Fete de la musique montigny le bretonneux

Make music Day is the annual global celebration of musique held nous the lété solstice, auto longest day du the year: June 21. This year it features année exciting, an innovative and abondance lineup of both virtual and in-person music-making events that will immerse et enthrall participants if spotlighting music"s force to connect, comfort, unite et uplift. 

Each year, over 1,000 cities around auto world litter citywide music celebrations on célibataire 21. It all started 39 years ago in France.

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In 1982, France’s ministry of cultistes dreamed up année idea for a nouveau kind of musique holiday. They imagined a day where free, habitent music would certainly be everywhere: rue corners and parks, rooftops et gardens, store fronts et mountaintops.

And, unlike a typical music festival, anyone et everyone would certainly be invited venir join and play music, or host performances. The event would take place nous the lété solstice, juin 21, et would be referred to as Fête aux La Musique. (In French, thé name means both “festival of music” et “make music!”)

Amazingly enough, this rêver has come true. The célébration has turned into a true intérieur holiday: france shuts down nous the summer solstice et musicians take it over. Almost 8% du the nation (5 million people) oui played année instrument or sung in public for auto Fête de la Musique.

Three years later, the holiday has actually spread throughout thé world et is now celebrated in more than 120 countries.

In the same way that the français Fête de la musique celebrates auto start du the summer season, Make musique Day extends an invitation to celebrate across the United States and promotes hundreds of artists of toutes les personnes genres et backgrounds in thé process. 

In phibìc America, the Make musique Alliance, with appui from NAMM Foundation, facilitates end 80 June 21st celebrations. 

All Make musique Day occasions are free and open to the public. Participants who wish venir perform, or host musical events, peut faire register here. A full schedule du virtual et in-person occasions will it is in posted conditions météorologiques the website in at an early stage June

Make musique Miami 2021

As part ns the festivities, Make music Miami will present a series of concert from morning to night, start at Brickell"s Underline Sound stage in the morning, continuing at downtown"s paul Walker Park, then at Miami"s Beach"s Lincoln Road, and ending at the North beach Bandshell avec French Brazilian DJ Ella Romand habitent with friends and Miami Bloco.

The Miami occasion will likewise host numerous engaging tasks including Flowerpot Music, Mish Mash Studios, #MySongIsYourSong, sheet Music, and a musique Lesson Marathon.

Find thé complete routine here.

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This version is presented by Buskerfest Miami, auto Rhythm Foundation, Lincoln road BID, musique Access Miami, the cultural Services ns the Consulate général of france in Miami, and the alliance Française Miami Metro, v the soutien of france Florida Foundation à la the Arts and many many public partners.

Make Music Houston 2021

Houston is obtaining ready à la its life edition of Fête du la musique / Make musique Day. Enjoy a program of free concert performed both across the city and online throughout auto day, ont well ont a one-of-a-kind event presented par the city of Houston, the recadrer Service du the français Embassy in Houston, and the Consulate général of france in Houston.

Whether elle are an orchestra musician, rapper, member of a choir jaune rock band, any and toutes les personnes are welcome venir publicly re-superstructure their musique on this day. Regardless ns skill, tu are invited à join in. 

Sign up on the Make musique Day Houston webpage venir make her event auditeur with thé rest of the city.

Promote your event with the online poster generator and the hashtag #MakeMusicDay so that your heureux can be seen par other participants!

There are also online projects that you can partake in, such as taking a free live music lesson, playing a song Live native Home, contributing to a music production with Bedroom Studio, singing in the Heart Chant, or joining one of this year’s many other featured national projects. 

More informations here.

Kicking éteindre Houston"s premiere Make musique Day

Mayor Sylvester Turner et French projection General Alexis Andres will virtually kick éteindre Make musique Day Houston via livestream on Monday, june 21 at 10:30am. Auto Mayor et the French projection General will be join virtually de Houston icon Bun B and french rapper James auto Prophet.

Following your introduction, Houston tv (HTV) will livestream a dialogue moderated par Joey Guerra, music critic pour the Houston Chronicle, between Bun B et James the Prophet. Thé program will finish with a performance by French artists James auto ProphetWalkman thé Soul, and Pab thé Kid.

About Bun BBernard Freeman, known ont Bun B, formed auto rap duo Underground Kingz in the early ‘90s through Pimp C which released chart-topping albums. Bun ns went nous to pursue a solo career et has fabriquer his mark on Houston in different spaces.

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About James thé ProphetJames thé Prophet, a Paris-based French, English and American rapper, started his job in 2015 nous Soundcloud. Rapping in English, his work brought him venir be signed by Sony-distributed marque Rupture in 2018.

Make music New York 2021

2021 marquages the 15th year of Make musique New York, where, from 10 in auto morning to 10 at night, tous kinds de musicians — young et old, amateurs and professionals, ns every musique persuasion — pours onto streets, sidewalks, parks et plazas venir share their musique with friends, neighbors, et strangers. 

Thousands of amateur musicians life in the Big apple seize thé opportunity to phat in auditeur spaces, often pour the biggest crowds of their lives. Expert musicians perform à la new audiences, who come the end from under their headphones venir hear live tunes. Make music New York includes a alors of autographiés projects: “Mass very nice one Concerts” in which dozens de musicians band together venir perform gros pieces written parce que le a specific frais of instrument “Punk Island”, “Porch Stomp” people festival, “Street Studios” and many more.