Comment Bien Entretenir Sa Barbe

Trim her beard you yourself is not constantly easy. However, ce is année obligatory step pour every bearded homme who likes à please et seduce! From thé 3-day beard, through auto goatee, to the longue beard, every beard requires a particular way du trimming et maintaining it. Si the henn steps remain the same, there space however avec certitude gestures the differ according to the chosen cut.

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Ideally, going to the coiffeur is thé most practical way to ont a fine trimmed beard. However, it is possible to learn how to trim your beard yourself, soja that amie never again discover yourself in a situation oui embarrassing oui that de a forced limite for example.

The Sybarite now defines how to trim her fleece passant par yourself to oui a beautiful silky and homogeneous beard conditions météorologiques a du quotidien basis, and a beautiful spring moustache!

Preparing his skin before trimming his beard

As with shaving, nous strongly advise you venir prepare her skin well avant trimming her beard. This will prevent skin wake up when tu are about to work on your fleece finish.

To begin, exfoliate her skin with année organic product oz or twice a week depending nous your skin type. It is important to usage a organic exfoliation et natural visage ingredients so as not to damage your skin.

Next, clean your affronter with a organic affronter cleanser avant you trim your beard. This will certainly soften your hair et allow you à work nous clean skin without surface impurities. Nous a du quotidien basis, additionally remember to moisturize your skin under her beard hair for année opti(male) result!

Preparing your beard accessories

Before walk headlong into your beard, it"s necessary to ont the right tools parce que le the job. beard accessories. Indeed, being fine equipped will make toutes les personnes the difference nous the style de your beard in the end.

Here are the accessories you"ll need to trim her beard nous your own:

A moustache comb

The beard comb will certainly be significativement when trimming her beard et moustache, especially si you are faced with knots. Cette will help you à untangle them, do them smoother et thus correctement the trajectory ns the hairs.

A beard brush

The beard brush will certainly be useful à tame her hair et reduce thé "tuft" effect ns your beard. It also removes tous the small residues stuck in your hair, impurities and dead skin from her beard.

A lawnmower

Essential à trim her beard to auto desired height, auto beard trimmer is much more suited to longue beards. It is accessible in all qualities, as are toutes les personnes appliances.

A shavette

This beard attachments is considered one ns the most practical tools, as it permits you to work the frontière of thé beard with thé precision de a goldsmith.

A pair ns scissors

Indispensable venir work nous the finishes de your beard et moustache, auto scissors will help you à trim thé remaining hairs above the lips, cible also to thin her beard precisely.

To savoir more about In addition to having this beard accessories nous hand, it"s necessary to have the appropriate accessories and products. shaving care usual commodities such oui beard oil jaune moisturizer.

Wash her beard with a suitable shampoo.

It is renowned that the beard includes a de nombreux of bacteria, dust et dirt and sometimes also pieces of food. Ce is as such essential that the beard is preserved clean. This is an extremely important, tu should never ever trim your beard when ce is dirty.

To clean your beard, ce is recommended that elle use a an ideal product. This means no more traditional soaps et shampoos, which space not at tous suitable à la your beard, cible for her hair et the rest of your body.


Define the couper of her beard beforehand

Before trimming your beard, cette is considérable to determine auto beard shape tu want venir have. This is indeed an essential step à la the barber. To trim your beard on your own at home, tu will need venir carry out a diagnosis de your beard. To aller this, cette is vital to observé the density, auto sparse locations and thé shape of your beard.

Also watch at your shaving habits, the current length ns your beard and the desired length. If you don"t take this step into account, elle run thé risk de simply trimming her beard without any type of precision!

Using your comb, once your hairs space untangled, spread out them out well haricot de soja you have the right to see thé length. Si you hesitate about thé choice of beard trimming, shot to à faire it according venir your morphology. Indeed, there space beard style that will après you an ext than others.

There are likewise trend phenomena, which elle can rely nous to make her choice. However, don"t think also much around it: audit it out et by dint ns doing, you"ll determine your favourite cut!

If you"re nervous around trimming her beard pour the sapin time, don"t panic. It"s not very complicated, cible above all, you don"t ont to try année ultra elaborate couper on the first try. Aller slowly, and above all, take it your temps to trim her beard well.

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Clearly, thé current trend would certainly be à adopt a shorter beard. The longue beard, hipster-style, would certainly be walking out de fashion. However, don"t trim your long beard si that"s your style. Also, don"t forget the some ladies love super beards!

However, be aware that in this context du health crisis (covid-19), it is fairly advisable venir shave her beard or oui a short one. Indeed, cette reduces the tightness du the mask to thé face et therefore makes it less effective.

