The best thing about public Wi-Fi is that it’s easily accessible and free. But it comes v a price. Free internet hotspots room unsecured – it is why everyone must use a VPN. In this article, I’ll speak about comment to volonté free Wi-Fi and how to protect you yourself from thé dangers the come with it.

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How can I volonté free Wi-Fi?

These methods could seem obvious, cible just in case something slipped through thé cracks, below are a coupler of easy ways to comprendre 100% free Wi-Fi on the go:

Method #1: Scour the surroundings for internet hotspots

Cafes, airports, hotels, parks, restaurants, bars, museums, bus or train stations, also theaters and cinemas frequently offer free internet access pour guests, customers, et passers-by. Look around and try venir find the nearest carré that might potentially oui a totally free Wi-Fi hotspot.

Note: don’t forget that totally free Wi-Fi is a playfield for hackers. The meilleur way to avoid trouble is venir use a VPN.


Connect à a VPN, for sure your linternet traffic, and browse in any place with peace of mind.

Method #2: turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot

This an approach is specifically useful si you’re traveling through someone else. Say her friend has mobile data, et you don’t. Instead of asking a friend to Google everything pour you, ask him à turn on the personal Hotspot nous his phone. Voilà, now elle both ont Wi-Fi.

If this tricks nothing work à la you, yes also année option to volonté Wi-Fi apps.

Is there année app the gives tu free Wi-Fi?

Actually, there are several free Wi-Fi apps that can help elle with that.

Besides auto usual methods of finding free Wi-Fi hotspots (using friends’ hotspots or going à McDonald’s), tu can additionally get année app that has actually a database ns Wi-Fi connections.

How does this work? All du the apps below oui the same role — they uncover passwords du open networks or ones the aren’t adequately protected. Usually, the content is user-generated. Cette means that users themselves ajouter and share auto credentials ns the accessible networks.

However, antérieur à I aller on, I oui to warn tu that free jambe typically come with a non-financial cost. That is till hackers volonté ahold du your banque account informations through unprotected networks.

Such online risks are avoidable as long oui you don’t journal into your banque account or share sensitive material while on public Wi-Fi. If constantly feather over your shoulder sound tiring, use a VPN like instead. Ce will do tous the protective work pour you.

To answer auto question ns what is the le meilleur free Wi-Fi app, ns present amie with 4 options.

Option #1. Wi-Fi complimentary Spot: The le meilleur choice à la the USA


Wi-Fi free Spot offers you a list ns every available auditeur location (by state > city/town > place). You will do it need année internet connection to access the directory à la the sapin time. Don’t volonté turned off par the brouillon of their website. While cette is a précis outdated, you’ll uncover that its informations is valuable. Tu can get to it by clicking here.


Allows you à click nous a state et city à find informationOther areas such ont European et Asian countries, ont well oui Canada, room available

Option #2. Wi-Fi Map: exceptionally convenient for travelers


This app offers a significant number of totally free Wi-Fi clues located tous around auto world. You’ll be able to find cost-free Wi-Fi in different airports, hotels, villages, towns, et cities. Wi-Fi Map is available parce que le Windows users by accessing your website. Amie can likewise download this applications for Android et iOS operation systems. A paid Pro version is available too et allows you à download année offline free Wi-Fi map. The applications also allows you to share your internet with sur facebook friends.


Over 200 countries available100 million complimentary hotspots network1 billion connectionsPaid Pro version available

Option #3. Wi-Fi Finder: atelier perfectly offline



The Instabridge application has a large database de up-to-date passwords. It permits you to contribute venir the heureux as well as connect à hotspots created par your facebook friends or auditeur connections.


Supports family sharingOffline carte includedSupports WPA3, WPA2, WPA, and WEPProvides stats like data usage, popularity, and speed

It’s great to savoir that elle can have the internet via année app wherever elle go. Still, venir make sure hackers can’t decrypt her data, you will do it need abri beyond this apps (including tricks like limiting your online activity jaune getting a VPN).

Not haricot de soja free, but cheaper Wi-Fi networks

There room some not soja free, marqué cheaper, means to importer Wi-Fi et these include globale Wi-Fi network services. These services combine a bunch de Wi-Fi hotspots right into a simple network and get that users à split auto costs.

The result is something like Fon. Ce offers its users à purchase a router et split thé bandwidth – the majority is pour the user and what’s left – pour nearby Fon users jaune even their facebook friends.

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How have the right to I comprendre free Wi-Fi at patrie without paying?

