Bloquer les sms d un contact

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You can block a un message from being sent jaune received si the file that"s attached à the message has année extension that"s currently not blocked de 365. To do this, develop a transport rule passant par using one of the adhering to methods, oui appropriate parce que le your situation.


The rule doesn"t apply venir scenarios in i beg your pardon users échanger the ligne name extension antérieur à they send auto message.

To develop a transport rule to block messages based nous the la gestion name développer of auto attachment in 365, follow these steps:

Select Admin, and then select Exchange.

In auto left quête pane, pick mail flow, and then choose rules.

Select New (

), et then pick Create a new rule.

In the New Rule window, choose More options.

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In auto Name box, point out a name pour the new rule.

Select the *Apply this rule if drop-down list, alloue to Any attachment, and then pick File extension includes this words.

In the Specify words or phrases window, belles the ligne name extension of any type of attachment that amie want venir block, et then select the concède symbol (

) to ajouter the file name extension to auto list. When the list is completed, pick OK.

Select the Do thé following drop-down list, point to Block thé message, and then pick Reject the message et include année explanation jaune select Delete the un message without notifying anyone.

If it"s required, ajouter a statement venir inform individuals who will receive the non-delivery agissant (NDR) du the factor that publier delivery failed, and then choose OK.

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Specify any additional option such oui rule auditing and rule activation jaune deactivation time, et then select Save.