You should additionally be mindful that trimming her beard does no necessarily typical reducing the volume jaune changing the shape. You are completely free à be auto beard tu want to be, thankfully!

Steps à trim your beard

Now the you à savoir the appropriate preparation for trimming your beard, let"s see comment to trim your beard step by step.

How à trim your beard yourself?

Thinning the beard

To start trimming a quick to medium beard, ce is essential to thin ce out completely. Making use of a hoof de a bien sur height, do several passes to certain a uniform cut. Afterwards, you will need to use a smaller sized hoof size venir optimize your cut.

Define quel needs to be shaved

To trim her beard properly, you have to define je vous demande pardon needs to be shaved. There are a number of markers elle can use to help you aller this. The first is thé earlobe, the seconde is nous average 1 jaune 2 cm above the Adam"s apple. Use your lawnmower, razor, trimmer or shave to remove thé hairs below this line. First, cut from top to bottom and then in auto opposite direction. Don"t forget à apply shaving oil venir the petit hairs amie want venir remove in order to soften them.

Make thé contours

Then brush your beard, making use of a brosser or a comb, first in the opposite direction et then in the opposite direction. Finally, cut off toutes les personnes the petit hairs the stick out to obtain an even beard. Tu can likewise use a trimmer to aller this, making sure you get the appropriate hoof size.

Taking care de the chin

Once this operation is completed, don"t forget your chin. Faire exactly the same, but be careful not to remove too lot hair. This is merely because cette is the place where over there is auto most volume, and it is also often the place that gives the final shape venir your beard.

As you will ont understood, amie don"t trim a brief beard like elle trim a long beard! Moreover, a complete beard calls for special type compared to other types ns beards. The use of a pair de scissors is also recommended in order venir cut toutes les personnes the hairs the protrude through precision, à la a uniform beard.

Trim her moustache

Once you"ve trimmed your beard, don"t forget your moustache! This have to be adjusted to the shape of your face cible also venir the cut of her beard. To à faire this, take it a pair du moustache scissors and cut éteindre the overfill hair covering thé upper lip.


Simply follow the dépanne of her lips and cut éteindre anything that protrudes. Tu can climate thin out your moustache if you require to. You can likewise choose to trim her moustache with the trimmer.

However, thé clipper head is often vast in relation to thé space between auto nostrils and the upper lip. You could then get a couple of strokes ns the hoof in her nose!

With a lawnmower, auto most important thing is to find thé right angles. Indeed, the secret of a beautiful moustache in harmony through your beard is above toutes les personnes precision et attention à detail!

If you have a particularly longue moustache, nous advise you venir pull thé hairs towards each end sauce soja that it is easier to work lock in.

Zoom conditions météorologiques the paw trend

Nowadays, thé trend is towards thinner legs. But it"s toutes les personnes a matter ns taste. Si you"re keen venir try it, the meilleur thing to do is to work nous the junction between thé beard et the legs v a 6 mm hoof. Elle can use auto earlobes as a marker, up à which you can mow to 3 mm. Then seul make a junction between auto legs and the hair at around 1.8 mm. Be careful, this is an average, it"s up à you venir find your very own settings!

Finally, apply a organic moustache oil to ont a nice, soft, silky beard. By the way, si you tend to ont a dry and rough beard, analysis this article will for sure help!

Make sure amie choose an organic mustache oil fabriqué from herbal ingredients venir bring seul the vital elements venir your hair without damaging it.

The last but not least step is of artaserse to clean all the hairs the line auto bottom of your restroom sink. Cette goes without saying!

Maintain her beard nous a daily basis

Once your beard is fine trimmed, toutes les personnes you oui to aller is take care of it regularly. Seulement know that keeping your moustache makes toutes les personnes the difference. Cette is imperative à moisturize your skin underneath auto hair, et nourish your beard daily. To à faire this, use a organic mustache balm jaune a organic mustache oil.

Indeed, cette is significativement to use these care products because your skin is frequently weakened par shaving. Even more so parce que le bearded people who suffer from skin irritation and/or itching and have sensitive skin. To protect your epidermis from outside aggressions, amie can likewise use a moisturising cream, insisting nous the previously shaved areas.

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On a tous les jours basis, your beard needs à be combed, shampooed and moisturised. Every week, cette is essential venir take care of cette with an ideal products. Find the le meilleur care products nous the SybariteThese room lovingly formulated in France, to have a beautiful beard that is cared parce que le on a daily basis.

Trim your beard you yourself in your bathroom is not an extremely complicated as long as you take her time and use thé right accessories et products. à trim her beard properly, it"s like everything else: you ont to exercise in order to master auto technique! So, chandelier we get started?