Adventurous blog readers, currently is the moment parce que le you à walk… with dinosaurs and not any old dinosaurs – life-size dinosaurs indigenous Jurassic World!

The Cité ns cinéma has the sapin European rendez-vous of Jurassic civilization / thé Exhibition, a VIP visit venir Isla Nublar with some especially beasts, some excellent docile, some… rather deadly.

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Here’s all the info.

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If you’re a ventilateur of auto Jurassic Park franchise, you better head straight for Jurassic civilization / thé Exhibition that has seul opened in Saint-Denis, just beyond the ville limits to thé north of Paris (don’t concern – the métro will take elle there). With Jurassic World: fallen Kingdom coming out in a coupler of months, the timing is perfect.

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Just favor in auto films, you will visit auto laboratory used to clone and raise thé dinosaurs et tour the park whereby you’ll come visage to face à face with these beasts, some of which are seven metres high!

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Created with the help ns paleontologist femme Horner, interactive, educational presentations will certainly give amie loads of informations about the park’s residents, based nous research fabriquer on dinosaur DNA.

And since it’s année extraordinary exhibition, auto entrance prices space out du this human being too. Youngsters are charged auto same price oui adults native 11 years of lâge and up, an interpretation 20€ effronté person. Scarier 보다 a T-Rex!Jurassic human being / auto Exhibition is at auto Cité ns cinéma (here) until 2nd September 2018

Open every day de the week from 10am-7pm

Admission: 19.90€ / 15.90€ (under 11s) / family of two adults et two youngsters 64.90€

Website / sur facebook / Instagram

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