You don"t need the Time Stone venir see what nouveau superhero movie are conditions météorologiques the horizon


There are haricot de soja many nouveau superhero movie headed our means throughout the rest du this année (and beyond) that ce can it is in hard à keep track de them all. That"s where nous come in – we"ve rounded up every seul Marvel and DC movie tandis que to sol over the suivant few years, as well as tous the superhero film without a firm release date, et even Marvel"s mystère untitled movies stretching into 2024.

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There"s sapin to it is in excited about nous the horizon, through Eternals next up conditions météorologiques Marvel"s release slate, and Spider-Man: no Way home coming towards auto end ns this year. If that"s not enough, there"s likewise The batman arriving in 2022, ont well oui Doctor étrange 2, thé Flash, et many, many an ext besides.

So, without additional ado, scroll on to check out every seul one ns the nouveau superhero movies en raison de for relax over the suivant few years.

(Image credit: Disney/Marvel Studios)Morbius – January 28, 2022Doctor étrange in the Multiverse du Madness – march 25, 2022Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – July 8, 2022Black Adam – July 29, 2022Spider-Verse 2 – October 7, 2022The éclat – November 4, 2022The Marvels – November 11, 2022Aquaman 2 – December 16, 2022

New superhero movie (2023)

(Image credit: marvel Studios)Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania – February 17, 2023Guardians ns the Galaxy Vol. Le 3 – peut faire 5, 2023Shazam: Fury of the god – juin 2, 2023Untitled merveille movie – July 28, 2023Untitled marvel movie –October 6, 2023Untitled merveille movie – November 10, 2023

New superhero movie (2024)

(Image credit: Disney/Marvel)Untitled merveille Movie – February 16, 2024Untitled marvel Movie – may 3, 2024Untitled merveille Movie –July 26, 2024Untitled marvel Movie –November 8, 2024

New superhero movies (TBA)

(Image credit: merveille Studios)Amazons (Wonder mrs spin-off)BatgirlBladeBlue BeetleCaptain les états-unis damérique 4Deadpool 3Fantastic 4 rebootGotham city SirensGreen Lantern CorpsHourmanJackpotKraven auto HunterMadame WebSilkSpider-WomanStatic ShockUntitled superman movieUntitled Sony/Marvel movieUntitled Mutants movieWonder woman 3Zatanna

For more on new superhero movies and TV shows, check out our instruire to marvel Phase 4.

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