hotel Richelieu. Cible the hôtel recently got a large make-over, propelling it steeply upmarket.

Today esquive Bords aux Mer, ont it"s currently known, is a smart boutique, four-star facility with prices à match.

Wedged right into a long, small sliver of land, thé tall, thin de lart Deco building, pictured below, has been cleverly designed. That clean, luminous décor creates a sense de space.

The 19 bedrooms are all at thé back, contemplating the sea (just as well, since auto Corniche côte road i m sorry runs right past the front ns the building is really busy).

Most of them have terraces or balconies et the remainder boast enormous photo windows, which are almost oui good, si not also better.

They’re irregularly shaped et mostly conditions météorologiques the snug side, with neutral greige furnishings et white walls, all the meilleur to se concentrer your mind on the big blue outside.

The cheveux blonds wood-effect fittings room minimalist too, à part from – in our pièce - a huge cupboard whose sommet shelves space beyond thé reach of tous but giants.

In the bathroom: a gros walk-in shower. Auto smaller rooms absence armchairs and at the time ns our visit there were ne sont pas tea jaune coffee making facilities, though the minibar purveyed rather expensive soft drinks.

The all at once squeeze nous space isn"t great pour wheelchair customers either, cible the ground-floor suite is adapted à la one. Cette can additionally accommodate a child bed v most of the other rooms are seulement too cramped.

The auditeur areas yes, really feel choose a trimestre in a pint pot. You practically bump into auto reception desk as you walk through thé front door and places venir linger inside are limited.

But in warmth weather tous sorts de tempting option open up and you can easily while away hours, or even days, drifting blissfully between thé beach-level patio, thé rooftop cocktails bar et its good-sized, heated outdoor swimming bassin overlooking auto bay.

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Indoors, there’s a tempting split-level underground spa carved, dramatically, out de the rock visage with a tiny indoor pool et a small fitness quartier général with some amazing kit.

The restaurant, pictured, is autre trump card. Additionally armed with photo windows, the décoration inside is fairly functional et canteen-like (small, overfilled tables, tough wooden chairs). But the nourriture is a real course act.

On the short, locavore (based on local produce) menus each dish has année imaginative twist. Soft grilled cuttlefish came through lemon-chilli salsa if Camargue oysters with kumquat and fennel sat conditions météorologiques a trompe l’oeil bed of salt instead ns the usual crushed ice.

The restaurant is easily good enough venir attract local diners, in spite of its slightly out-of-centre location. Plenty were there on the night du our visit.

The seul slight downside was auto wine list, i m sorry seemed à be sourced from auto cellar of esquive Bords ns Mer’s sister hotel, thé Domaine ns Fontenille in the Luberon.

As a result, auto wines ns Northern Provence dominated. There was nothing indigenous the frais nearby coastal appelations de Bandol jaune Cassis, which seemed a an excellent pity.

Room service is the same advanced menu oui the restaurant, haricot de soja you’ll ont to stimulate a takeaway si you seul crave a burger, marqué in lété the rooftop payot serves tapas et the reduced terrace has actually pizzas.

Breakfast offers auto requisite cereals, pastries, charcuterie, cheeses, yoghurt and fruit, reconnaissance very great bread et quiche. Gluten- et lactose-free alternatives are limited, however, et at a four-star hotel one does intend more hot choices than DIY boiled eggs.

Les Bords de Mer is perfect à la a pampered short break. Cette has swift access to the désarmante Catalans beach and is a fast walk or bus ride à Marseille’s other southern beaches (though i m so sad has no private beach du its own).

When amie feel favor a échanger from the in-house restaurant, autobus 83 will take you along the Corniche to posh, Michelin-starred restaurant such oui Le dil. Nice or L"Epuisette, in the delightful Vallon des Auffes,pictured.

The hotel is perhaps much less well placed parce que le a longer stay or parce que le Marseille sightseeing. The Old ports is 15 minutes by autobus (there’s no metro near auto hotel) et 20-25 minutes on foot.

The MuCEM et Old town are rather further, though auto lively terne Victoire district with its lively bars, shops and restaurants, is fermer la porte at hand.

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Public parking in this part du town is tricky despite the hotel does command a handful ns spaces in a surrounding private car-park.

Visited April 2019

Where: das Bords ns Mer, 52 Corniche Kennedy, 13007 Marseille. Tel: (+33) (04 13 94 34 00. Book a pièce at das Bords aux Mer in Marseille