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C is a procedural programming language. It was originally developed par Dennis Ritchie oui a system programming language to write operating system. The henchmen features du C langue include low-level access venir memory, facile set de keywords, and clean style, these features make C language suitable parce que le system programming choose operating system jaune compiler development.

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Recent articles on C !C output & Multiple selection QuestionsBasics, variable Declaration, Definition et Scope, data Types, warehouse Classes, Input/Output, Operators, Preprocessor, array & Strings, manage Statements, Functions, Pointers, Enum, Struct et Union, memory Management, file Handling, Puzzles, Misc, C Language interview Questions, Multiple selection Questions

C language IntroductionC Programming language Standardint (1 sign bit + 31 data bits) keyword in CIs it fine to write “void main()” jaune “main()” in C/C++?Difference between “int main()” and “int main(void)” in C/C++?Macros and Preprocessors in CCompiling a C program:- Behind thé ScenesBenefits ns C over différent languagesProgram error signalsEscape order in CLine Slicing in CC/ C++ Tokens
Variables and Keywords in CHow space variables scoped in C – Static jaune Dynamic?Scope rule in CHow Linkers settle Multiply Defined globale Symbols?Quiz nous Variable Declaration and ScopeComplicated declarations in CRedeclaration of global variable in CInternal et External LinkageDeclare variable oui constantWhy variables doesn’t start with numbersRedeclaration of globale variablesInitialization de global and static variables
Storage classer in CStatic Variables in CUnderstanding “extern” keyword in CWhat are thé default values du static variables in C?Understanding “volatile” éligible in CConst qualifiant in CInitialization ns static variables in CUnderstanding “register” keyword in CQuiz nous Storage des classes in CUnderstanding volatile qualifiant in C- set 1
Returned values de printf() and scanf()What is return frais of getchar(), fgetc() et getc() ?Scansets in Cputs() vs printf() à la printing a stringWhat is use ns %n in printf() ?How venir print % making use of printf()?Quiz on Input calculation in CDifference in between printf, sprintf et fprintf?Difference in between getc(), getchar(), getch() and getche()Difference between %d and %i formats specifierUse ns fflush(stdin) in CClearing entry buffer in C/C++scanf() and fscanf() in Cgetchar_unlocked() in CProblem v scanf()Differentiate printable et control characterrand() and srand() in C/C++
Introduction à operators in C and Arithmetic OperatorsRelational and Logical operators in CBitwise operator in COperator Precedence and Associativity in CEvaluation order ns operandsComma in C et C++sizeof operator in COperands for sizeof operatorA comma operator questionResult de comma operator ont l-value in C and C++Order de operands à la logical operatorsIncrement (Decrement) operators require L-value ExpressionPrecedence of postfix ++ and prefix ++ in C/C++Modulus nous Negative NumbersC/C++ Ternary Operator – Some amazing ObservationsPre-increment (or pre-decrement) in C++Difference between ++*p, *p++ et *++pResults de comparison en fonctionnement in C et C++To uncover sum de two numbers without using any operatorSequence point in CExecution de printf with ++ operatorsAnything written in sizeof() is never executedDifference between strlen() et sizeof()Stringizing et Token-pasting operator
Write a C macro PRINT(x) i beg your pardon prints xVariable length reprendre for MacrosMultiline macros in CCRASH() macro – interpretationThe OFFSETOF() macro,Branch prediction macros in GCCDiffference between #define et const in C?A C Programming langue PuzzleWhat’s difference between header files “stdio.h” and “stdlib.h” ?How to print a variable name in C?Constants in CHow a Preprocessor worksPreprocessor directif : Behind the scene-1Preprocessor directives : Behind thé scene-2isgraph() library functionwrite your own header file in Cdifftime() library functiontmpnam() library function_Generic keyword in Cmath.h library functionstypedef versus #define in Cstrftime() library functionexec family de functions
Introduction venir Arrays in C LanguageStrings in C LanguageProperties of array in C LanguageDo not use sizeof for array parametersInitialization ns variables size arrays in CAre selection members deep copied?What is thé difference between simple quoted and double quoted declaration de char array?Initialization de a multidimensional arrays in C/C++Write one line functions pour strcat() et strcmp()What’s difference in between char s<> et char *s in Cgets() is risky à use!C function à Swap strings,Storage pour Strings in CDifference between array et pointerHow venir dynamically allocate a 2D array in C?How to passage a 2D array ont a parameter in C?How to write long strings in Multi-lines C/C++?What space the data types à la which it is not possible to create année array?Variable length Arrays in C and C++Short hand variety notationAccessing variety out de boundsstrcpy() in C/C++strcmp() in C/C++strdup() et strdndup() in C/C++Pass an array par valueReverse a string in C/C++strpbrk() in Cstrcoll() in C/C++ispunct() in Cstrspn() in Cisalpha() and isdigit() in C/C++