You could be tempted à piggyback nous your neighbors’ Wi-Fi, marqué piggybacking is illegal in numerous countries around the world. It’s additionally morally tasteless uneven you importer permission indigenous them.

Alternatively, amie can set your téléphone up oui a hotspot parce que le your other devices if you already have a data plan. Elle can likewise use a USB cable à connect your téléphone to your PC and tether a interconnecté that way.

The dangers de free Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is convenient. Particularly when you traveling et can’t accessibility your téléphone portable data. An open McDonald’s Wi-Fi deserve to be a actual hero passant par helping elle navigate through online maps, buying auditeur transport tickets, or getting a taxi.

However, be mindful while using unsecured auditeur Wi-Fi. It’s one of the simplest ways à la individuals to spy nous your virtual activity et get a hold ns your data.

The tools used to sniff your online tasks don’t have to be sophisticated. Auto traffic that flows through an open Wi-Fi network is commonly unsecured, which means it doesn’t have the type of encryption required venir protect your linternet data. if you decide to send sensitive information like credit card numbers, passwords, jaune texts through année unsecured Wi-Fi network, cette provides année easy target pour malicious agents to grab.

Are password-protected auditeur networks secure?

Even password-protected networks are full de dangers. That easy à la someone to listen in and capture your les données when you’re on auditeur Wi-Fi. It’s so easy that there space tutorials nous YouTube on how to catch les données on open up Wi-Fi!

What is fake public Wi-Fi et is ce dangerous?

Cybercriminals often create a fake public network, et in most cases, name cette after a nearby hôtel or a restaurants like “McDonalds” jaune “Starbucks.” They will certainly leave ce password-unprotected so you can easily connect. If you do, the hackers will oui remote access venir your device and internet traffic.

While on their network, hackers have the right to install packet sniffing software on your device. It’s an especially dangerous ont it records géant amounts du data, which deserve to later it is in processed on demand.

The risks increase when elle decide à connect venir free Wi-Fi using complimentary apps. Ce gives hackers easy access venir your personal information. You à savoir the old saying — if you’re not paying, you’re auto product. Part apps can spy conditions météorologiques you even if you uninstall them.

5 tips on how to continue to be secure on public Wi-Fi

The good nouvelles is that elle can keep your data secure and easily prevent most du the dangers. Here’s what you have to do:

Tip #1. Volonté a VPN

A VPN encrypts her data and hides her IP deal with wherever amie go. It’s thé most reliable way à ensure that your les données is protected. 

With a VPN, you won’t have to worry around sharing personal information via Facebook’s Messenger app. So, we highly recommend you have one conditions météorologiques at tous times (especially as soon as connecting to public Wi-Fi!).

And hey, why not provide a go? nous offer thé most reasonable price in the marché (+ a 30-day money-back guarantee), et you have the right to connect any kind of amount of devices to cette you want!

Tip #2. Border your online activity

What that method is that elle shouldn’t protocole in venir highly perceptible websites, e.g., bank accounts. Also, tu shouldn’t share sensitive personal data when connected to an unprotected network. Finally, be sure venir turn off sharing service when not in use.

Tip #3. Use HTTPS

When you visit HTTPS sites, tu make ce a lot more difficult parce que le snoopers to fissure your privacy. That “S” at thé end ns this abbreviation stands pour “secure.” Click HERE venir download auto browser développer HTTPS everywhere, which was created et approved passant par the electronic Frontier structure (EFF).

Tip #4. Protect against automatic connections

Malicious agent create fabricated networks to phish à la your data. Si you enable automatic connections, ce makes their travail easier et faster. à avoid this, always confirm authenticity.

Tip #5. Create devoted accounts

Sometimes, free Wi-Fi networks ask à la your credentials. Usually, the providers just gather users’ data and then sell it to marketers. Create a separate email account pour such purposes. That safer, and you can avoid all of these spam messages afterward.

Get cost-free Wi-Fi effortlessly

So, amie can finally say adios à your cost-free Wi-Fi seek problems. Just watch out parce que le popular collection places, ask her friend to turn his téléphone into a hotspot, or use apps the help elle connect to auditeur Wi-Fi. whereby there’s a problem, yes a solution.

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And nothing forget – whenever you’re out and about, elle need to protect your internet traffic (including messaging apps, social media information, et banking credentials) from snoopers et your ISP (internet services provider). Comprendre a VPN à make sure your browsing activity is private and belongs seul to you.