Connecter Un Téléphone A Une Télé

comment To attach Your téléphone To A tv With jaune Without HDMI Cord Nowadays, there"s much less need venir connect your phone to thé TV. However, there room multiple ways you can, consisting of physically and wirelessly.

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Phone and TV
téléphone intelligent are a great way venir consume video marqué when possible, it’s still le meilleur to watch heureux on her 4K TV. Pour those temps when thé videos elle want venir watch are nous your phone, yes multiple ways amie can affix your mobile to her TV, with jaune without a cable.

One of the benefits du the nouveau era de streaming is that connecting tools is non longer as essential ont it oz was. Instead, most streaming and video services now offer appui for a large variety de platforms et devices, making it simple à watch a video nous many of the devices in thé home. However, there are toujours times when tu might want à connect your téléphone to your TV, and not just for videos, but also à view photos or even files.

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Evidently, auto easiest way à connect your téléphone to a la télé is v a HDMI cable although you will need one that’s draft to droit the smartphone. Typically, HDMI cables come v a HDMI connector conditions météorologiques both ends. Pour Android users, this is facile enough ont you can pick up cables which come through a HDMI port nous one end and a USB Type-C connector on the other. Parce que le iPhone users, Apple sell a Lightning numérique AV ajustement which plugs into the iPhone et provides a HDMI port nous the est différent side that’s compatible with standard HDMI cables. Android customers also have this option with a variety de USB Type-C à HDMI adapters available venir buy. Parce que le reference, it’s important to check this is actually auto right connector à begin with as owners of older Android phones might find they need a micro USB à HDMI ajustement instead.

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Connecting there is no a cable is also relatively easy et might also be cheaper, considering extr hardware is not constantly needed. That said, the first option does require année additional purchase du a Chromecast. This is Google’s dongle machine which plugs directly into auto TV et allows thé user venir “cast” videos, images, and sometimes files, indigenous apps à the big screen in the home. Although this is a Google product, ce does work with iOS, soja regardless ns whether you’re an Android téléphone or iphone owner, Chromecast is a viable solution.

For a de nombreux of people, they might even need à purchase the separate device ont many clever TVs et set-top boxes currently come with Chromecast appui built-in. Likewise, some TVs et STBs also come v AirPlay (Apple’s equivalent) support, making cette equally oui easy to send content from an iPhone, without auto need pour a maker like Google’s Chromecast.

un autre solution is venir use auto mirroring function already on phones. This does vary slightly in name et process depending nous the make of phone, although thé feature mainly works auto same. If this will most frequently be described oui “Screen Cast” or “Screen Mirroring,” Samsung phone owners peut faire find the feature referred to oui “Smart View.” either way, the option is available as a settings tile in the menus on Android phones et through thé Control centre on iPhone. The feature lieu de travail in much thé same way as casting from an app where once clicked, auto videos or images are wirelessly sentiment to thé TV from auto phone. The surtout difference is there"s no need for année app through mirroring, but this also way there"s not much loption to use the phone while casting oui the entire phone’s screen is mirrored to auto TV.

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While auto wireless ideologies are thé easiest way à connect a téléphone portable to a TV, they à faire come with one diriger caveat et that auto two devices aller need venir be connecté to auto same Wi-Fi network. Soja long oui that’s not année issue, there shouldn’t be any kind of issues one of two people AirPlay-ing, casting, or mirroring her smartphone venir your 4K TV.