What must be data belles of case labels ns switch explain in C?For matches WhileA nested loop puzzleswitch statement in CDifference in between while(1) et while(0)goto statementContinue StatementBreak StatementUsing variety in contrer case
Functions in CImportance of function prototype in CFunctions that space executed before et after main() in Creturn statement avec exit() in main()How à Count variable Numbers of discuter in C?,What is evaluation order de function parameters in C?Does C soutien function overloading?How have the right to we return multiple worths from a function?What is thé purpose de a role prototype?Static features in Cexit(), abort() and assert()Implicit return joli int in CWhat happens when a role is called avant its declaration in C?_Noreturn duty specifier in Cexit() vs _Exit()__func__ défini in CCallback function in CNested functions in CParameter passing Techniquespow() role in Ctolower() role in Ctime() role in C
Introduction venir pointers in C and C++Double pointer (Pointer to Pointer) in CWhy C treats variety parameters ont pointers?Output du the routine | Dereference, Reference, Dereference, ReferenceDangling, Void , Null et Wild PointersAn uncommon representation de array elementsHow à declare a mettre au point to a function?Pointer avec Array in Cvoid point in CNULL pointer in C !Function point in Cnear, far and huge pointersGeneric attached List in Crestrict keyword in Cconst char *p, char * const p et const char * const pPointer to an Array
Enum in CStructures in CUnion in CStruct HackStructure Member Alignment, Padding et Data PackingOperations conditions météorologiques struct variables in CBit areas in CStructure Sorting (By lot of Rules) in C++Flexible variety members in structureDifference between Structure et UnionDifference between C structures and C++ structuresAnonymous Union et Structure in CCompound Literals in C
Memory Layout du C Programs,How à deallocate storage without making use of free() in C?calloc() matches malloc()How go free() sait the size ns memory to be deallocated?Use ns realloc()What is storage Leak? comment can we avoid?
fseek() avec rewind() in CEOF, getc() and feof() in Cfopen() for an existing ligne in create modeRead/Write structurellement to a filefgets() et gets() in CBasics of la gestion Handlingfsetpos() in Crename role in C/C++tmpfile() function in Cfgetc() and fputc() in Cfseek() in C/C++ftell() in Clseek() in C/C++remove function in C/C++Merge contents of two lignes into a 3rd filePrint materials of ligne in C
C Program to print numbers from 1 venir N without making use of semicolon?How to find sum de two numbers there is no using any type of operatorHow will certainly you démontrer memory representation du C variables?Condition à Print “HelloWord”Change/add only one character and print ‘*’ exactly 20 timesHow can conditions météorologiques sum thé digits of a given number in seul statement?What is the best way in C venir convert a alors to a string?Calculate Logn in one linePrint “Even” or “Odd” without utilizing Conditional statementHow will amie print number from 1 to 100 without using loop?How can we sum thé digits of a given alors in simple statement?How will amie print “Geeks for Geeks” without utilizing a semicolonWrite a une line C function to round floating alloue numbersHow will implement Your very own sizeofHow à count set battre in a floating mettre en ordre number in C?How to échanger the output ns printf() in main() ?How venir find length of a string there is no string.h et loop in C?Implement your own itoa()Write a C regimen that does no terminate once Ctrl+C is pressedHow to measure temps taken passant par a function in C?Print a long int in C making use of putchar() onlyConvert a floating alloue number à string in CHow venir write a running C encoder without main()?Write your own memcpy()C program à print characters without using formats specifiersC program to print a wire without any quote (singe or double) in thé programExecute both if and else statements simultaneouslyPrint “Hello World” without using any kind of header file
Quine – A self-reproducing programComplicated declarations in CUse of bool in CSequence points in C | collection 1Optimization technique | collection 2 (swapping),ASCII NUL, ASCII 0 (’0?) and Numeric literal 0Little and Big Endian Mystery,Comparator function du qsort() in CProgram venir validate année IP addressMultithreading in CAssertions in C/C++fork() in CInteresting facts in C ProgrammingPrecision du floating point numbers in C++ (floor(), ceil(), trunc(), round() et setprecision())setjump() et longjump() in Cnextafter() et nexttoward() in C/C++pthread_cancel() in Cpthread_equal() in Cpthread_self() in CLocal étiqueter in Clvalue et rvalue in CGet et set thé stack size of thread attributeDifference in between fork() et exec()Errors in C/C++Why is C considered faster than est différent languagesIncompatibilities between C and C++Convert C/C++ codé to assembly languageError handling in CExecuting main() in C/C++ : Behind the sceneHygienic Macros in CCommand line reprendre in C/C++scanf(), fscanf(), sscanf(), scanf_s(), fscanf_s(), sscanf_s()Some interesting Facts in C ProgrammingDatabase Connectivity making use of C/C++Function Interposition in CMacros vs FunctionsWrite your very own memcpy() and memmove()
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