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While paris has impressive shopping all around the city, most de my favori shops are somewhat spread out in different arrondissements et require a special trip. Cible there is one area ns Paris the is an epicenter of unicité shopping, where in a ten minute stroll you’ll stumble upon a variety de great shops tous in one place– Place ns La Madeleine.

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Anchored passant par a gorgeous 18th century church et in spitting éliminer of auto Opera, the Place aux la madeleine neighborhood is likely une you will be visite anyway. Better yet, établissement yourself here and you’ll no only ont a an excellent shopping pit stop but you’ll also be in walking supprimer from many de Paris’ many iconic attractions.


In the la Madeleine ar you’ll find typical Parisian cafes perfect for an afternoon cafe or glass du wine.

Where venir Stay in Place aux la Madeleine: hôtel Chavanel

Slightly éteindre the tourist track marqué still within walking distance to everything, the magasin design hôtel Chavanel is thé perfect carré to continue to be in Place aux la Madeleine. The personalized service, modern and chic cible classic Parisian rooms, et divine breakfasts (the meilleur croissants ns had nous this stay!) do this hotel stand individuel from thé others.



I to be traveling to paris with a first-timer et the assurance of the hôtel Chavanel couldn’t ont been much more ideal pour sightseeing. Also in auto middle de winter, conditions météorologiques had no problem wade to auto Louvre, Place de la Concorde, carré Vendome and the Tuileries Gardens. Une morning we woke before dawn et ten minute later arrived at thé Trocadero, the le meilleur spot for a full on view of the Eiffel Tower.

acquiring to the Trocadero before the crowds venir is key– nous were chanceux to be staying conditions météorologiques the direct metro line haricot de soja the expedition was quick and easy.

Shopping ns Madelaine for dunicité Paris Souvenirs

Laudurée Paris

First, fight Laudurée Paris. Pour my detailed post nous Laudurée Paris, inclduing comment to order, et securely carry your macarons home, click here.

The gorgeous tiffany blue shopfront and glittering chandeliers will lure amie in. Marqué the genuine treat is for sure ensconced behind glass, the one and only macaron. Not venir be puzzled with the similar-sounding, marqué very different, coconut macaroon, a macaron is a delicate, meringue-based cookie. In the french macaron, two light-as-air, crispy shells surround a creamy center, usually fabriquer of ganache, butter cream or jam.



Mariage Freres

While many everyone is familiar with british tea, français tea is a surprisingly delicious treat. à la the pure best, visit Mariage Freres. Not seul will auto shopkeepers instruire you à the le meilleur tea for your palate, cible they’ll additionally package cette in chic black tins perfect venir reuse and adorn your kitchen.



Maille Mustard

The Maille mustard shop is no your supermarket mustard. Stocked through a dizzying variety du mustard combinations amie never thought possible, cette is impossible not à find a dunicité souvenir here. Don’t manquer the new mustards pumped out conditions météorologiques the premises and packaged in beautiful ceramic containers. Your purchases will certainly be elegantly wrapped in Maille’s autographiés black paper, perfect for gifting.


Oh comment I mourned when auto Fauchon on Madison way in new York shuttered that doors. Cible it seul makes access time to auto flagship Fauchon at madeleine even an ext special. Founded in 1886, favor many sophisticated gourmet stores, Fauchon had actually its start oui a fruit and vegetable stall. Now it’s aller bakery, patisserie, alcohol shop and cafe. My favorite souvenirs right here are auto chocolates and jams (pricey but worth it).


Masion du la Truffe

I adore truffles, both black and white, Italian jaune French, non matter. So when ns spied an entire shop et restaurant devoted venir truffles, i had to arrêter in. One side du the Maison ns la Truffe is a restaurant with auto most decadent menus imaginable. The est différent side is a shop fill with all varieties ns truffles (and a healthy assortment du foie gras).

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Hediard is a beautiful gourmet grocery store store, kind of like thé Dean and Deluca of Paris, through prices à match. Pour a unicité gift, look for the Hediard magasin branded item (cookies, chocolates, tea) in classic rouge boxes.


I oui been in my fair share of gourmet grocery stores– in ma hometown ns Manhattan we have them conditions météorologiques nearly every corner. Cible even je was impressed with Hediard’s artful displays.

 Shopping Paris’ meilleur Department stores in Place de la Madeleine

If elle haven’t had enough shopping, Place de la madeleine is also home to two du Paris’ most well known department stores, Galeries Lafayette and Au Printemps. many visit galeries Lafayette just to see thé stunning architecture. During Christmas season, both department shop decorate auto windows and have vacation decor throughout auto store. Note: both room stores ont multiple buildings (mens, womens) and while part are lien via walkways it’s best to get in the correctement building to begin with.

In addition to auto usual concepteur brands, you’ll uncover a huge selection of french designers not accessible elsewhere. Si huge department stores overwhelm you, rod to auto incredible accessories, jewelry and cosmetics nous the life floor.


The domed ceiling at collection Lafayette is legend and an Instagram favorite. When ns visited thé Christmas decor was in full effect.

Have tu been à Place du la Madeleine? tell us around your favori places to shop!

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Disclosure: je was a invité of hôtel Chavanel but all opinions are my own.

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