Đề kiểm tra 1 tiết tiếng anh lớp 11 lần 2 có đáp án

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I. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

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1. A.occupy B. Simply C. Accompany D. Hobby

2. A.practised B. Stamped C. Indulged D. Watched

3. A.friends B. Tunes C. Clubs D. Stamps

4. A.admire B. Avid C. Variety D. While

5. A. Finished B. Marched C. Stopped D. Robbed

II. Choose the correct answer A, B, C, or D khổng lồ each of the following questions.

6. Hobbies are the things we like to bởi vì in our________ time.

A. Leisure B. Không tính tiền C. Spare D. All are correct

7. I just collect stamps fromdiscardedenvelopes.

A. Thrown away B. Given up C. Got away D. Done up

8.There are also other hobbies that I ________ in for a while.

A. Interested B. Indulge C. Move D. Include

9.My father never indulges _____ drinking

A. On B. in C. With D. To

10.I love watching the small fish swimming _____ in the tank

A. Through B.up C. Towards D. about

11 .He wasn′t able to lớn cope _____ the stresses & strains of the job.

A. With B.to C. In D. On

12. My friend Dave was really interested in my best stamp, so I _____ it away to him.

A. Gave B. Threw C. Brought D. Put

13. These ideas have now been completelydiscarded.

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A. Come up with B. got rid of C. Put forward D. Put into practice

14. This vase is quite rare and is almost a _____′s item.

A. Collect B. Collective C. Collection D. collector

15. The singer was _____ on the piano by her sister.

A. Played B. Performed C. accompanied D. Helped

16. The most important thing is to keep yourselfoccupied.

A. Busy B. Relaxed C. Comfortable D. Free

17. I don′t know the title but I recognize the _____ of this song.

A. Sound B. Rhyme C. tune D. Theme

18. Who was the first person _____________ the South Pole?

A. Reached B. To lớn reach C. Who reaches D. Had reached

19. It is in Quebec___________ French is used as an official language.

A. Which B. Where C. In where D. That

20. Mrs White, ______ taught me English 5 years ago, is a good teacher.

A. Who B. That C. Whom D. Whose.

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