After long months du championship play, the two le meilleur teams in thé Top 14 will affronter each other nous the Stade du France pitch à la a thrilling final encounter conditions météorologiques the weekend of célibataire 25, 2022.

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The winner de this final duel will certainly earn auto right venir lift the mythical Brennus Shield in front du 80,000 spectators at auto Stade.


This match is a originalité occasion à see the le meilleur players in auto world nous the pitch of Stade de France contest the legendary Brennus Shield, v a history going back much more than 125 years.


The 2020 dessus 14 Final, at first scheduled to take carré at Stade du France nous Friday célibataire 26, 2020, has just been official cancelled par the la gestion Committee du the French denchères Rugby League.

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It should currently be down in her diaries: thé TOP 14 final will be played conditions météorologiques Saturday, célibataire 15th 2019. Beyond thé sporting an obstacle which sees every finalist offer their toutes les personnes to win thé Brennus Shield, auto rugby haut 14 définitif is also année important et fun get-together.

The line-up pour the sommet 14 critique has been announced: MONTPELLIER will take nous CASTRES. Between Montpellier, sapin place in auto regular season, and Castres, the surprendre finalist, a spectacular clash is in auto making. Auto line-up additionally includes a closing show passant par one du the top artists nous the international music scene: MIKA.
The critique of the french Championship is THE meeting place for rugby lovers.After a stint in Barcelona, périmé to Euro 2016, the final returns à Stade aux France in 2017 to couronner the meilleur French club of the season.

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The fourteen best French rugby club compete each année in one de the many high-profile championships in the world, better known as the sommet 14! At auto end ns the season, auto winner obtain the Brennus Shield, a reputation award, which ce retains until thé end ns the adhering to season.

A highly anticipated occasion at the top of français rugby

At auto pinnacle du French rugby, the final of thé Top 14 is a extremely anticipated event ont it opposes auto two best-ranked teams in thé championship. Si some clubs have conquered these clashes pour years (Stade français or stade Toulousain parce que le example), auto competition is now significantly competitive, through a very homogeneous championship in terms de level! Whoever auto finalists are, ce promises venir be lively!

Stade ns France has hosted the définitif since 1998. This turf, i beg your pardon is usually an ext accustomed to seeing the studs ns footballers, has thus seen auto highlights of the français rugby unfold: the multiple titles de "its" club, stade Français, auto last-gasp victory du Biarritz Olympique against auto same Stade Français after fifteen minute of extra temps in 2005, or the tons title because 1992 de Rugby club Toulonnais, after two lost finals, are seulement a few examples ns this!

Rugby is more et more popular in France

Rugby is coming to be more et more popular in France and is non longer limite to its historic bastion ns the South-west, as evidenced by victories of clubs from the parisien region, or the recent accession to thé elite du Rugby de Lyonnais. In the lâge of professional sport, the dessus 14 matches are because of this increasingly manifestation in their very own right. Castle are now played frequently in front de 30,000 fired-up fans, through parades de mascots et cheerleaders!

Rugby is known à la its friendly et good-natured atmosphere et for thé remarkable attitude ns its supporters. In a place oui full of history and emotions ont Stade ns France (the theatre du the exploits ns 1998 et of thé elimination ns the nouveau Zealand toutes les personnes Blacks de our national rugby team in 2007), able to accommodate an ext than 80,000 spectators, the next Top 14 final promises à be a wonderful sporting and festive event!