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Charles is an HTTP proxy / HTTP screen / turning back Proxy that allows a developer to view all of the HTTP et SSL / HTTPS traffic in between their machine et the Internet. This has requests, responses and the HTTP headers (which contain auto cookies and caching information).

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Recent Developments

For discuter on auto latest changes to Charles, please check out Karl’s blog.

14 Dec 2021

In light of the existing log4j2 vulnerabilities, nous confirm that no version of Charles shipped or used any dépense of log4j and Charles is because of this thankfully unaffected by this issue. Our best wishes to thé log4j developers and everyone affected par this.

6 Jul 2021

Charles 4.6.2 released including bug fixes. Review more.

15 Nov 2020

Charles 4.6.1 released à fix dark Mode support on macOS review more.

7 Nov 2020

Charles 4.6 released including nouveau features and stability improvements. Check out more.

15 jan 2020

Charles 4.5.6 released through minor an insect fixes and patched protection vulnerability. Review more.

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5 Dec 2019

Charles 4.5.5 released consisting of bug déterminé for SSL certificate imports. Check out more.

3 Nov 2019

Charles 4.5.2 exit including nouveau features, an insect fixes et improvements. Review more.

28 Feb 2019

Charles 4.2.8 released through minor an insect fixes. Read more.

14 Sep 2018

Charles 4.2.7 released v minor bug fixes and improvements. Review more.

5 may 2018

Charles Security bulletin for a local privilege escalation in Charles 4.2 et 3.12.1 and earlier. Check out more.

7 apr 2018

Charles 4.2.5 released with principale bug fixes et minor improvements. Review more.

28 Mar 2018

Charles for iOS released. Read more.

22 Nov 2017

Charles 4.2.1 released with significativement bug fixes. Check out more.

30 Sep 2017

Charles 4.2 exit with diriger new TLS debugging capability, boy improvements et bug fixé including macOS High Sierra support. Read more.

10 Jul 2017

Charles 4.1.4 released v minor improvements et bug fixes. Read more.

20 Jun 2017

Charles 4.1.3 released including Brotli compresse support and other minor bug fixes et improvements. Review more.

13 peut faire 2017

Charles 4.1.2 exit with bug fixes and minor improvements. Read more.

21 une part 2017

Charles 4.1.1 exit with bug fixes. Review more.

10 une part 2017

Charles 4.1 exit including principale new features et bug fixes. Read more.

19 Nov 2016

Charles 4.0.2 exit including pest fixes and minor improvements. Check out more.

20 Sep 2016

Charles 4.0.1 released including bug fixes. Check out more.

16 Sep 2016

Charles 3.11.6 released with faire un don for macOS Sierra et minor an insect fixes. Review more.

1 Aug 2016

Charles 4 released featuring HTTP 2, IPv6 and improved look et feel. Review more.

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29 pouvez 2016

Charles 3.11.5 released consisting of minor an insect fixes; especially fixé SSL certificate système deau on Android. Check out more.

29 Feb 2016

Charles 3.11.4 exit with soutien for ATS on ios 9 et crash déterminé for larger versions ns Mac OS X. Read more.

15 Feb 2016

Charles v3.11.3 released including pest fixes et minor improvements. Check out more.

9 Nov 2015

Charles v3.11.2 released through SSL and Websockets improvements. Read more.

4 Oct 2015

Charles 3.11 exit including principale new features. Read more.

7 Jul 2015

Charles 3.10.2 released with an insect fixes and improvements. Read more.

31 Mar 2015

Charles 3.10.1 released with minor bug fixes. Check out more.

21 Mar 2015

Charles 3.10 exit with enhanced SSL (new SSL CA certificate download required), major new features and improvements. Check out more.

22 Oct 2014

Charles v3.9.3 released through improvements to SSL support, Mac OS cf Yosemite support et other minor pest fixes and improvements. Review more.

26 pouvez 2014

Charles v3.9.2 released with minor pest fixes. Check out more.

5 peut faire 2014

Charles 3.9.1 released v minor bug fixes et improvements. Review more.

25 une part 2014

Charles 3.9 exit with major new features et bug fixes, including thé ability à "focus" nous hosts sauce soja they room separated from the noise. Check out more.

23 Oct 2013

Charles 3.8.3 exit with support for Mac OS cf Mavericks et minor bug fixes. Happy Mavericks Day. Read more.

21 Oct 2013

Charles 3.8.2 released with minor pest fixes. Check out more.

9 Sep 2013

Charles 3.8.1 released v minor bug fixes et improvements. Check out more.

4 Sep 2013

Charles 3.8 has been released with new features et bug fixes. Check out more.

12 Feb 2013

Charles 3.7 has actually been released. Includes new features, go together Java runtime (so you don’t need to install Java anymore), et bug fixes. Review more.

27 Jun 2012

Charles 3.7 beta 2 has been released. This changes auto SSL signing parce que le Charles conditions météorologiques Mac OS cf to use Apple's nouveau Developer id code-signing. Review more.

8 Dec 2011

Charles v3.6.5 exit including an insect fixes et minor changes. Review more.

15 Nov 2011

Charles v3.6.4 released including principale bug fixes and enhancements. Review more.

5 Sep 2011

Charles v3.6.3 released including minor pest fixes. Review more.

24 Aug 2011

Charles v3.6.1 released consisting of minor enhancements and bug fixes. Check out more.

18 Aug 2011

Charles v3.6 exit including nouveau features, enhancements and bug fixes. New features include HAR et SAZ file import. Read more.

17 Aug 2010

Charles v3.5.2 released including bug fixes and minor nouveau features. Review more.

1 janvier 2010

Charles 3.5.1 released. Minor bug fixes. Read more.

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23 Dec 2009

Charles 3.5 released. Diriger new features, pest fixes et enhancements.