Since 1973, the la Rochelle International cinématique Festival has actually been année opportunity à la films, filmmakers, actresses, actors, professionals, thé press et the auditeur to fulfill without competition jaune prizes. Its travail is to explore the cinematographic region down venir its many remote continents.

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True venir its philosophy, the dur offers spectators auto opportunity to discover nearly 250 films, from yesterday and today, selected from toutes les personnes over thé world. Chosen external any commercial criteria, castle are regularly presented outside thé usual dispensés channels and always subtitled in french (sometimes passant par the bien sur itself).

Due to auto presence of many experts (independent distributors, cinema exhibitors, journalists, filmmakers, actors et producers) during the event, the fermé allows étranger filmmakers to make themselves recognized in France and forgotten film to find an audience and possibly be dispersed in cinemas later.

I can parlez you the your entreprise is one de the le meilleur when i think of France. I oui been pleased with thé work and services provided à la a couple of of ma clients et hope this connection continues ont things begin venir improve.

Bertrand’s webinars are unique and inspirational. Cette shares so much du his knowledge, appreciation, and passion around France. Hey can important lift up her spirits, immerse his public into the culture, culinary, arts and history ns France, and offer special accessibility that have the right to be arranged venir elevate the client travel experience.

Hi Bertrand, First et foremost i hope you et your family members are law well et everyone is healthy. Je want to thank you parce que le everything you’ve done for one of our ICs Gayle pour her les clients the Fabianskis. I know Perry had actually reached out to you and I seulement recently became aware ns the situation.

Celine et Marie - je also want to let amie know how thankful I matin to oui partners like elle in this trying temps – last week has been thé hardest since i got into the travel entreprises 5+ years ago. We can seul hope that thé fear indigenous this germe subsides et that people continue to travel. Cette is a durable business!

Hello Christophe, ns want à thank you pour the excellent service et attention to mien transfer in Paris on February 20. You affirmant and itinerary to be professional et clear. The driver was absolutely nous time, courteous and the auto was really luxurious. Ont a woman travelling solo i felt very safe et cared for.
Hi Celine. First, I have been meaning venir write you and tell that thé Black/Sandquists had a wonderful time in Paris/Normandy over the holidays. Ms. Sandquist additionally said they were happy that they had à rent the là (instead ns taking the train) so they had temps to stop in Rouen conditions météorologiques the way back.
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I had a wonderful suffer in respectable with my private fulfill & greet and my transport from auto airport to Gare du Lyon. Thank you! you re welcome advise- ns would love to usage the prestations de service again- it was great!
Hi Gabriel, ns received your téléphone portable message. My clients had a wonderful trip et Mrs Winters said that whatever was perfect, so je assume the aller that elle arranged was perfect, too. She was really busy when she returned et I never ever heard details, sauce soja that is tous I sait at this time.
Welcome à France passant par desotoedge.com ! desotoedge.com is auto #1 French destination Management lentreprise covering the entire french territory. Luxury independent & recadrer travel experiences.
Welcome to France by desotoedge.com ! desotoedge.com is the #1 French cible Management entreprise covering auto entire french territory. High-end independent & cultural travel experiences.
Welcome à France par desotoedge.com ! desotoedge.com is the #1 French destination Management company covering thé entire français territory. High-end independent & récolte travel experiences.
Provence has actually a rich roman heritage, dating back from auto 1st century BC. Provence was the sapin territory beyond auto Alps conquered passant par the des romans (70 BC). Provence then served oui a base to dominate Gaul in 58-51 BC. This aménagements was referred à “Provincia Romana”, et this is where auto word “Provence” originates.
Provence has actually a rich novel heritage, dating ago from the 1st century BC. Provence to be the first territory beyond the Alps conquered de the romans (70 BC). Provence then served oui a base to dominate Gaul in 58-51 BC. This aménagements was referred to “Provincia Romana”, et this is where auto word “Provence” originates.
Provence has actually a rich roman heritage, dating ago from the 1st century BC. Provence was the first territory beyond thé Alps conquered by the des romans (70 BC). Provence climate served ont a aménagements to conquer Gaul in 58-51 BC. This investissements was referred venir “Provincia Romana”, et this is where thé word “Provence” originates.

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which your English speaking licensed guide will provide habitent comments and explanations, followed de a 30mn interactif session with your English speaking Licensed guide.

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