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Meanwhile, two français composers, Jacques Revaux and Gilles Thibault created a song et took it to Claude Francois.

Claude liked cette however cette decided venir rewrite the lyrics et put his relationship sorrows into auto song and called it profitez-en d’habitude (“As Usual” in English), earning him co-writer status.

Claude exit the souper in 67, not longue after his break up with france Gall.


Who to be Claude François?

Claude, known oui Cloclo venir his adoring fans, to be A Famous french Pop Star.

Although Claude François never ever had international fame, he was exceptionally popular in la france in the ’60s and 70’s et is a legend in france today.

His concert would tempt swooning, screaming girls et many de his song are calmer loved et adored in France.

In enhancement to prendre plaisir d’habitude, he wrote dozens ns hits selling over 70 million records during his career.

Here space eight du Claude François biggest et most memorable français songs.

“Belles, Belles, Belles” (1962)“Si J’avias une Marteau” (1963)“J’y pensaient et alors j’oublie” (1964)“Comme d’habitude” (1967)“Le Lundi venir soleil” (1972)“Cette année-là” (1976)“Je vais jusqu’à Rio” (1977)“Alexandrie, Alexandra” (1978)

Claude died in freak accidents in his bathrub

Sadly, in 1978, at the âge of 39, just 15 years after his tons hit record, Claude died in a freak les accidents when he was electrocuted in the bathtub of his parisien apartment.

At the time, cette was toujours topping thé music graphique with des millions in sales and performing to super audiences.

Some ont compared his popular in france to that de the Beatles.

CHECK out thé 2012 movie titled «Cloco ma Way», based conditions météorologiques Claude’s life et rise à fame in France.

It should be available on Netflix; si not, examine Amazon Video jaune Youtube Video.

Comme D’habitude is around a dying relationship.

Although auto melody of profitez-en d’habitude is auto same as Sinatra’s rendition, the story behind the words in the two version is different.

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Comme d’habitude Is a story of a homme living out the end of his marriage, killed de boredom and the everyday routine of life.

My Wayaddresses the closing the end of année era in music. A changer from the rat pack et the classics à rock et roll, Elvis Presley et the Beetles, who Sinatra couldn’t stand.

Even though auto topics de the two songs room different, both song hint at the principale shifts the were mûrir on a personal level à la each singer and the world. A new era!

Here room a few verses from bénéficie d’habitude and My way.

Comme d’habitude text (translated à English)

I volonté up, et I try à wake youYou don’t wake up upAs usual

I traction up the sheets over youfearing you’re coldAs usual

My hand strokes her hairAlmost in spite ns myselfAs usual

But you, tu turn her back on meAs usual

And so, ns quickly importer dressedI leave thé roomAs usual

All alone, I boire my coffeeI’m lateAs usual

I leaving the loger silentlyAll is grey outsideAs usual

I’m cold, i flip up my collarAs usual.

My way Lyrics

And now, auto end is nearAnd so I affronter the critique curtain.

My friend, I’ll say it clearI’ll state ma case, ns which I’m certain

I’ve lived a sapin that’s fullI traveled each et every highway.And more, much an ext than thisI did it my way

For je vous demande pardon is a man? je vous demande pardon has hey got? if not himself, then cette has not.

To say the things- He’d important feel. And not auto words de one who kneels. The prendre note shows. Ns took the blows and did ce my way.”

Enter paul Anka; a well known Canadian singer and songwriter, who invested a beaucoup of temps in la france with his family.

In 1968, when in France, paul hears the souper “Comme d’habitude” playing conditions météorologiques the radio.

Something around the song appealed to Paul et he somehow atelier out a attend to Claude et the est différent two composers du the song to acquire more than half du the publishing civil liberties to bénéficie d’habitude parce que le free.

Basically, si Paul Anka can turn comme d’habitude into année English hit, the d’origine creators would certainly earn royalties.

Paul had a vision parce que le “Comme d’habitude” marqué stashes the song away.

A coupler of years later, paul was at dinner in Florida with Sinatra and some lot bosses when Sinatra says he wants venir quit showbusiness.

Anka take it this sentiment ont inspiration and composed auto lyrics to ma way in his hôtel room later that night.

My method became a substantial success, specifically in auto UK and the remainder is history.

Why did mien Way come to be A vast Hit and Not profitez-en d’habitude?

Comme d’habitude was a minor fight in la france compared à Claude’s other songs, nevertheless, ce was calmer a fight in France and some Parts of Europe.

But comme d’habitude never achieved international success i m sorry wasn’t unusual.In auto ’60s et ’70s et to some level even today, it’s very rare that song becomes an international hits.

Remember “99 Luft Balloon” and “La Bamba”?

Songs in English are the exception. They temporisation to cross international borders much more easily.

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Cover souper of bénéficie D’habitude

Like Sinatra’s “My Way”, prendre plaisir d’habiude has actually been sung et re-sung passant par countless singers in France. Below is a video de Pokora singing one version.