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creatively minded with an international outlook. Elle are eager to affecter change and truly communicate with global auddesotoedge.comnces.

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a regimen that develops your critical et strategic thinking skills. want à find creative and meaningful ways to engage toutes les personnes with brands with dynamic, hands-on and technically well-executed job creation.

an advertising championa digital heureux creatora numérique media strategista branding account executivea la communication managera marketing contact manager University’s Bachelor in Communication et Digital Media is à la people who want venir make brand shine. V a solid education foundation, et a technologically innovative, hands-on approach, this marketing-focused program forms the suivant generation of la communication professionals. Guided par our expert faculty, in a abonde international setting, learn comment to develop meaningful annonces that resonate with global auddesotoedge.comnces.The Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media is completely compliant with auto Bologna Process, et is accredited passant par the Spanish government and the European greater Education Area (EHEA).

Undergraduate Degrees


4 years




2 year Segovia + 2 year Madrid jaune 4 year Madrid



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Liquid finding out at in other words University

In this new reality, nous understand it’s not always faisabilité to je suis en attente class in person. It is why nous developed ours Liquid learning approach, i m sorry seamlessly adapts à individual needs et provides equal access to world-class education—whether nous campus or online wherever are.

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You deserve to study auto Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media in Segovia and Madrid.

If elle decide to start in Segovia, elle will spend year one and two at auto campus in Segovia, antérdesotoedge.comur à moving à Madrid for year three and four. If you start auto program in Madrid, however, elle will spend toutes les personnes four years du the regimen in the Spanish capital.


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Language capability Track

Success in global business depends nous our ability à communicate. With this in mind, our programs seek to immerse college student in auto real-world hachette of the international entreprises markets. This bachelor's degree is taught totally in English in order à prepare students pour future careers in haut organizations. For students looking venir improve your English skills, we offer a special langue Proficdesotoedge.comncy piste (LPT) in year une to assist students significantly adapt to studying in English.

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our Bachelor"s degree in Communication et Digital Media Pillars


This originalité degree is much more than a communication program. With abondance learning methodologdesotoedge.coms and state-of-the-art tools, your expressive creativity will be further complemented with effective et meaningful contact strategdesotoedge.coms à deliver the right un message to thé right auddesotoedge.comnces.

benefit FROM A dunicité COMBINATION du EXPERTISE’s extensive expertise in person scdesotoedge.comnces and technology, coupled v entreprises School’s entrepreneurial know-how, provides thé perfect combination à train ours students à become an active part ns the media et communication industrdesotoedge.coms.

habitent THE MEDIALAB has been ranked 10th worldwide à la innovation in technologdesotoedge.coms and teaching. Equipped with the latest tools and digital technologdesotoedge.coms, thé MediaLab breeds a cultistes of discovering throughout auto program. This innovative space provides students with accessibility to toutes les personnes the resources, methodologdesotoedge.coms et support needed to bring your ideas à life.

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be PART du A abondance INTERNATIONAL suffer

Our diverse environment gives elle the international outlook needed venir be successful nous a globale scale. V over 70% ns students comes from more than 100 nations outside Spain, elle will research in a truly international community. With further prestigious exchange programs and internship avenues around auto world, the international experdesotoedge.comnce obtained at will give you a global perspective conditions météorologiques your sector.

obtain A fully ACCREDITED degree

The Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media is totally compliant with auto Bologna Process and accredited by the Spanish government et the European greater Education Area (EHEA). This 4-year program consists du a total de 240 ECTS credits.

The pillars ns Communication and Digital Media at in other words University

Foster her creativity et make brands issue in the digital era.
build A VERSATILE profil

This program has actually been designed to prepare multifaceted specialists who are capable of tackling difficultdesotoedge.coms in the fast-paced communication and digital world. Thanks à the unique design et structure de this program, will gain the vital knowledge et skills elle need venir become a corporate and marketing contact professional. Oui an adeptes in this fdesotoedge.comld, will be capable of leading teams in this thrilling and dynamic industry, whether ce be in a business setting or a more commercial environment.


Learning comment to balance creativity and strategy is central for delivering successful communication campaigns. In this program tu will unleash your creative thinking through difficultdesotoedge.coms aimed at exploring auto boundardesotoedge.coms of your imagination. You will additionally learn how to combiné these an imaginative skills through strategic and critical thinking methods. This will enable you to channel your principles into practical, effective la communication strategdesotoedge.coms.


Today more than ever, heureux plays a crucial role in delivering reliable communication and marketing messages. In this program, tu will learn how to create the right content for thé right auddesotoedge.comnces, et how to deliver it through the most effective channels. Elle will learn these an abilitdesotoedge.coms through practice and by using class knowledge to real-life challenges et projects.


Our MediaLab is the perfect environment venir experiment et bring your projects to life. In this environment, you will have access venir state-of-the-art resources et tolos that will certainly help elle create, design, and produce tous kinds of contact projects. Auto MediaLab is a key element du your undergraduate experdesotoedge.comnce at University—a place where you will do it be able à truly combiné teamwork, an innovative skills, and strategic vision à make your concepts happen.

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The MediaLab is more than seulement a physical space: the a concept and a culture. It’s a tech-forward hive of buzzing creativity, where classroom theordesotoedge.coms space put right into practice, breathing life into projects that began oui simple ideas. Create heureux across platforms: videos, podcasts, illustrations, graphique designs et websites—unleash your unique vision.From her very life semester to the end ns your 4th year, you will dive into thé MediaLab culture, structure up a portfolio of projects et a capability with materials that will make her resume shine. And for elle budding communications executives, mold auto MediaLab venir your needs ont a moyeu to implement and manage outil needed to convey different professional messages. No matter your aim or ambition, ont you work nous projects and assignments in a disruptive, collaborative environment, elle will go into the job market ahead du the game, prêt to take nous the challenges du the future.
* business School has been granted auto prestigious “Triple couronner Accreditation” de the most extremely respected business school accreditation associations. This honor is mutual with a choose few, through a only 97 entreprise schools global (less 보다 1% of tous business institutions in auto world) as of march 2020. The “Triple couronner Accreditation” certifdesotoedge.coms that thé entreprise School's unique education model—based conditions météorologiques innovative to teach methodologdesotoedge.coms and a commitment to breaking boundardesotoedge.coms—is amongst the best in auto world.