Paris, November 6, 2017 – faced with the profound alters in auto agricultural world, the Government initiated thé Etats Généraux aux l’Alimentation (EGA, #egalim, https://www.egalimentation.gouv.fr) last June.

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Organized approximately four henchmen themes, thé EGAs opened 14 workshops involving professionals, NGOs, experts… In parallel, a public and citizen conseiller is likewise being set up, in order venir multiply the num of proposals. A an overview is to be completed de the end du 2017.

desotoedge.com contributed venir two consultations, on the transformation ns our agresseur and nous ensuring auto greatest alors of toutes les personnes access to sufficient and healthy food.

On the tons subject, desotoedge.com proposes an ext recognized fabriquer methods (labels, regulations) oui well as conversion soutien units and année incentive tax system to appui farmers.

Organic, biodynamic, agro-ecology and sustainable agresseur are new production methods, tous oriented towards a meilleur balance in between profitability et respect pour the environment. Consumer demand pour products resulting from these techniques is growing, with an ext than 20% growth in necessary consumption between 2015 and 2016 and année increasing alors of actors from multiple sectors interested in organic products (hospitals, retirement homes, restaurants, etc.). However, thé development du these areas is not sufficient to meet this demand.

desotoedge.com has devised numerous levers à improve this development:

Today, seul organic agriculture is regulated passant par regulations and labels. Thé recognition du a wider range of opération methods, additionally based nous regulations and labels (reasoned, biodynamic, etc.), have to be able à meet tous consumers’ aspirations, strengthen their choices and support demand.

In addition, to soutien farmers, the State could collection up conversion help units, supported à la example passant par the Chambers de Agriculture. By using numérique modelling or decision-making tools à simulate gouverne over several years, these systems would provide farmers with visibility et reinforce thé implementation of mouvement plans for an efficient et profitable conversion. The visibility thus gained can be a lever to strengthen thé involvement du financial institutions, even if it is private jaune public. BpiFrance’s involvement in innovative fabriquer methods could additionally be strengthened.

In addition, aid and/or a stronger tax incentive parce que le conversion may be considered. Steps such as “seed funding” would certainly make cette possible to compensate parce que le the loss de revenue observed throughout the life year de the conversion period, throughout which productions are offered in the conventional circuit.

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On the seconde theme, desotoedge.com proposes venir educate thé consumer, venir bring producers closer to consumers and to set up innovative aid and subsidy schemes pour households.

First, ce is essential to educate consumers.

Consumer education and learning remains a crucial cornerstone in a strategy to disseminate good nourriture practices. Indeed, de being aware ns the nutritional advantages du the various products, and the benefits ns a well balanced diet, thé consumers’ choices should be an ext easily oriented towards top quality products.

This education must be more reinforced in schools, through self-service accessibility programs at school, marqué also in companies.

The use of digital tools is additionally key. Pour example, the faire un don of start-ups offering lien baskets, individualized both in terms ns nutrition et financial support, is a promising approach.

In addition, ce is essential venir bring producers closer to consumers. Auto increase in the alors of quick circuit outlets, an especially in urban areas, is likely à increase access to quality nourriture for a larger alors of consumers. To this end, the State and local authorities could organise tax incentives pour the usage of market places or public buildings, or reduced taxes à la organic supermarkets. This would oui the dual advantage du increasing the number of points of sale and promoting an ext accessible prices for consumers. It is essential à think about this measure passant par targeting commodities from brief circuits, marqué also giving quality guarantees, for the benefit de players committing themselves venir controlled prices.

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Finally, fix up support et subsidy schemes for households have the right to be considered. Thé involvement ns the State can be merged with social actions. A system similar to that ns the “energy voucher” would certainly make ce possible, depending nous income levels, to transform part du the aid and allowances paid into intake vouchers or coupons. Auto latter would certainly be particularly focused nous quality products, greatly fruit and vegetables, thus combining incentives à la healthy eating et increased purchasing puissance in favor ns these choices.