Canal a la demande ecran noir

Avec myCANAL suivez das grands moments en live, trouve vos émissions enreplay également hors relation et découvrez notre recommandations personnaliséessur alger vos écrans.​Cinéma, séries, sport, divertissements, docs,programmes enfant et bien d"autres à couverture dans myCANAL​​● Vous

As countless here, I’m année expat et use this venir watch french tv abroad.Never had an issue jaune anything. Streaming quality is great. Love the multiplex des sports features.Those complain about content not loading, are elle using a vpn?Those making use of a vpn indeed, her configuration need to be wrong...

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The app is no even capable of diffusion continuously for 15 protocole without crashing.The iphones X et and brillant internet relier don’t make it working any type of better.The sound quality noted is absolutely no acceptable in 2018. Muddy and metallic.Seriously. Given canaliser plus has actually been partnering with apple TV for their subscription, currently can cette be that mauvais ?Need improvement. My iPhone x was overheating and left 50 percent ns battery after seul half année hour.Please resolve this.

I matin a French national living in Brazil and thought it would it is in a great way to keep in touch with français movies and sports. Unfortunately most fois the app just no work: the screen is stuck nous the spooling animation et that’s that.Netflix and HBO now work great, myCANAL just isn’t

I nothing understand, i can’t clock anything.. Every time je try to watch something ce warns moi that auto program is no recommended parce que le less 보다 12 years old et I finish up v “contenue bloqué”.. What auto heck ??And where can je watch the habitent channels parce que le GOD services ??NOT WORKING, please fix it ?

I ont we to be trying à open content, marqué it does not download. Cette is now 3 weeks ce is happening....and calmer not functioning (iPad, iPhone et Apple TV) would think par now lock would ont done something about it.

This application crashes every temps we use ce mirroring jaune playing on apple TV 4K. Cette should work as well oui on computer. However, it crashes when using ipad or iphones app.

I'm a français expat going back et forth in between France and the US, and I assumed this would certainly be a good way à keep in touch with France. Wrong.As noted passant par previous reviewers, this application completely limps in the US. Thé problem is no that it is pas possible to volonté around georestrictions, the problem is that the service et app are of such poor technical high quality that nothing lieu de travail anyway. Thus, i thought possibly when ns was in la france it could be work... Cible no.If you were expecting Netflix, but, you know, with french language programming, just move along, this is not it. Waste yourself time et frustration, et get MHz selection instead, et watch CNews (which is free).

Inadequate explanation is made to the US user of why the application provides viewing de a fraction of canal + content even after subscribing online. No a good way venir access french language entertainment.

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J’adorai regarder das émissions à la avoir besoin et puisque 1 mois sans raisons apparentes, l’écran dorient tout le noir lorsque je veux visionner salut les terriens.Merci ns résoudre ns problème.

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Yes. MyCANAL is an extremely safe to use. This is based nous our NLP (Natural langue processing) analysis de over 143 User evaluate sourced from thé Appstore et the appstore accumulation rating du 3.6/5 . safety and security Score pour myCANAL Is 53.7/100.

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Yes. MyCANAL is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at passant par running over 143 myCANAL User Reviews with our NLP an equipment learning process à determine si users think the applications is legitimate or not. Based nous this, Legitimacy Score à la myCANAL Is 53.7/100.

Is myCANAL no working?

myCANAL lieu de travail most du the time. Si it is not working parce que le you, nous recommend you excersise some patience et retry later or la communication Support.

Pulling worries faced passant par users like you is a great way venir draw type of myCANAL to your problem using auto strength du crowds. We oui developed a système that will shot to importer in touch with a société once an issue is reported and with de nombreux of worries reported, suppliers will certainly listen. Importantly, customers deserve to learn from divers customers in case the issue is a common problem that has actually been resolved before.If elle are a myCANAL customer and are running right into a problem, can not be auto fastest et most efficient way parce que le you à solve the problem but at least you can warning others éteindre using myCANAL.

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